T-Mobile unveils new Magenta MAX plan with no throttling


T-Mobile has just unveiled its newest 5G smartphone plan that offers no throttling. 

The new plan, called the T-Mobile Magenta MAX, will be available starting Wednesday, February 24th. It comes with unlimited Premium Data (4G and 5G), unlimited 4K UHD video streaming, Netflix on Us for single line plans, and mobile high-speed hotspot data at 40GB. The best thing about this plan is that it costs the same as the Magenta Plus plan at $57 per line per month for three lines with autopay. Taxes and fees are already included. 

Other than these features, Magenta MAX also comes with the following benefits:

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada with up to 5GB of high-speed data
  • T-Mobile Tuesdays free thank you gifts and discounts
  • Unlimited Gogo in-flight texting and Wi-Fi all flight long
  • Free texting and data in 210 countries and destinations
  • Free Scam Shield Premium protection, including free Scam Block and Caller ID

In line with the reveal, T-Mobile is running a limited time promotion on the Magenta MAX plan. Instead of paying $57 per line per month for three lines with autopay, customers who take advantage of the offer can save $10 per line, which means that the price of the plan goes down to $47 per line per month for three lines with autopay. 

In addition to revealing the new plan, T-Mobile has made some improvements on its Magenta plans. With this, the core Magenta plans now come with double Premium data, from 50GB to 100GB. The Un-Carrier has also increased the high-speed smartphone mobile hotspot data allotment from 3GB to 5GB. 

According to T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert:

“We just joined forces with Sprint, and we’re already America’s 5G coverage and speed leader. Magenta MAX is just a first taste of what our network capacity allows us to do! When you’re a heavy data user with a super-fast 5G smartphone, you don’t want to be hit with speed bumps. It’s like having a Ferrari and being forced to drive it in the school zone. Well, now it’s time to open ‘er up on the wide-open magenta road! And we’re just getting started. Buckle up!”

T-Mobile has also unveiled its new Zero Cost to Switch program, which allows customers from AT&T and Verizon to switch to their network, keep their phones and phone numbers. By switching, T-Mobile will be taking care of carrier fees (up to $650 per line) and will also be waiving device switching costs. 

To know more about Magenta MAX, visit this page.

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