T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile tops new J.D. Power study


T-Mobile has just landed on the top spot of a survey on Mobile Purchase Experience.

As reported by J.D. Power, more than three in ten consumers (or 31%) of customers who purchased mobile service from a network operator in the past three months say that it is not so easy to understand plan features and pricing. And this plays a vital role in consumers’ overall mobile purchase experience.  

But when it comes to T-Mobile, consumers say that they offer the best mobile purchase experience. T-Mobile even scored 813 points out of 1000 points from J.D. Power’s survey. This was followed by AT&T (780 points), Verizon Wireless (744 points), and Sprint (725 points). 


In addition to T-Mobile’s success, its own prepaid brand, Metro by T-Mobile stood as a leader among mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) included in the study. Metro by T-Mobile scored 834 points, followed by Spectrum Mobile (826 points), Xfinity Mobile (824 points), Cricket Wireless (816 points), and Boost Mobile (814 points).

The study reported that Consumer Cellular was the leader among MVNOs with 882 points, the highest score from three categories. It was then followed by Tracfone (846 points) and Straight Talk (816 points). 

The big winners from J.D. Power research is no surprise since they have been leading names in previous surveys. Last year, T-Mobile was named as the top ranking full-service carrier with 848 points. Metro by T-Mobile also took the spot as the top ranking non-contract full-service carrier with 821 points. And finally, Consumer Cellular was named as the top non-contract value carrier with 888 points.


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  • Just_Joe

    Unfortunately, trying to use T-Mo’s website to pay for service isn’t all that satisfying. Horribly designed site.

    • Keith Stevens

      completely agree….and the website as crappy as it is is still better than the app. lol.

    • Shaun Michalak

      I would not consider Metro any better.. They have an option on there so you can check your past data usage.. But when you check it, the numbers do not stand up for any recent months from your use.. I have no idea when they were from.. Not to mention that the last time I checked, there was almost nothing that you could buy online.. except maybe a sim card or pay your bill.. Anything else, they pretty much say to just go to the store for it..

  • Shaun Michalak

    The sad part is, this really means almost nothing.. It only talks about “buying” experience.. But it mentions nothing after the initial purchase of the plan.. This is nothing to brag about, especially considering the numbers are so close to the other carriers, that it is not a game changer in any way..

    • dcmanryan

      I agree 100%, but we live in a numbers game world no matter how worrhless those numbers may be. Look at all the free lines T-Mobile gave away so they can then brag they added over a million subscribers for the whatever number of months it is now. It’s kind of laughable but at the end of the day free or not they did as they said and added the numbers they claim.

      • Shaun Michalak

        True.. But at the same time, if you have 3 lines and they give you one more for free.. They really are not losing anything either.. I have no hotspot use, but I go through Metro and I have 4 lines of unlimited everything for $100.. With hotspot and amazon prime, it is $120 total.. In comparison, the standard Magenta plan is $140 a month for 4 lines (one is free), but with netflix instead of amazon prime. So you get the extra line free.. But even still, the price is still $20 more on an equivalent plan from their Metro line.. When you look at it like that.. Yea, they give you a free line.. But you are still paying $20 more then going through their Metro end, and all with close to the same service..

        • dcmanryan

          I agree Metro is the better deal currently and many go to T-Mobile and pay more because they need to finance a phone they can’t afford to buy out right.

          If I was switching to T-Mobile right now I’d choose Metro over T-Mobile. The only good with joining T-Mobile and staying put is they grandfather old plans and you’ll be saving a ton eventually. I’m 8 lines for $160 all with T-Mobile One and the One Plus Promo on all lines and all lines have kickback and I have the 20% off insider hookup code applied from 2017. That plan will never be offered again so I’ll never leave. Metro as far as I know still let’s you have a grandfathered plan too but I could see T-Mobile changing it at some point

        • Shaun Michalak

          That is one place where the regular T-Mobile plans get their bonus’s .. They have a lot more, get a line free offers then with Metro.. But to be fair, if you have a regular T-Mobile plan, they are higher in priority on the tower then Metro customers are.. Metro plans are de-prioritized, or at the same level as the T-Mobile Essentials or prepaid plans.. But even so, if they have the spectrum to get good service in the area, this should not make too much of a difference.

          I actually used to be with T-mobile, but went to Metro about 6 years ago. Back then, they did not have everything included, and going with a Metro plan made things much cheaper.. But then again, back then, we only had 2 lines on the plan.. Now we have 4..

      • marque2

        In addition to Shaun’s point. The annual report is showing the T-mobile growth from a monetary perspective is also industry leading. Maybe the added lines are a bit disingenous, but the revenue indicates the company really is growing at a rapid pace.

        • dcmanryan

          I think part of their deal was enticing people to move over with multiple lines and even if they gave free lines they still gained because network capacity is very good in most areas. Also giving existing customers free lines keeps everyone happy, but at the end of the day I still believe 4 free lines in a year wouldn’t have happened if T-mobile subscriber growth was at the numbers they wanted after the merger.