T-Mobile celebrates Mother’s Day with limited-time offers


T-Mobile has just unveiled its last minute Mother’s Day offer to all moms out there. 

For a limited time period, T-Mobile is giving away an iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, or Samsung Galaxy S21 to current customers and those who are switching over. 

If you are interested in this offer, you will need to purchase either device via 24 monthly bill credits on T-Mobile’s interest-free equipment installment plan (EIP) and trade in an eligible iPhone. They will accept iPhone 8 or later devices that have been paid off and are in working condition. You don’t need to add a line or port in to enjoy this offer. 

You can also save over $130 on an Apple Watch SE when you add an eligible line. Again, you will need to purchase this device via 24 monthly bill credits when you pick it up on EIP and activate a new DIGITS line or a standalone wearable rate plan. 

Whichever gift you decide to give, you can get a free personalized card for Mother’s Day when you visit T-Mobile’s Twitter page between 9am and 1pm PT today. You can also share a selfie with your mom or caregiver with the hashtag #MomsDayUpgrade. 

These offers will only be available for Mother’s Day weekend. You can learn more about these offers by visiting this page


Source: T-Mobile

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  • mckillio

    If they’re giving it away then why do you need to purchase it?

    • Joe

      Because you have to pay tax on the devices. If it was 100% free then no tax.

      • skywalkr2

        Fees aren’t taxes, though.

        • Andrew

          What fees are you referring to?

    • Hoosier__Daddy

      Like Joe said, for taxes. Plus you still have to pay the full price for the phone but can do it in monthly payments. Each month you get a credit equal to 1/24 of the purchase price. If you leave the account before 2 years, you owe any unpaid amount of the full purchase price. And lastly, you probably have to pay a down payment based on how old a model iPhone you are trading in.

    • dcmanryan

      Because people would take a free phone and possibly run even if there was no tax. It’s essentially a 2 year contract with $830 towards an iPhone credited monthly over 24 months and one of the best deals we’ve seen on the 12 series. Nothing is free in regard to cell phone deals.

  • George Toops

    The offer says you have to activate a new line of service on an eligible plan.

    • Hoosier__Daddy

      It also says you can trade in older phones than iPhone 8.


        True but the credit drops from 830 to 5 something I think 530

    • Karl Thomas

      You don’t have to sign up for a new line. I just upgraded my phone to a 12 Pro Max and my wife to a 12 Pro.

      • George Toops

        Sweet! That’s what I assumed should be the case, but when it said step 1 was to add a line of service I got concerned. Thanks for the info!

  • krisstofer

    So u need to trade in an iPhone to be eligible for the free iphone12 via bill credits? What if other non iPhone?


      Well if you’re looking to be a traitor they’d also accept a Galaxy, pixel, LG, and other phones like the rog phone 2 or OnePlus depending on which model you’d be trading in.

  • Jake Fitzpatrick

    I did this to upgrade my moms phone. Trading in her S9+ and getting a free S21 after bill credit! Pretty awesome deal. Make sure to check the eligibility for phone trade-in.

  • riverhorse

    Social Morons prefer Birthing Person Day- but they overlooked Per-“son”, and I’m sure Hu-“man” won’t do either. Maybe Bloody will do… or Butch.

    • Andrew

      Do you feel better now?

      • riverhorse

        I always feel optimal, despite snarks and trolls pouncing.

        • Andrew

          I guess when you exist in ignorance without empathy it really is bliss. Cool straw man you created though.

        • riverhorse

          You just insulted me, so you don’t possess empathy. And not realizing it is a sign of the Ignorance you’re labeling me of. Why does birthing person trigger you? Is that a term you use? My mother would be hurt if I called her that. Are you transitioning to attempt that? Your virtue is fake, I suggest prayer, church and self reflection.

        • Andrew

          Go off honey.

  • Limeybastard

    More BS trade in credits , just to keep you locked in.