T-Mobile To Unveil 4G Mifi Solution Next Year

So what do T-Mobile and Lil Wayne have in common? We have no idea but we can tell you that seems to be the codename for something I know I’ve been wanting for quite a while on T-Mobile: Mifi. T-Mobile is set to introduce their very first Mobile Router sometime in March 2011 and then follow up with a second Mifi device something in the second quarter of 2011. Just in case you are still waking up and it’s still early that’s two Mifi devices coming early next year and I am more than happy to work with that. Unfortunately we don’t know much else other than what you see above, manufacturer or most importantly data pricing or why they are calling it Lil Wayne but for the moment, we can hope and wait that T-Mobile gives us HSPA+ speeds on a Mifi device at a price that makes Verizon and Sprint customers insanely jealous.

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