T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Gateway to start receiving firmware update this month


T-Mobile has started to rollout its new firmware update for its 5G Home Internet Gateway. The update, called 0178, comes with a number of fixes. It will slowly be rolled out to customers throughout the whole month. 

This information comes from a report, which was able to obtain an internal document. The report was also confirmed on Reddit

The version 1.2003.03.0178 update is something that many T-Mobile Home Internet users have been waiting for for quite some time. The update comes with a number of fixes that takes care of some of the most common issues of the device. Among these issues include Xbox Party Chat functionality, VPN services not working, and many more. 

The update should be rolled out between 2am and 5am PT on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The number of devices to receive the update will increase each week. To start with, around 9,000 devices will be the first to get the update during the week of May 4th. By the week of May 25th, there will be about 34,000 devices that will get the update.

According to the report, customers who have complained about the issues and given troubleshooting tickets will be prioritized to receive the new firmware update. 

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  • AA-Ron

    Thank God, I am about to send mine back. It’s a great device but I can’t use any google products with it.

    • marque2

      Tmobile is trying to save you from the evil empire.

    • Sean Cotton

      What google products don’t work with it for you. I use the Google Home and Chromecast TV device with mine with no issues.

  • Rolando Sanchez

    Mine works perfectly no issues with streaming

  • Nicholas Smith

    I’ve gotten this update and it helped 75% of my issues, I still have to reboot my gateway daily when streaming gets blurry.

    • Sean Cotton

      Did it come automatically or were you able to force it to come?

      • Nicholas Smith

        It came automatically. I had a lot of issues with streaming this helped a lot but not all.

        • Sean Cotton

          thanks, still don’t have it yet, but called tmo up and they said they would put in a ticket to force it to come. I am really interested to see if it fixes my wifi calling issues.


    got this update and still not happy that an email and a talk to a sales agent claimed I was in a excellent lowband 5G (600Mhz) area. All the gateway connects to is B25, (Band 25) with only 2 bars of signal, which claims is a weak signal. Not sure why it takes years for T-Mobile to roll out the latest spectrum in my area. The former Sprint tower that is now T-Mobile still doesn’t have N71, which is the lowband 5G.

    Well at least I’m still waiting for my Starlink hardware to be delivered for the ultimate in speeds in my rural area of Northeast Texas.

    • Steven Strain

      This may or may not be the applicable to your situation but I was reminded that all of these frequencies are being re-purposed.

      In many cases, despite acquiring licenses to use that spectrum may simply be waiting for those frequencies to become fully available for them.

      These licenses are often sold at auction well in advance. Or in other words, the frequency such as in the 700 MHz block we’re already being sold as future licenses even though they were still being used by existing TV broadcasters.

      This was actually the case in Los Angeles area where a loan church was still using part of the 700 MHz band for their broadcasts and despite owning the licenses T-Mobile was unable to deploy. The church being of limited budget was in no hurry to vacate.

      Finally T-Mobile stepped up their offers to help the church with both technical assistance and monetary incentives and was able to work out a creative solution where they essentially were able to narrow down the focus of the broadcast waves to a limited arc rather than propagating evenly through the city which allowed them to deploy there frequency around the pie cut out.

      Hopefully your situation will change soon but there’s a lot we don’t now and in Los Angeles there was a lot of frustration why T-Mobile was taking for the longest time to deploy and we didn’t learn about why until after.

      And finally, the signal strength of the tower is not permitted to simply operate at any arbitrary output that the mobile company feels is appropriate to give everyone a full strength signal. There are other considerations in this again gets back to regulatory they might be required to power down the signal so it’s not to interfere with a nearby jurisdiction. It’s a very complicated subject but most likely if they haven’t deployed there’s a good reason and nobody knows unfortunately but T-Mobile.

  • Kenny Bjorneby

    Anybody else verify that Xbox party chat works now? I tried last night, and I could not hear my friend but he could hear me. So still not fully working, but improved, since before we couldn’t even connect.

    Not sure what to do.