Netgear unveils new Orbi, in talks with T-Mobile


It’s possible that T-Mobile could be offering a new Home Internet gateway device soon. As revealed by The T-Mo Report, Netgear is currently in talks with T-Mobile about their new Orbi line expansion. And as Netgear’s Senior Product Line Manager, Max Wu, shared, T-Mobile is open and listening, “but they aren’t moving fast enough.”

This comes after Netgear unveiled its new Orbi line that will feature an “industry first 5G Tri-band WiFi 6 Mesh System.” 

This new model first appeared on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s website back in June as model number NBR750. But now, the new Orbi is under model number NBK752. The former model number appears on T-Mobile’s website as a simple PDF. But there is no other link to any support page. Its URL, however, suggests that it could be available for T-Mobile for Business. 

Apart from Tri-Band WiFi 6, the device supports T-Mobile’s Sub-6 5G bands and LTE network. Netgear says it has a range of around 5,000ft, thanks to the two nodes included in it. 

Right now, there’s no word whether T-Mobile will be offering this to Home Internet customers; especially since this plan is only available with its own hardware. And right now, their only 5G gateway device is Nokia’s. But if talks go well, it’s possible that they could offer the Orbi too. 


Source: The T-Mo Report


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