T-Mobile unveils new Magenta MAX plan with no throttling


T-Mobile has just unveiled its newest 5G smartphone plan that offers no throttling. 

The new plan, called the T-Mobile Magenta MAX, will be available starting Wednesday, February 24th. It comes with unlimited Premium Data (4G and 5G), unlimited 4K UHD video streaming, Netflix on Us for single line plans, and mobile high-speed hotspot data at 40GB. The best thing about this plan is that it costs the same as the Magenta Plus plan at $57 per line per month for three lines with autopay. Taxes and fees are already included. 

Other than these features, Magenta MAX also comes with the following benefits:

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada with up to 5GB of high-speed data
  • T-Mobile Tuesdays free thank you gifts and discounts
  • Unlimited Gogo in-flight texting and Wi-Fi all flight long
  • Free texting and data in 210 countries and destinations
  • Free Scam Shield Premium protection, including free Scam Block and Caller ID

In line with the reveal, T-Mobile is running a limited time promotion on the Magenta MAX plan. Instead of paying $57 per line per month for three lines with autopay, customers who take advantage of the offer can save $10 per line, which means that the price of the plan goes down to $47 per line per month for three lines with autopay. 

In addition to revealing the new plan, T-Mobile has made some improvements on its Magenta plans. With this, the core Magenta plans now come with double Premium data, from 50GB to 100GB. The Un-Carrier has also increased the high-speed smartphone mobile hotspot data allotment from 3GB to 5GB. 

According to T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert:

“We just joined forces with Sprint, and we’re already America’s 5G coverage and speed leader. Magenta MAX is just a first taste of what our network capacity allows us to do! When you’re a heavy data user with a super-fast 5G smartphone, you don’t want to be hit with speed bumps. It’s like having a Ferrari and being forced to drive it in the school zone. Well, now it’s time to open ‘er up on the wide-open magenta road! And we’re just getting started. Buckle up!”

T-Mobile has also unveiled its new Zero Cost to Switch program, which allows customers from AT&T and Verizon to switch to their network, keep their phones and phone numbers. By switching, T-Mobile will be taking care of carrier fees (up to $650 per line) and will also be waiving device switching costs. 

To know more about Magenta MAX, visit this page.

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  • thenew3

    Do all lines on the account have to be on the same plan? Or can some lines be on the Max while others on the regular magenta plan? Also does the 20% hookup discount apply?

    • The Waz

      Spoke with customer care, you will lose all promotion prior to 2020 including insider hookup

      • marque2

        What is insider hookup?

        • The Waz

          It’s a 20% off your plan for the lifetime of the account, which is no longer true based on this

  • the martian ambassador

    $85 for a single line ! I’m going to check their site on 24 feb to see if there is a discount for 55+ if you get 2 lines.

    • disqus_2AG4Cmg523

      I suspect the 55+ plan will stay the same.

  • Bodycount

    Another plan not as good as Simple Choice. I have three unlimited data lines with 6 GB hotspot and 4k streaming, PLUS 4 more free lines all with 6GB limit and 20GB banked for $115 after taxes.

  • The Waz

    Any promotion that you had prior to 6/2/2019 you would lose….according to tforce…by switching, I would pay close to 200 more moving from T-Mobile one plan to max. You will lose insider hookup as well. Wish T-Mobile would allow more people to take advantage of these new plans without losing existing discounts, maybe next uncarrier move

    • dcmanryan

      Becareful with that hookup code as any plan change and you could lose it. I’d lose it going from a 4-8 to a 9-12 One plan. I missed out on a few free lines as I’m maxed out at 8.

      • dcmanryan

        I’ll also add you’ll lose the recent free lines this year if you switch too.

  • Philip

    I have the original plan which is 3 lines for $150 and get the 4th line free. Each of the phone gets 14GB of hotspot. Is it better to stay with my original?

  • Trevnerdio

    Hmm wonder if they’re going to release a military version of this as well. Would be interested. But do these new Magenta changes take effect immediately? Because that would be great too

    • Mr. Suavena

      Yes. $70 w/autopay

      • Trevnerdio

        Thank you both!

    • G Epps

      It’s called Military Magenta Max

  • Sharti24

    Only 40GB of hotspot data? Should of been 100GB like what Sprint offered.

    • TheTruthIsOutThere

      You want T-Mobile to follow Sprint’s plan to go out of business?

      • marque2

        I think Tmobile should offer a Terabyte of hotspot/tether, unlimited data/voice/text and offer it all for FREE. And throw in a free iPhone 12 on top of that. It is only fair. Those big giant evil corporations offering useful services and expecting to be paid for it.

