You can get a free Ooma Telo Air VoIP device from T-Mobile


T-Mobile is currently running an offer exclusively for its Home Internet subscribers. If you are one, you can get a free Ooma Telo Air VoIP device. 

The T-Mo Report has shared an internal document that details the offer. According to which, T-Mobile will be giving its Home Internet subscribers a voucher code that they can use to get an Ooma Telo Air for free. The voucher code will be given to them when they subscribe to Ooma’s $9.99/month “Premier” service. 

As described in the report, it’s likely a replacement for T-Mo’s LineLink home phone adapter. To note, sales of this device ended earlier this year. So if you do end up getting the Ooma Telo Air, you get to save $129.99. 

This device comes with one RJ11 phone jack to connect to home phone devices. It lets you connect to T-Mo’s Home Internet gateway via wired Ethernet or WiFi. You can also make calls using your voice thanks to the integrated Amazon Alexa feature.

If you wish to get the offer, you need to maintain the Premier service for 18 months. Once you receive your Ooma Telo Air device, you need to activate the service. If you cancel early, the device must be returned to Ooma or you will need to pay a non-return fee of $299.99. 

You can request for your discount here


Source: The T-Mo Report

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  • steveb944

    Great system to partner with. My family has had it for 5 years, never failed.

    • MK04

      Same here. Have had Ooma for 10 years.

  • krisstofer

    Well I just set up my google voice thru Obitalk device and it’s free. It’s like having a landline in the house for free.

    • Deibid

      I’ve also had an Obihai device for free Google Voice for years

      • Charmed79

        Us too, we’ve been using ours for like 5 years now, works perfect for us.

        • steveb944

          It looks like the service is ending in 2023 FYI.

    • steveb944

      Only operational through 2023.

  • Scott Schofield

    Ok, so I’m confused… Why would you want or need this? We all have a cell to start with. Why set up yet another line? So, now you’ve got a number for every person in the household and then another for the house? I’m sorry but I don’t get it. Isn’t that why we all got rid of our landlines, in favor of cells?

    • Robert Alverson

      The landline is to give out when people demand a phone number but you don’t want them calling your cell. I almost never answer the landline anymore, and switched it to GV/obi so don’t pay anything per month

      • Scott Schofield

        Ok, so you have your “landline” as a bogus phone? Why just not make up some number to give out, since you’re not going to answer it anyway? Eliminate the middleman!

    • Adam

      There is slightly less jitter with DECT 6.0 than WiFi. I can only get VoLTE in one room of my house, but that has the least jitter.

    • Charmed79

      We still have a home phone, we use obitalk, have for years, no monthly fee, we use one line for a fax, and the other for voice, it serves as a lifeline when cell service flips out, and for when don’t want to give someone our cell numbers. Just because some do not want or need a home phone anymore, doesn’t mean everyone feels that way.

  • Deibid

    I’ll stick to my free Google Voice service with the Obitalk adapter

    • steveb944

      Support is ending in 2023 FYI.

  • Brad C

    I’ve tried VoIP with TMHI in two different locations, jitter on T-Mobile’s network caused poor performance in both locations. once they get SA going on the TMHI, I can try again… but until then no thanks.