T-Mobile teases Un-carrier announcement for October 27


It looks like T-Mobile is ready to make another Un-carrier move.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert today teased an announcement for October 27. Sievert doesn’t say exactly what next week’s big news will be, but there is a video teaser that gives us a hit about what’s in store.

The brief video teaser shows Rashida Jones seemingly on the phone with customer support and getting frustrated about the fees on her bill. We then see Sievert who says, “You know what? It’s time,” in front of a TV with the words “It’s on”.

The letter “O” in the phrase “It’s on” has a play button and is similar to the letter “O” in T-Mobile’s TVision logo, suggesting that next week’s Un-carrier move could be related to T-Mo’s TVision home TV service.

T-Mobile first launched its TVision service in April 2019 after acquiring Layer3 TV. TVision includes a set-top box with DVR, more than 154 channels, streaming apps, and more, all for $90 per month. Since its launch, though, TVision has only been available in a handful of markets like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C, and Longmont, CO.

This year we’ve heard rumors that T-Mobile has been “retooling” TVision with a new architecture for a TV service that can be sent to homes and TVs while also prioritizing streaming on smartphones. We’ve also seen photos of a new TVision-branded HDMI dongle and a new TVision remote with a dedicated Google Assistant button. Considering the hint in Mike Sievert’s video teaser, T-Mobile could finally be announcing its TVision refresh next week.

The announcement will be streamed at 8:30 am PT / 11:30 am ET on October 27. Stay tuned for more!

Source: Mike Sievert (Twitter)

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  • MisterListerSir

    If they can bundle Hulu/Netflix/et al. in there at a decent price, I might be interested.

    (basically consolidate streaming service billing)

    • marque2

      You already get Netflix for $3 a month.

      • MisterListerSir

        What does that have to do with billing consolidation?

        • marque2

          He wanted Netflix and Hulu packaged. I was just pointing out Netflix is already provided. And what you think billing consolidation with be the next big Uncarrier move? So if you are being so picky – what does billing consolidation have to do with the topic at hand?

      • James Symmonds

        Who gets Netflix for $3?

        • marque2

          If you have a tmobile One plan or Magenta plan you go into your account and there is an option to get standard Netflix with two streams for $3 and High Def Netflix with, I believe 4 streams for $6. Maybe you need at least two phones, but I don’t think so.

        • James Symmonds

          Nope, two lines required for all stuff like that. I have zero need for two lines and it’s silly to think every does.

    • dcmanryan

      That won’t happen. T-Mobile never had Hulu, Sprint did. T-Mobile went with Quibi and Hulu has moved to Verizon.

  • Alex Pilaia

    Tmobile TV has nothing to do with the promo video tho. I dont think its TV Service. I think it is that Tmo Representatives will now be available via Video call with its customers… Either via MS Teams, or Zoom….

    • Darth Sidux

      Yeah, the actress yelling at support doesn’t link with an entertainment TV Service at all. People are barking up the wrong tree thinking this is about a TV Service. This is about enhancing the customer support experience.

  • Willie D

    Meh… If its TV, count me out. TVision or TMobileTV whatever the f they wanna call it is a bust. It relies on your home internet, it costs $100…or $90 with voice line PLUS $10 for a set top box PLUS taxes so well into the $110+ not including the price of your home internet which is another $30-80 monthly depending on your provider and speed.

    At those prices you’re better off with Xfinity and their TV/Internet bundle. So now what? They’re gonna include taxes and fees and the price of ONE box inclusive? Still too high.

  • JG

    While T-Mobile got rid of taxes and fees on their plans awhile back, they’re still infamously a pain point for those on cable… Sports fee? Rebroadcast fee? etc…

    Combined with the play button in the O and the TV clues in the video… Yeah, I’d guess it probably will be TVision related…

    They’re launching nation wide, with a flat $90 per month bill. No hidden taxes or fees… Available via an app for your phone, tablet, Android/Google TV, via the web or their own TVision dongle…

    • Shaun Michalak

      Half right.. Only some of their plans have them included.. For a while there, it was all of them.. But if you look, their new $15 plan does not include them, nor does the essentials plans.. Those are both extra..

  • Shaun Michalak

    If it is for TV, then I would have to say that it depends on what is included, and what bundles they offer.. For example, there is really only a few channels that I watch on TV, so I do not need 100+ channels.. If I could get a bundle with a dozen channels for under $30, then it would be worth it for me, vs cable..

    • marque2

      And that Quibi thing just announces they are going under.

  • marque2

    Maybe they will announce an LG V60 SA 5g update. Now that is something I can get behind!

    • DominiMMIV


  • Eric A

    These UN-Carrier announcements get more and more disappointing

  • DominiMMIV

    Unless it is a steaming TV service with network channels that really undercuts Hulu Live TV or You Tube TV I don’t care. How about a buildable streaming service where you can choose the channels you want in multiple tiers (15, 40, 75 etc channel packages) with escalating cost. I could go for that. Enough of buying a streaming package with a bunch of crap channels I would never watch…..

    • MisterListerSir

      “How about a…”

      They can’t do it. The copyright holders license their content in all-or-nothing batches. This is why Cable had “everything you never wanted” and why “live” streaming services are unable to offer the a-la-carte options we all left Cable for. It wasn’t Cable that was the problem; it was the licensing.

      If we went to universal compulsory licensing, we’d be able to pick and choose what we want. Without that, it’s all up to the mega-studios and they couldn’t care less what you or I want.

    • steveb944

      Look into Sling, or sign up for separate streaming services that fit your needs.