  • I’m never leaving my current plan. 8 lines for $185/mo! Everything unlimited, taxes included, and Netflix included! Cheap, cheap, cheap! :-) For the record, I do have a work discount because my work phone is also T-Mobile. T-Mobile gives you a discount on your personal account if you choose them for your work phone. I have to recertify annually.

    At $23/line, it’s great! My parents, sisters, etc. are all super happy with the cost.

    • Joe

      On the 24th the Amplified plan is going to become the Amplified Max plan. I might switch back to that but I wouldn’t be able to keep my free lines.

      • Bruce

        I’m on amplified I didn’t see anything about an amplified max plan do you have any other info on it?

        • Joe

          I spoke with the Amplified department and the rep said its going to be the Amplified Max plan now. The current Amplified plan is based off the Magenta Plus which is being discontinued.

        • Bruce

          I’m assuming same price? Magenta Max benefits at Magenta rate plan?

        • Joe

          Rep said I had to call back for pricing. With the Magenta Max plan costing more there is a good chance Amplified Max would cost more.

  • Ian Tilton

    I have the old simple choice plan 2 lines for $120 all unlimited 4k with 14gb of hotspot plus 5 free line of a total of 7 lines with tax $150 I’ll just stay with this

  • Uri

    I have the first responder plus plan wouldn’t that make it first responder max plan now… or is first responder plus plan better then magenta max?

  • dl_crash

    Mistitled article. Should read plan with no deprioritization.

    • DDLAR

      You’re correct, but it’s a lost cause. Those of us who work with networks understand that there is a huge difference. However, it seems that the media and lay people either don’t (don’t want to) understand the difference.

  • How much is Magenta Max with 2 lines?

    • $140…

      • Source? I’ve been looking everywhere for this

        • I called Customer Care, and when I didn’t trust the response for other reasons, I messaged TForce on Twitter. In both cases, the price given to me for two lines of Magenta MAX was $140.

        • Good stuff!! Thank you! I’ve been out of the country for 9 months and I am headed back in within the next week so I will be reactivating my T-Mobile number. The timing of this promo is perfect.

          Also, I didn’t know TForce was a thing, thanks again

        • Absolutely! The Twitter messages are convenient but be aware they can be abysmally slow. I usually message while multi-tasking, not expecting immediate replies.

          Safe travels!

  • David

    3 lines for 47 a line after the limited time seems like a price hike. Didn’t they agree to not raise prices for x amount of time after the merger?

    • mreveryphone

      Your current plan is not changing in price. This is a new plan with more features. T-Mobile is not making you pay more on your current plan.

      • shawn murray

        this plain i replacing plus and is not going up. its staling the same price even if you switch it seems

  • ASolzhenitsyn

    I switched to Visible – it’s obvious that T-Mobile isn’t interested in lowering prices at this point. Get more, pay more. I’m fine with Verizon’s LTE coverage and data speeds in my area.

    • Mr. Suavena

      Is amazing that on average T-Mobile’s 5G is as fast as VRZN LTE

      • ASolzhenitsyn

        $25/month per line for Visible (for four lines, available to anyone) vs. $35 per line on TMUS with the 55+ plan (with two lines…account holder has to be over 55), which is the cheapest unlimited plan from TMUS I’m aware of.

        I’ll take the VZ coverage and cheaper price over the TMUS 5G Midband speeds.

        • Mr. Suavena

          Yup. You nailed it.

        • Bumblebee

          I switched to Visible, too. Plus, the lines act as individual lines so if one person doesn’t pay their bill, you don’t suffer. $25/independantly. I switched for the coverage. Only problem for me is I switched to iphone. No Apple watch and no PDAnet anymore

        • marque2

          You are comparing a third party MNVO to a major cell company. It isn’t a fair comparison. I guess we could also switch to Mint, it is a bit cheaper. Do you guys (You and Bumblebee) work for Visible?

          It is also a 100% deprioritized data plan. I suppose that is OK until you really need the data

    • marque2

      It seems that the price is about the same with the discount they are offering. And the old plans aren’t going up in price. Also Tmobile is adding to the older plans. The existing One, and Magenta plans will automatically get 100gigs a month without throttling vs 50gigs now – I think that is offering more for the same amount of money as well.

      What more do you want? I recall a Dilbert where the Pointy boss said “The customer is always right” and Alice and Dilbert pointed out that the customer would want top level service for free. You sound like one of those unrealistic customers.

      • ASolzhenitsyn

        Better coverage? That’s why I ultimately went back to VZ.

        Where I’m at (suburb of a major metro area) there are holes with TMUS, even with 600MHz.

