• vaskany vvtelecom

    sprint is p… of sh..

  • Cook77food

    tmonews rocks and tmobile rocks also. SPRINT you suck lemons!!!!

  • Steve092987

    Lol she’s updating her twitter through blackberry what would she know about performance lol.. if they claim that tmobile does’nt have 4g well really Sprint should be ashamed because Tmobiles phones are still faster than their 4g phones, I would of suggested that person to keep her mouth shut..

  • guest

    Sprint cant even take care of their network….they have to outsource it

  • Fischbyne

    ┬áThere is ONE place where Sprint users can use Skype on a mobile phone: on the demo units in the Sprint store. That Android unit you just bought that you think is Skype capable for video? Sprint blocks Skype because it has it’s own narrow ideas of how it will profit from video.