T-Mobile To Release 7? Dell Tablet Known As Dell Streak 7?

I’m kind of stretching my own information here so bear with me as I can’t say this is factual or a definite. At the moment, our ninjas are telling us a Dell 7” Tablet is in the Pipeline for 2011, what we believe is the Dell “Claire” from all the way back to our leaked accessory list. Our source came up with another accessory list the other day that had the “Dell Streak 7” listed as an upcoming device.

Today, Engadget ran two posts regarding a 7” Dell Tablet, one showing it passing WiFi certification and the other showing off a possible advertisement. I can’t emphasize enough that this isn’t rock solid but the fact that we have an accessory list stating the Dell Streak 7 is coming and today Engadget gets information regarding the Dell Streak 7 we’re looking on the up and up for a T-Mobile delivery.

We know T-Mobile will be talking tablets at CES so fingers crossed we’ll find out more then!

Photo from Engadget

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