        Eh, please cite where TMUS offers the plans you’ve cited @ $25 per line @ 4 lines. I’m not seeing it.

        • marque2

          There are some areas I have worked where my T-mobile couldn’t get coverage and all the Verizon folks were doing fine, I have also worked at companies where the whole facility only got T-mobile – not Verizon. It really depends on your situation and location, and isn’t a problem exclusive to T-mobile. All carriers have dead spots.

          As for your $25 plan. Going on the Verizon web site, I see a 4g only plan for $35 per phone as their cheapest plan /w no tethering. 5g is $10 extra, for no 5g (since Verizon doesn’t really have any). It seems the plan they have similar to this one data-wise described above is $55 a month per line for 4 lines – though it is hard to compare because Verizon has a global cloud feature added and offers Disney, hulu+ and ESPN+, discovery+ video things with the plan. Something else to note, Tmobile plans are also a bit higher because all fees are included. When I pay my 150 a month for 7 lines about $20 of that is fees and taxes the others charge extra for.

          Maybe you have keyed in to some special plan but Verizon seems to not want to advertise it. Or you are using a MNVO – yeah I can get cheap deals on Verizon based TracPhone as well.

          I get that all the services have their problems, but I wish people would just stop making stuff up.

      • dcmanryan

        T-Mobile One now gets 100 gigs?! I was not aware of that. Thanks for the info.

  • Dark enV

    I contacted T-Force yesterday to see what it would cost for my family plan to move to the Max. We have 9 lines on Magenta Plus and pay $280 for all 9. They told me my price would stay the same for the new plan. If that ends up working out that is a really great value.

  • As is typical for a rollout, there must be massive confusion. Tried to compare this against my OnePlus plan, and they said Max would cost me $140 for two lines and then another $15 for the “Plus add-on,” totaling $170. When I asked what the add-on was, the CSR said it would give me 40gb hotspot and unlimited HD.

    Clearly, something is being lost in the rollout. Either CSRs are insufficiently made aware / lack access to up-to-date info, or else the above information is incorrect / misrepresented.

    • shawn murray

      this is wrong i just talked to CS and everything for my account would stay the same. i have plus. and i will even keep my marched discount. though since you are on the one plan you will prob pay about 15 more for better plan.

      • Of course it’s wrong. I’m on One Plus International.

        • the martian ambassador

          I also have One Plus International on a T-Mobile One plan. I’m tempted to switch to Magenta Max, but I don’t want to lose my OPI addon.

        • I’m with you. Trying to dig into this further. If you learn anything on this topic, feel free to share here.

        • Axel I

          Keep in mind, OPI includes Stateside talk for Intl Long distance. Magenta Max doesn’t, so you will need to pay $15/line for that moving forward.

        • Looks like the benefits overlap, including Stateside. So question becomes is it worth extra cost (my plan would increase by $20).

          Response I received from CC today re: plan comparison (arrows indicate added benefit).

          Current plan:

          Unlimited minutes and messaging
          Unlimited 4G LTE device data
          Simple Global (up to 128kbps)
          Stateside International Unlimited Texting
          Mobile Without Borders
          All recurring taxes and fees included in MRC
          Unlimited 4G LTE device data
          Unlimited 3G Smartphone Mobile Hotspot
          Optimized video streaming
          Gogo in-flight 1 hour (unlimited flights)
          Limited domestic data roaming

          One plus add ons:
          10GB 4G LTE Smartphone Mobile Hotspot (3G speeds after that)
          Unlimited HD video streaming (must be activated)
          2X faster Simple Global data roaming (up to 256kbps)
          Gogo in-flight all flight long (unlimited flights/sessions)
          Name ID & VTT

          Magenta Max plan:

          Unlimited talk, text and smartphone data on our 5G & 4G LTE network
          5G access with compatible device & coverage area <<—–
          40GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data <<—–
          Unlimited 3G speed Smartphone Mobile Hotspot after 40GB (up to 600 kbps)
          Unlimited Premium Data (no data deprioritization) <<—–
          Up to 4K UHD video streaming (must activate Up to 4k UHD video streaming) <<—–
          200MB domestic data roaming
          All recurring taxes and fees
          Mobile Without Borders
          Simple Global (up to 256 kbps)
          Stateside International Unlimited Texting
          Gogo in-flight unlimited texting and unlimited Wi-Fi
          Scam Shield Premium
          Netflix On Us (single line includes basic 1-screen; 2+ lines includes standard 2-screen) <<—–

        • Axel I

          Stateside texting is not the same as Stateside CALLING. If you don’t have Stateside calling and want to call Europe, as an example, your rate would be measured in DOLLARS per minute. Stateside offers no charge destinations (about 70 landline + 30 mobile) and ~$0.30/min to most other destinations (with some exceptions like satellite phones).

