T-Mobile celebrates May as Military Appreciation Month


With Memorial Day coming up, T-Mobile is making an effort to pay tribute to those who serve. 

Earlier today, the Un-Carrier revealed that they are celebrating Military Appreciation Month by thanking and standing with brave service members. Some of the ways that T-Mo is doing its part to support the military community is by offering jobs, career programs, employee resource groups, military rate plans, and many more. 

“As the Executive Sponsor for the Veterans & Allies Network, I have the opportunity to see the many ways T-Mobile’s military employees take care of each other, both within the company and out in the wider world,” T-Mobile Consumer Executive Vice President, Jon Freier said. “These people come from a common background of teamwork and service, and they bring an incredible focus, work ethic and sense of camaraderie to the Un-Carrier. We couldn’t be who we are without them.”

Here are the ways T-Mobile is helping service members:


T-Mobile has a number of opportunities available for veterans or their spouses active in the workforce. The company previously promised to hire 10,000 military vets and their spouses by 2023. And with the Sprint merger, T-Mobile has already been able to reach the halfway mark of its hire.  


Military people have been trained how to deal with fast-paced environments and how to think on their feet. These are the exact skills that make them valuable to T-Mobile. And as a way of retaining and supporting their valued talent, T-Mobile has launched its LiveMagenta benefits package. This provides individuals a number of personal and professional development programs, including money management, mental health and wellness counseling, and life coaching.

The military employees at T-Mobile also manage to help each other through the Veterans & Allies Network (VAN). To date, the employee resource group has over 12,000 members.  


Whether they are serving at home or abroad, during active duty, reserve or retirement, T-Mobile is giving military families a way to stay connected. The Un-Carrier is offering the Magenta Military plan, which gives 50% off on family lines. With this plan, entitled customers get four lines of unlimited talk, text, and data for just $100 per month with AutoPay. 

Through these efforts, T-Mobile is doing its part in giving back to those who have already given so much of themselves. You can learn more about the military plans that T-Mobile is offering to these customers here


Source: T-Mobile

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  • weidnerj

    Now if T-mobile would put up towers on posts and bases to get coverage which their competitors have already done. They have a great military plan but not very useful if can’t use it on a military base.

    • Bklynman

      You should tweet this right to the CEO,he on Tweeter.

      • weidnerj

        Tried that, got T-mobile response team basically saying that it will get better. The problem is that most military installations build buildings out of brick and metal which unless there are towers on post / base won’t get the coverage as off post. ATT and Verizon both has towers on post currently, which means when I don’t have service, everyone else does.

        • marque2

          It is the same with private business. I work in a steel building and spots are hard to cover. My company chose to contract with AT&T to put cell connectivity in the building but it is only for AT&T.

          With the 5g upgrades though, reception has gotten better.

  • MachoMachoMan007

    Just give us a free AAL that will work on our military plans :(

    The amount of free lines we’ve missed out on makes having a regular plan cheaper…

    • Shaun Michalak

      Not really feeling bad for you right now.. They are offering 4 lines for $100 for military personnel.. Me, it is going to cost me $140 for 4 lines under a regular plan, and that is “with” a free line..

      • MachoMachoMan007

        Right, but for those that have taken advantage of the 6+ free lines over the past several years, they’re saving so much!

        • marque2

          Three of my free lines are sitting around doing nothing

  • disqus_BjTjjtoXcx

    I appreciate everything tmobile does, because overseas it is FAR better than Verizon. Kind of surprised that in Germany phone shows 4g, but it is obviously far slower than in the US. And I think they mention it in the contract, but no 5g at all here. Odd, being that they have a strong presence here as Deutsche telekom, doing wireless under that name, and undoubtedly faster, with 5g.

    But whatever. Lines are dirt cheap, unlimited text and data, and again, far better than what Verizon offers.

  • Brins

    I wish T mobile did more for DoD employees