Report: Is this the new T-Mobile Home Internet Gateway?


As more and more homes start getting internet, T-Mobile has done its part to make this transition possible. One way they are doing so is by introducing the T-Mobile Home Internet Gateway. And today, we’re looking at what could be the new device. 

The T-Mo Report originally shared the photo of the possible device after it was sent to a few stores. And as they reported, it’s possible that the display units could arrive early. There are also instructions to keep these devices stored in the back until they are officially revealed.

If this is indeed the device, it looks like a complete redesign from the current Nokia device. Other than the T-Mobile logo placed in front, there’s no mention of another brand so it’s unclear if this is from another manufacturer. 

The new device has moved its screen to the front instead of the top. It also has three navigation buttons, which means that it has moved on from touch input. The screen also appears larger and rectangular instead of the circle design that can be found on the current model. 

While there’s no official word yet from T-Mobile that this is the new Home Internet Gateway device, the report can’t help but believe that it is. As of now, though, the device is being kept in storage until it is officially revealed. We’ll know for sure once T-Mobile says something about the mysterious device soon. 


Source: The T-Mo Report