        • Nevermind. Stateside *talk* is notably absent, and so you’re right.

  • disqus_2AG4Cmg523

    For my single line use the only benefit would be the $9 discount on Netflix. Good timing though as I have been shopping around since VZW and ATT have offered some streaming service discount for single lines for awhile now.

  • William Thomas

    Is there a Magenta MAX Unlimited 55 Plan?

    • the martian ambassador

      Yes, it’s the same price as the current Magenta Plus 2 lines for $90.00

      • William Thomas


        I literally just made the change.

  • gorilla

    So save $10 per line deal only for New Customer again?

  • the martian ambassador

    I’m on a plan that doesn’t currently have Netflix included. I went down the detail rabbit hole on the T-Mobile site and it seemed to indicate that you got Netflix Basic and if you want to upgrade to Netflix Standard, you pay the difference. If you get 2 lines of Magenta Max is the entire cost of Netflix Standard covered ? thanks.

    • William Thomas

      Yes. Plus it’s only $5 more a month if you want to upgrade to Netflix Premium.

  • justin l

    Looks like the site is still updating, the regular Magenta plan is unavailable to choose right now

  • the martian ambassador

    I’m curious if you can roll One Plus International to a Magenta Max line. Has anyone done that ?

    • Axel I

      OPI has been grandfathered for quite some time.
      Your only 2 benefits at this point are:

      1) Stateside talk is included (discount intl LD) – otherwise it is $15/line
      2) Unlimited LTE data in Canada & Mexico (5GB limit on all other plans)

      Why T-Mobile is charging for Stateside PER LINE is below my understanding… There used to be a family option way back when, but they killed it.

      • Some of the OPIs also get unlimited LTE hotspot, but not sure how useful it is for most against a 40gb hotspot.

        • the martian ambassador

          While the OPI hotspot can be subject to prioritization, it is not throttled. The 40GB hotspot is nice for sure, but after 40GB it drops to 3G.

      • Nobody Special

        I have the Family Stateside International calling for $10 that covers all 9 of my phone lines. I save $1,500 per year withFamily Stateside. That feature is so awesome…. I jumped on that the moment I learned what it was. If I were paying $15 per line…. that would set me back $135 per month. THanks Tmobile. $10 vs $135.

  • J.P. Avila

    Heya, what’s the difference between the Magenta Military Plus and the Magenta Military Max?

    I compared my Plus to the Max plans, and it seems like the Max is removing the international texting from the U.S. (sending texts to anyone anywhere for free). Is that the only diff?

    • mingkee

      It’s part of base plan now
      Check it out
      Max includes
      40GB sharing
      100% unlimited phone data usage
      No video speed cap
      Scam Shield Premium + voicemail to text

  • James Symmonds

    On T-mobile’s site, it’s not showing Netflix as part of any of the new plan structure for a single line.

    • Bruce

      The prices from the info graphic are for 3 lines. You are correct that a single line is ineligible for Netflix.

      • Phil

        Not the case for me.
        1 line , my only line displays Netflix avaliable with plan upgrade

      • James Symmonds

        Except several outlets have been reporting Netflix basic for single lines.

  • J.P. Avila

    Called to switch plans and they told me I needed to wait until my next billing cycle. Has anyone been successful in changing plans on the spot?

  • Phil

    Hmm tempting.
    I’m currently on old school (Select Choice Unl TT+25) & (20.00 Simple Choice Unllimited Data plan/5gb Hotspot)
    After 50gb speeds are slowed pending tower load.

    Plan cost 45.00.

  • Daniel

    Love it. I feel like the standard Magenta deserves 720p for $70/MO though.

  • mingkee

    Be aware voicemail to text feature is not included with Max, but it is included with Plus

  • marque2

    Just called tmobile about this and the rep said I would lose all my free lines and the price would be $360, VS the 160 I pay today. Then he old me the One plan is only a 4g plan, and Magenta was 5g which goes counter to the tmobile advertising on how they do 5g.

    OH well seems like a bad deal for me. I suppose I will suffer for a few years with 4g data.

    • dcmanryan

      I can confirm the One plan gets 5g as we have an iPhone 12 Pro Max and a OnePlus 8 on the One plan
      that both get 5g so that rep was wrong.

    • Acdc1a

      One plans are definitely 5g but this rep sounds like a typical phone rep at T-Mobile

      • marque2

        Usually they are better. This is the first time I have gotten an odd explanation from someone there. And the guy did recommend not upgrading, so there is that.