T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Gateway to start receiving firmware update this month


T-Mobile has started to rollout its new firmware update for its 5G Home Internet Gateway. The update, called 0178, comes with a number of fixes. It will slowly be rolled out to customers throughout the whole month. 

This information comes from a report, which was able to obtain an internal document. The report was also confirmed on Reddit

The version 1.2003.03.0178 update is something that many T-Mobile Home Internet users have been waiting for for quite some time. The update comes with a number of fixes that takes care of some of the most common issues of the device. Among these issues include Xbox Party Chat functionality, VPN services not working, and many more. 

The update should be rolled out between 2am and 5am PT on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The number of devices to receive the update will increase each week. To start with, around 9,000 devices will be the first to get the update during the week of May 4th. By the week of May 25th, there will be about 34,000 devices that will get the update.

According to the report, customers who have complained about the issues and given troubleshooting tickets will be prioritized to receive the new firmware update. 

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