Confirmed: The new 5G Home Internet Gateway device looks like this


Back in October, there were rumors that T-Mobile has a new 5G Home Internet Gateway device. This was first reported by The T-Mo Report. And now, it looks like they have more information on the alleged device. 

According to their recent report, the mystery device is said to be manufactured by Arcadyan Technology Corporation and with documentation listed on November 10th. True enough, the device (model number KVD21) matches the picture that was first leaked on the website. Unlike the previous device, this model comes with hardware buttons. It also supports all of T-Mo’s Sub-6 5G bands. 

The FCC documentation comes with the full user manual of the device. When you take a look at it, the device is said to have a couple of Ethernet ports and a USB-C port on its back. Unlike the Nokia device, however, power delivery is made through USB-C. This device also doesn’t come with external antenna connectors. 

Some of the confirmed specs include a MediaTek T750 ARM processor. The device also supports 4×4 WiFi 6 and is said to use the same 192.168.12.x subnet that Nokia did. 

Right now, there’s no confirmation on when this new device will start shipping out to customers. You can read more about the device here


Source: The T-Mo Report

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  • Bodycount

    No external antenna port, no Tmobile internet at my house. Simple as that. 5G signals drop big time inside my house so I would need an external antenna on the roof for it to be useful.

  • I called and the rep knew nothing about it’s existence. Waiting…

  • This is pretty ugly, a design step backwards. Guess as long as it works you can hide it somewhere…

  • Marcus Dwyer

    I called then they said this You may still get the Nokia modem

    Beginning January 12, ship-to orders will begin receiving either the Nokia or Arcadyan Gateway based on device availability only one device will show in Dash at the time of activation, the device the customer receives will be determined by inventory. Warranty Exchange devices will be replaced with like for like units.There is no ability to select which gateway device a customer will receive. Both devices provide the same functionality and performance, with a similar look and feel.
    Since all of our 5G Gateways offer the same key features and experience