T-Mobile may launch free voice line deal tomorrow


Last week T-Mobile launched several early Black Friday deals, including offers on iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel devices. It turns out that those may not be the only specials that T-Mo has up its sleeve, though.

T-Mobile is reportedly planning to launch a new free voice line deal tomorrow. A leak from Reddit suggests that starting November 25, existing T-Mo customers with two or more paid voice lines will be able to add a voice line for free.


It appears that this deal will be relatively free of strings, with the leaked image only stating that you’ll need to “have or activate two paid voice lines on a qualifying rate plan”. It’s said that this deal won’t stack with some other T-Mo promotions, though. Those promos include the iPhone “On Us”, free smartphone with add-a-line, iPhone BOGO, $950 off iPhone 12 Pro, and $99 Galaxy S20 FE.

We’ve seen T-Mobile launch similar free voice line deals in the past, including a few times in 2020. They always prove to be very popular offers, and so there will likely be a lot of excitement if T-Mo is indeed planning to bring back its free voice line deal again tomorrow. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know all the details if this deal is made official.

Today’s leak also hints at a $100 rebate promotion aimed at switchers. Also expected to launch tomorrow, November 25, this offer will see T-Mobile give a $100 prepaid virtual MasterCard card for new lines that are ported in to T-Mo. It’s said that this deal will stack with pretty much every other offer except Keep & Switch/Carrier Freedom.

If these leaked deals do launch tomorrow, will you be taking advantage of them?

Source: Reddit

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  • vinnyjr

    I’ll jump on that. THANK YOU T-Mobile.

  • Ver

    I’m pretty sure it was only a security update for the LG.

  • JR

    Can confirm.

  • Chris P Bacon

    If I could port my home landline number, I’d do it.

    • marque2

      Why can’t you port your land line? You could also port your land-line for the free Digits account

  • You still need pay tax and fee for a free line monthly. About $5.

    • JimThePCGuy

      Unless your plan is tax inclusive eg. Magenta

  • i got one last year and ill get this one.. im paying for 4 lines now.. since ill have two free, in 2 years ill drop the 2 i pay for and then have two paid and two free

    • VanceDuke

      I’m not positive but I believe that if you drop paid lines that you lose any free lines added after. So if you got a free line Jan 1, then a paid line Feb 1, then another free line March 1, and then cancelled the paid line from Feb 1 you would lose the March 1 free line but not the Jan 1 free line.

      • dcmanryan

        You have to maintain all lines for 1 year from the last free line added date. It resets tall free lines from the last date one was added. This year for example this is the third free line. If I cancel a paid line before 11/26/21 I’ll lose all three free lines. If I cancel a paid line or two after 11/26/21 I’ll keep all the free lines assuming I have not added another free line since today.

  • William Alford

    How is this different from the current 3rd Line Free deal that’s been going since April?

    • VanceDuke

      If you have that then you can also get this and have 2 free lines.

      • William Alford

        Do you have a link from T-Mobile that says this?

        • VanceDuke

          I’m just going off of the story and personal experience. As long as you have 2 paid lines on a qualifying plan then you can get the free line. Pretty sure you can have up to two free lines. You can contact a rep and ask. They would be a better source.

        • marque2

          I have three free lines. It might be they allow up to one free for each paid (I have 4 paid, 3 “free”)

    • dcmanryan

      This is for all all customers who are in an eligible plan and not just those switching to T-Mobile.

    • mreveryphone

      With the free line deal that’s been going on you can only have 1 line to qualify for the free 3rd line when you add a second line. With this offer you can just add a free line with no prerequisite

  • Hoosier__Daddy

    I will if I can. I had 8 lines on my T-Mobile military/vet plan until 2 years ago when my father and his wife dropped off. In October of this year, I added a sister bringing the lines to 7. A few weeks ago, I wanted to add another family member but T-Mobile claims 7 is the maximum now, despite the plan description still listing 12 as the maximum. I tried 3 different phone reps in addition to the web site and app and all of them forced a switch to a new plan at an increase in cost. The reps were at a loss as to why. Some went to what I felt were extraordinary lengths to “trick” the system into letting me add the 8th line but all failed.

