T-Mobile postpones CDMA shutdown date for another three months


T-Mobile has just announced that it will be delaying its CDMA shutdown by a few months. 

Originally, T-Mobile planned to shutdown the network by January 1, 2022; which will give partners “plenty of time and resources to take care of their customers as well.” But based on the Un-carrier’s recent announcement, they decided to postpone the shutdown by another three months. 

T-Mobile says that its partners “haven’t followed through on their responsibility to help their customers through this shift.”

Although T-Mobile did not directly mention Dish, many can’t help but think that this is who they are referring to. Ever since the merger with Sprint, Dish has been catering to Boost Mobile’s customers under the new Sprint/T-Mobile network. And for some time now, Dish has encountered issues with the January 1, 2022 CDMA network shutdown deadline. 

Dish even expressed its concerns to the DOJ that they do not have enough time to move their customers. T-Mobile, on the other hand, says that they have met the conditions of the merger and have given Dish enough time for the transition. 

“To build out our revolutionary network…we need to sunset outdated CDMA technologies as soon as possible…This is why we have aggressively executed on plans to take care of transitioning our impacted Sprint CDMA customers by the end of this year and provided our partners plenty of time and resources to take care of their customers as well.

Recently it’s become increasingly clear that some of those partners haven’t followed through on their responsibility to help their customers through this shift. So, we’re stepping up on their behalf. We have made the decision to extend our deadline for the CDMA sunset by three months to March 31, 2022…Our reason for extending is simple: we want to give those partners who haven’t done the right thing for their customers every opportunity to step up now and do so.

There should be no more room for excuses.” – Mike Sievert, T-Mobile CEO, said. 


The new CDMA shutdown date is scheduled to take place in March 31, 2022. 


Source: T-Mobile


  • Shaun Michalak

    Is it that they are doing this for the customers, or themselves?? Does T-Mobile really have everything in place, 100%, where they could shut it down right now?? Maybe they are thinking this is a boosting thing to get more customers, and more of a chance to get some of those Boost customers??

    • Willie D

      If you know the history of TMo and their network, they announce things but never fully implement them nationally. We saw this with HSPA+42 was more often just HSPA+21, Gigabit LTE was never deployed at all, they killed off the Sprint LTE 8r8t which was better than so called 4×4 MIMO which is more often 2×2 MIMO in most areas. And 5G. Give me a break. The only high capacity is inside a few signature TMo stores. Their network is always under what they claim.

      • slybacon

        You must live in Alaska or something…

      • vrm

        As a consumer, you do NOT want MIMO. At least none more than 2×2. MIMO with beam forming enables location tracking with far greater accuracy and basically destroys all norms of privacy and security. This is what they really want and this is why they are pushing mm wave because that requires massive MIMO with beam forming and tracking you to within a few inches.

        Most people do NOT want that. I don’t.

    • Augustine

      Methinks that the strategy is to update the radios operating in the old Sprint bands for 5G, which would yield more spectrum for 4G and 5G, including the SMR band in the low end of the spectrum. Since the gear inventory and supply contracts at T-mobile does not include CDMA gear, they’d probably rather not buy new equipment for a legacy technology.

      At the moment, CDMA is likely primarily used for voice calls by phones without VoLTE. There probably are very few non LTE devices that can only use EVDO on the CDMA network for data, precious spectrum that remains underutilized.

      Now, of course that T-mobile is not 100% ready, so I expect pain and a sour mood here and there for a short while.

      • Shaun Michalak

        I would say yes to everything, but the problem is.. Sprint basically owns just 3 main bands.. 800 1900 2500.. I would think, or assume that they used the 1900 for mainly all 4G only service.. 800 for pre 4G.. and since they are going to sell the 800 to Dish as part of the agreement, then there is no way for them to use the 2 or 3G 800 mhz spectrum for anything, because they are not keeping it.. So that really only leaves the 2500 stuff for them to use with 5G..

        I would guess that T-Mobile, with all the new spectrum bands coming out on the auction block, that T-Mobile would enhance their current band 2 with the same 1900 band 25 to improve their 4G stuff.. and since, once they get it all out and fully working, they will be able to jump off of both, 4 and 5G, using their 1900 on 4G would future proof their 4G network, plus with the duel use of both with the new 5G chips. The 5G phones could get full use of it too.. and all new bands that they get.. Straight 5G with them.. Win win..

        • Augustine

          That’s a good point, that the SMR band is going to be divested to Dish. Yet, it’s the main CDMA band, so probably they want to get rid of CDMA ASAP, so that the sale is not hold up by it. Because I doubt that T-Mobile has any desire to maintain CDMA for voice on B25 or, even worse, add it to one of its previous bands.

          However, though before my time, the consensus seems to be that the shutting down of the CDMA network of Metro PCS went pretty smoothly when T-Mobile acquired it.

        • Shaun Michalak

          You also have to remember.. The contract for the merger stated that T-Mobile had to give them the ability to buy that 800mhz spectrum in 3 years.. They can not sell the spectrum to Dish if it is still being used, so they have to shut it down before they can sell it.. Dish agreed to this.. It is coming up on the 2 year mark now.. But T-Mobile can not fully shut down the Sprint network as long as CDMA is still up.. So the longer that they keep it up, the longer it is going to take to complete the transition of the towers..

          B26 is 800.. I think you got them backwards.. They have no desire to keep CDMA on band 26, not 25.. But yes, I agree..

  • Willie D

    Or basically they played chicken with Dish and lost.

  • fentonr

    Dish is being a difficult partner? Never!