Sprint Attacks T-Mobile On Twitter, Forgets How To Fact Check

A few hours ago a Sprint corporate communications manager decided to stir the pot by declaring Sprint the only “true” 4G carrier by using a little math. You can see her version of mathematics above and while she definitely used you know, numbers she obviously skipped the day they handed out the ability to fact check. Claiming that the ITU and their decision to declare “evolved” 3G services like HSPA+ and Sprint’s very own Wimax on the same day she goes on to say that the ITU is just one “perspective.” Is she serious? Did someone spike the eggnog at the Sprint holiday party? This is a joke. By her own logic, my perspective is that the world should have just one carrier, T-Mobile and that the skies and the oceans should be a nice shade of Magenta. However, that’s just my perspective and it’s certainly far different than what the facts are.

With her title as Sprint corporate communications she shouldn’t have so easily shrugged off an international body’s decision. We’re T-Mobile cheerleaders around here so it’s obvious in matters such as these we’re going to defend the T-Mobile position; but the ITU is a bi-partisan group and their decision is taken as more than just “perspective.”

So here we go Stephanie, I’m going to do a little math for you:

The Facts: 1, Sprint: 0

IntoMobile via Twitter

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