    • VanceDuke

      I currently have 9 lines including the free line from a few months ago. All together I have 2 free lines, 1 half price line, and 6 full paid. I think I am maxed out on free lines but I’ll call and ask.

      • William Alford

        I have asked when this supposed additional line appeared and got conflicting answers. And there is never an official word online. I am wondering where the person on Reddit got that screen-shot.

  • JG

    What is the point of TMO randomly giving away free lines – especially to existing customers.

    When I signed up, i got a 2 line plan because I needed 2 lines. If I needed 3 lines, I would have had a third signed up when I had the account made… Not sat back and said “gee, I hope they offer a free line soon so dad can make calls to!”

    Though I suppose if you have multiple lines, like a family of 4, for example… You could claim this, and eventually transfer one of your paid numbers over to the free line so you only actually pay for 3…

    • mreveryphone

      If you have 2 paid lines and the rest are free you are more likely to stay since you will not be able to have free lines on another carrier making that bill rise substantially if you depart from T-Mobile

      • Francisco Peña

        yup. I pay $96 total (includes tax) with 4 lines (2 paid unlimited, 1 free unlimited, 1 6GB line) and includes $10 for my S20FE.

        Can’t touch that with a bat elsewhere.

        • mreveryphone


    • Brian

      Maybe someone has a parent/friend with another carrier (post or prepaid), they can switch over to TMO and use this free line for that person. Plus, I would think a friend would be happy to offer a few $$ per month for this and, in turn, you end up paying less per month. It also never hurts to have an extra line, even for the $5 taxes. I have 4 free lines already and have family using them.

    • BrianC

      I got one the last 2 times for my kids. I’ve been with T-Mobile for years and anytime I’ve thought about moving to get some cheap new device, I find myself realizing in the end it’s not worth it. T-Mobile is just so much cheaper monthly that it doesn’t make sense. Now my wife and 3 kids are on a 2 line plan with 4 lines.

    • Francisco Peña

      I have a family of 4. When they first did the free line a few yrs back on BF, I got one, for when my oldest got a phone the next yr. I gladly paid $3 in tax/mo in anticipation.

      Then this yr, I took advantage again in spring (May/June) the last time. Again, in anticipation of my youngest getting the use of a phone (not full time as he’s not ready), but again, I’ll pay $3 a month to save the $20/mo later on when I’m ready to give him a phone.

      Now I’d like to get my mom to switch as she just retired. So if she comes over, then that is another free line as I’ll switch her from VZW to TMo.

  • krisstofer

    Free? as in free free?

    • Nobody Special

      ITS free based on what plan you Havel. i have to pay approx $4 in taxes/fees per free line. Some phone plans,,, taxes and fee so are already included with your plan. I need my opinion… the free lines are worth it.

  • Aaron A.

    Got my Fifth Free line today. Thanks TMONEWS… because of you guys I found out about this deal and other deals in the past.
    I have 2 paid line and 5 Free voice Lines and free a digit line for $120 Tmobile One Plus Plan..

    • Bmoon19

      Nice any tips ?

    • Nobody Special

      This is my 6th Free voice line…

  • Bmoon19

    Just got it as well

  • dcmanryan

    No go for me. I’m on T-Mobile One with 8 lines and the plan changes to a new one on lines 9-12. That’s fine and dandy except the One Plus plan 9-12 no longer exist so I’d be switched to the Magenta 9-12 line plan and my bill would go up around a $100 LOL. NOPE! I’ll keep my $160/8 line T-Mobile One plan.

    • Jman100

      T-force can move you to the old 9-12 line version of the ONE plan. I did it myself during the last free line.

      • dcmanryan

        Really? I’ve never used T-Force, is that through Twitter? I don’t have Twitter but would sign up if it works. Is the 9-12 the same price per line as the max 8 line plan I’m in now?

        • Jman100

          Yep, just send a dm to @tmobilehelp. Explain the situation and that you’d like to be moved to the 9-12 line version of your existing plan. Just make sure they don’t put you on magenta lol.

  • JimThePCGuy

    I grabbed one and put it on an ESIM for now. When the grandchild is old enough I’ll probably offer it to her with her parents approval of course.