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Report: T-Mobile giving away free hats next month

T-Mobile seems to be giving away more physical gifts for its T-Mobile Tuesdays customers these days. Earlier this month, the Un-carrier gave away a free reusable insulated bag to recipients. And now, there are reports that T-Mobile will be giving away free hats.  The Mobile Report shared a leaked document they received from their source. The document reveals photos of the hat that the Un-carrier will be giving … [read full article]

T-Mobile announces Q1 2023 earnings

T-Mobile is celebrating its Earnings Day today as it announces its Q1 2023 results. And once again, the Un-carrier was able to deliver best-in-class customer and profitability growth.  The key highlights of T-Mobile’s Q1 2023 includes the following details: Postpaid net account additions of 287K (beat on consensus); best in industry  Postpaid net customer additions of 1.3 million (beat on consensus); more than AT&T and Verizon combined  High Speed Internet net customer additions of 523K (beat on … [read full article]

umlaut awards T-Mobile top honors in its recent study

T-Mobile is on a roll! Earlier today, the Un-carrier announced that its 5G network received top honors from another independent study.  Umlaut measured network performance by analyzing 29.6 billion samples from over 1.2 million real 5G users. And based on umlaut’s report, T-Mobile won the following titles:  Overall highest 5G score Best 5G Coverage, meaning customers on T-Mobile enjoy having a 5G signal in more places. Best 5G Stability, shows that T-Mobile customers experience the most stable … [read full article]

T-Mobile names 9 participants of 2023 Accelerator Program


T-Mobile’s Accelerator Program has been around since 2012. And ever since then, the Un-carrier has helped hundreds of startups, developers, and innovators with their technologies. Today, the wireless provider has named the nine companies that will participate in this year’s program to provide innovation in sports and entertainment.  T-Mobile received a total of 70 applications from around the world. Out of the companies that applied, T-Mobile picked nine to develop their technologies. The participants include the following:  … [read full article]

T-Mobile gets picked as US Department of Veterans Affairs’ wireless provider

T-Mobile adds a new recognition to its name as the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has decided to partner with them as its primary wireless provider. The Un-carrier made the announcement earlier, which will be in place until 2032.  After undergoing an extensive evaluation process, the US Department of Veteran Affairs decided to pick T-Mobile as its primary wireless provider. The partnership bridges together VA healthcare providers and millions of veterans throughout the country.    Through this partnership, … [read full article]

Here’s everything T-Mobile announced at its Phone Freedom event

Yesterday, T-Mobile announced that they will be announcing their next Un-carrier move. Now that the event has wrapped up, we finally know what the big announcement is: T-Mobile’s Phone Freedom.  So what is Phone Freedom? There are four things that T-Mo announced at the event. These include the following: Go5G Plus Previously, The Mobile Report first reported on some possible changes that will be taking place on … [read full article]

Report: T-Mobile changing Magenta plans to Go5G

It looks like T-Mobile will soon be making changes to its plans. More specifically, the plans that will be affected by the change are the “Magenta” plans. The Mobile Report recently reported on these changes that will be affecting T-Mo’s Magenta plans. And according to the report, the main Magenta plans will be changed to a new branding called “Go5G.” This also means that the old Magenta plans will … [read full article]

T-Mobile gets picked as driverless delivery service’s network partner

As more and more companies make the change to AI solutions, wireless carriers have also been picked up to be their partners. Today, T-Mobile announced that they have forged a partnership with an Estonian-based global autonomous delivery innovator called Clevon.  The Un-carrier revealed that they were chosen by the company as its preferred connectivity provider for its Autonomous Robot Carriers (ARCs) in the US. The two companies have made a long-term deal for Clevon’s latest ARC called … [read full article]