T-Mobile’s Magenta MAX customers enjoy data usage increase


T-Mobile launched its Magenta MAX plan nearly two months ago. And ever since its launch, the plan has been greatly accepted by customers. As a matter of fact, T-Mobile just shared that Magenta MAX has become their most popular rate plan ever. 

T-Mobile’s Magenta MAX plan comes with unlimited Premium 4G LTE and 5G data. This means that users get to make the most out of their 5G smartphone. And based on T-Mobile’s numbers, almost 50% of Magenta MAX customers are using a 5G smartphone. 

T-Mobile was also able to discover that these users get to enjoy a ton more data thanks to Magenta MAX. They are able to use 43% more music, 48% more video, and 26% more social media. The mobile hotspot data usage of Magenta MAX customers has gone up 4x. 

In just a couple of months since Magenta MAX launched, customers have averaged listening to 360 more songs, watching 576 more minutes, and made 1,512 more posts on social media compared to the other customers of T-Mo. 

As T-Mobile continues to build the highest capacity 5G network throughout the country, it’s exciting what the future holds for Magenta MAX users. And with 5G becoming the norm, this is, indeed, just the beginning.


Source: T-Mobile