T-Mobile’s Magenta MAX customers enjoy data usage increase


T-Mobile launched its Magenta MAX plan nearly two months ago. And ever since its launch, the plan has been greatly accepted by customers. As a matter of fact, T-Mobile just shared that Magenta MAX has become their most popular rate plan ever. 

T-Mobile’s Magenta MAX plan comes with unlimited Premium 4G LTE and 5G data. This means that users get to make the most out of their 5G smartphone. And based on T-Mobile’s numbers, almost 50% of Magenta MAX customers are using a 5G smartphone. 

T-Mobile was also able to discover that these users get to enjoy a ton more data thanks to Magenta MAX. They are able to use 43% more music, 48% more video, and 26% more social media. The mobile hotspot data usage of Magenta MAX customers has gone up 4x. 

In just a couple of months since Magenta MAX launched, customers have averaged listening to 360 more songs, watching 576 more minutes, and made 1,512 more posts on social media compared to the other customers of T-Mo. 

As T-Mobile continues to build the highest capacity 5G network throughout the country, it’s exciting what the future holds for Magenta MAX users. And with 5G becoming the norm, this is, indeed, just the beginning.


Source: T-Mobile 


  • Brenden Morris

    Is there a Magenta Max for people 55+?
    Similar to the 55 Plus plans.

    • teckn9ne79

      Yes called magenta max 55

    • the martian ambassador

      Magenta Max 55+ is 2 lines for $90..includes Netflix

  • Just switched to this because somehow I used 110GB in a month. 5G blows through data like crazy

    • dcmanryan

      That makes absolutely zero sense. Web pages and music and downloads don’t magically use more data because you’re on 5G unless I’m missing something. You may be streaming at a higher quality on music or videos because of a faster speed and it noticed that or something and changed to a higher quality.

      If I buy a 32 oz drink and drink it in 1 minute and my wife buys a 32 oz drink and sips it for over an hour it’s still a 32 oz drink. If I drive 100 miles at 80 or 25 mph I still travelled 100 miles. The reasons the article mentions are from I assume people no longer monitoring their data and just using more. 5G doesn’t make you able to watch more movies in a day or listen to more songs.

      • Just doing a speed text uses 1GB with speeds at 600Mbps.

        I use 20GB on youtube alone
        Last month I used 30GB Hotspot alone
        12GB on snapchat alone.

        It’s make 100 percent sense.

        I use to download HD movies on HSPA. It’s possible.

        • dcmanryan

          Nope. Doesn’t make sense unless you watched YouTube videos at a higher quality. YouTube videos don’t magically become bigger because you’re on 5g. The Speedtest you will download more often with more speed but other than that it makes no sense.

        • TOTOY-TULOG「✔️ ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ」

          You my friend dont know how small 2GB is.. when you dl game apps on app/gstore alone without wifi that easily 2GB is gone. and considering the website loads with ads (if your on iphone) take an example facebook if you open the main page alone that 15mb of bandwidth. if u just visit facebook 68 times that 1GB (that 30 days). 480p (SD) youtube videos streaming at 20mins = 110MB. 1hr of movies in netflix at SD its 300mb….

        • dcmanryan

          I think everyone gets that. What I don’t get is why so many confuse speed with data usage. Faster speed does not equal more data used. Like I said earlier, if you travel 100 miles at 25 mph or 80 mph you still traveled 100 miles. Let’s now replace 100 miles with a YouTube video and replace 25 mph with 4g and 80 mph with 5g. If that doesn’t make sense to the naysayers I give up.

        • warmon6

          Some people really have no clue what they’re really talking about and just cant be convinced to change there thought process no matter how you lay it. (What your saying makes perfect sense btw, just to clarify).

          This reminds back in 2015 of something similar in the PC hardware space. It was revolving around top tier GPU’s from Nvidia and AMD and their memory capacity and memory speed. Some how it was “Higher Memory speed = Higher Capacity” which isn’t how it worked…. (long post explaining below).

          Nvidia was launching the GTX 980 ti with 6GB of (conventional) GDDR5 memory and AMD was launching Radeon Fury X with 4GB of HBM (high bandwidth memory) that was band new for the time.

          There were some fools (most dedicated diehard AMD fanboys) back then trying to claim that because of the Fury X having such fast memory (512GB/sec bandwidth vs the 980 ti 336GB/sec bandwidth), it’s 4GB capacity was really 8GB capacity (or more) because “it could swap data out so fast!”…

          Yea… just because memory is “fast” doesn’t mean you gain “virtual” capacity beyond what you physically have. If the game your playing requires 5GB of video memory to run smoothly and you only had 4GB’s of capacity…. Your going to have a choppy experience.

          Lets just say, while both GPU’s performed fairly equally at launch, when games got more demanding later on, the 980 ti was able to stretch its legs because of the 6GB of capacity and the Fury X wasn’t able to and fell behind… (Although today’s mid-range gpu’s beat the daylight out of both gpu’s… If you could acquire said gpu’s that is..)

          As those people learned, Memory Speed did not equal Memory Capacity.

        • Tony Yayo

          I know for a while Tmo wasn’t charging any data when using certain music apps, not sure if that’s still the case, YouTube may have been one of those apps? Caveat was stream was maybe limited to 720 and now with 5g YouTube is automatically streaming at a higher definition? Idk. Just trying to play devils advocate and this was the only possible reason that came to mind.

        • Morton H

          it is possible

      • Jake Fitzpatrick

        I am in agreement with you – makes zero sense!!!

    • Jake Fitzpatrick

      Just connect to WiFi. I never use over 2GB per month and ALWAYS get my Kickback discount. Most of my family also gets the discount.

    • Morton H

      i totally agree with u

  • JG

    I’m assuming not, but…

    If I have the $10 unlimited wearable or $35 unlimited tablet plan… Will Max’s unthrottled unlimited data, 4k streaming etc carry over?

    Or will the tablet still be limited to 480 streams & only 50Gb of high speed data?