T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile tops new J.D. Power study


T-Mobile has just landed on the top spot of a survey on Mobile Purchase Experience.

As reported by J.D. Power, more than three in ten consumers (or 31%) of customers who purchased mobile service from a network operator in the past three months say that it is not so easy to understand plan features and pricing. And this plays a vital role in consumers’ overall mobile purchase experience.  

But when it comes to T-Mobile, consumers say that they offer the best mobile purchase experience. T-Mobile even scored 813 points out of 1000 points from J.D. Power’s survey. This was followed by AT&T (780 points), Verizon Wireless (744 points), and Sprint (725 points). 


In addition to T-Mobile’s success, its own prepaid brand, Metro by T-Mobile stood as a leader among mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) included in the study. Metro by T-Mobile scored 834 points, followed by Spectrum Mobile (826 points), Xfinity Mobile (824 points), Cricket Wireless (816 points), and Boost Mobile (814 points).

The study reported that Consumer Cellular was the leader among MVNOs with 882 points, the highest score from three categories. It was then followed by Tracfone (846 points) and Straight Talk (816 points). 

The big winners from J.D. Power research is no surprise since they have been leading names in previous surveys. Last year, T-Mobile was named as the top ranking full-service carrier with 848 points. Metro by T-Mobile also took the spot as the top ranking non-contract full-service carrier with 821 points. And finally, Consumer Cellular was named as the top non-contract value carrier with 888 points.


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