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T-mobile talks 3G, just not in any way we want…

So here is an article from rcrnews pointing out that T-mobile is attempting to stall/slow down the process by which a decision would be rendered in the AWS-3 auction. See how I sounded real smart there by talking about AWS-3? I wrote it and literally have no idea what it means but I bet It sounded like I did. Anyways back to normalcy, T-mobile wants extended time to discover if this spectrum would interfere with … [read full article]

It turns out Best Buy is good for something!

Our friends over at BGR got their hands on some juicy tidbits of information that are showing up on Best Buy’s systems. All three devices (And the Motorola Rokr which we talked about earlier) look like they will be shipped on July 27th, so we may be looking at a release the day after, on Monday the 28th? Either way, this is a clear indication that all three of these devices are coming … [read full article]

Motorola Rokr E8 for T-mobile – Unboxing

I was a little skeptical about this one but ok, I have to admit, Motorola actually did their homework on this one. The Motorola Rokr E8 really is a sight to look at. The phone commands attention with every sense of the word. Its sleek design follows Motorola’s classic sharpness while managing to define itself in a completely new concept separate from that of the Razr. The phone has a glossy finish that will drive “de-smug-ificators” (yeah, I made up that word, so what!) crazy. The overall feel of the phone is great. I love the weight and size of the phone overall. This phone truly looks and feels expensive, and it is! The OS is super quick and definitely deserves major props.

T-mobile awes the world by launching the Motorola W490 in Mandarin

Well well well, what do we have here? We have seen T-mobile push phones before, but the W490, that little persistent bugger, has gone through yet another color refresh. With specs that barley surpass the Razr, the Motorola W490 provides nothing on the inside for us to brag about. But hey, if your one of those people that loves to match your phone with your outfit, why not pick up a few W490s … [read full article]

T-mobile updates with MobileLife

For those users that are disappointed with T-mobile’s official user’s site, MyT-mobile, here is a little relief. A while ago T-mobile brought you the first news about an update to T-mobile’s website, and it is finally here! Above is a screen shot of My MobileLife, giving you easy access to MobileBackup, MyFaves, Album, and Contacts. MobileLife came with some cool new features, such as the following list of options just under My Contacts: Manage Address … [read full article]

Win free T-Mobile@Home service, year of rent/mortgage payments

Interested in winning one year of free T-Mobile@Home service and mortgage or rent paid for that year? I’ll bet you do!! Well, one lucky winner in each of three locations for the T-Mobile@Home launch event (New York, Chicago, and Denver) will be home with this fantastic prize package on July 2nd. That could be up to a $30,120 value for each winner! See, you know, the official rules state you can only get up to $30,000 … [read full article]

Blackberry outages, BIE/BIS 2.5 upgrade

Great news, an upgrade is coming to your Blackberry email services! According to this post at BGR, BIS 2.5 is going to be rolled out in the coming days, enabling HTML email, Hotmail and MSN support, and push email through AOL. In order for this upgrade to take effect, BIE service will be shut off nationwide from 00:00AM Eastern (Midnight) to 08:00AM Eastern on June 28th… yes, that’s today, so if you’re reading this after … [read full article]

Shadow II getting closer and closer

If your one of those T-mobile customers that loves Windows Mobile, but needs a Hotspot@Home device, you probably haven’t been too happy with T-mobile since Hotspot@Home was released. Well luckily for you, TmoNews has some good news! You know that Shadow II we told you about a while back? Well it is confirmed, by multiple sources, that the T-mobile Shadow II will be a UMA device, and support … [read full article]

T-Mobile@Home… finally launching (July 2nd)

Great news! If you’re a part of our forums then you may have already noticed a very informative post detailing a little bit about the T-Mobile@Home service launching soon. In case you’ve forgotten or are just now finding out about this, you’ll be able to replace your landline carrier with T-Mobile’s VoIP home service… kind of like Vonage but cheaper (well, as long as you already have a $39.99 cell phone plan). You get … [read full article]

SMS rates going up!

Well T-mobile gave us an ETF adjustment this week and now they grace us with an sms increase. Thats right all you casual texters, starting August 29th T-mobile joins the ranks of #1, 2 and 3 and raises their pay per use rate to $.20! As expected this plays out for both postpaid and flexpay customers. Keep in mind this pay per use rate increase affects mms messaging as well, all messaging … [read full article]

Phone launches…android delays? ETF reduction!

Well as our count down plug in has indicated for some time now we have reached d-day for the Nokia 6301 and Samsung SGH-T339. Yawn. Both phones are as expected, myfaves, hotspot at home compatible, voicemail, number pad etc. The nokia has a 2 megapixel camera and the Samsung has a 1.3 megapixel camera. Honestly, what does anyone want me to write about these two phones? The Nokia has an FM radio! Score! Ok I’m already bored … [read full article]

Feature suggestion… we need your help

TmoNews is working on coming up with some fresh, new ideas for this blog that will ROCK. YOUR. WORLD… or, at least keep things a little more interesting around here. And just to get it out of the way, blog news is NOT coming to a halt and we will NOT stop bringing you news, that is coming back soon. We’re more interested in what you all might have to say about features then just churning out … [read full article]