      • DominiMMIV

        You can’t get Sling Blue and Orange together so can’t get the channels I want.

        • Sharti24

          Plus no local channels with Sling

    • Sayahh

      We see your Hulu Plus and raise you a Quibi…

      Quibi: Never had it. We hardly knew thee.

  • Greg Victor

    Those skinny jeans look painful.

    • Paul Taylor

      look at his facial expression…

      • Greg Victor

        Looks like he’s having a hard time doing a number 2.

    • Tom Wilson

      Men of a certain age should not wear skinny jeans.

      • Greg Victor


      • cellularcrazy09

        Men of any age can wear whatever they want. Looking at your profile picture, I can see that you are the pinnacle of men’s fashion choices. *insert eye roll*

        • Tom Wilson

          And Cellularcrazy09 YOU are a pinnacle of idiocrisy, throwing shade and hiding behind an anonymous account without a picture. *inserting eye roll*

  • James Symmonds

    How about stuff for those of us with a single line that’s been with T-Mobile forever? I would love to have Netflix. I’d even upgrade to a Magenta Plus plan if I could get it included on just a single line.

  • Pak T

    You mean T-Mobile is going to get rid of…

    Assisted line addition support
    SIM Kits which most people don’t need when upgrading but are pushed on them anyway.
    “Payment Support Fee” in case you need to call them to make a payment.
    Assisted device upgrade support

    Nah. it is going to be something simply to try and see us a new service.

    • marque2

      The Sim card charge is for the local independent shop to make a few bucks. If I order online I get free Sim cards – and I can get the store charge reversed by calling, but I like keeping the local stores – so I actually don’t mind paying the fee and don’t get it reversed. It is hard enough for Stores to remain open and I am glad they are there to help me when I need it.

  • Sharti24

    If this is in regards to Streaming TV. Can Tmobile TV undercut YouTube tv ($65 month) and Hulu tv ($55 month)?

    • Mike Smith

      I don’t think they can.

      • Sharti24

        Welp it Looks like they did!

        • Mike Smith


          No, it does not look like they did.

        • Sharti24

          $40-60 month vs $65. So Yes, they did undercut Youtube tv

  • Panzer

    Add a line, stream a channel… Seems like a T-Mobile move

    • marque2

      They have ready given away two free lines in the last two months. I wouldn’t hold a major press conference over that.

  • Sayahh

    T-Mobile is going to pivot and add auToMobiles to their portfolio.

    Introducing the T-Mobile: an EV to challenge Tesla! Free* Netflix!

    *free offer available to those who buy two cars only!

  • Francisco Peña

    1 yr free quibi.

    • AA-Ron

      Quibi is dead

      • Sayahh

        That’s the joke.gif

      • Francisco Peña

        Thanks Ron. but in case you didn’t realize it, it was:
        the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
        “his voice, hardened by sarcasm, could not hide his resentment”

  • riverhorse

    Now that’s a commitment to diversity- Anglo girl named Rashida…

    • Flying_postman

      Wait till you see her dad /s

    • kiladubz

      Are you kidding me right now? You have no clue who Rashida’s father is do you?

  • Glenn Gore

    Along with whatever promotional thing they announce, they will probably also announce a big expansion of their 5G footprint. This makes sense because I am seeing a LOT more 5G than what they show on their current coverage maps.

    • Austin

      I think so too. The pink lines usually depict their “tower” signal commercials and retail signage.

      My guess is they’re about to turn 2.5ghz NR on on every existing sprint tower, considering they said it’ll be in “thousands” of towns by year end and they’re currently in like 200. This year has 68 more days.

  • Bruce Sommer

    My guess, a new bundle.

    T-Mobile has had their core mobile phone business

    They also have the T-Vision service, that required the subcriber to provide a seperate Internet connection.

    The more recent T-Mobile Home Internet, is now more widely available.

    I live in Grand Rapids, the first place they released Home Internet on a wide scale, and I have had the service since August, and it works great for streaming, and everything else. It has been stated, in the past by T-Mobile, that you could NOT use T-Vision on a T-Mobile Home Internet service, yet, but they hoped to someday have such an offer. (Oddly, they don’t seem to have a problem with me using it to stream Hulu, or Sling, or YouTube or Amazon or any other similar service).

    So, I’m guessing provide T-Vision, with Home Internet service, that you can combine with your mobile service, one company, one bill, MOST of your communications needs in one step.

    That would go head to head with Comcast and Spectrum, that have wired Internet & TV service, and mobile service through their MNVO with Verizon. Also ATT, with their wired Internet and TV packages (or DirecTV) and their own mobile service.

    Everything could all be handled through one customer service point, and no more waiting on installers to come to your home, they send you a box, you hook it up and are ready to enjoy in about 10 minutes (for most reasonably tech savvy people).

    Such a plan could be a big announcement, if priced at an affordable amount.

    • Sayahh

      50 bucks for both internet and TV. Can you imagine?

      • Mike Smith

        We’d all Iove to see disruptive pricing come to streaming TV but I don’t think it a possible. If Google can’t do it, I one can.

        • Acdc1a

          I don’t know. Google got some pretty aggressive wholesale pricing for their wireless service and it didn’t seem to get passed down.

      • Bruce Sommer

        $50 would be nice to imagine, but realistically, I doubt it. Since I currently pay $50/mo. just for the T-Mobile Home Internet, and looking around the net, the TVision package, w/154 channels goes for $90/mo., at best, I might expect $125/mo., plus the cost of your mobile lines. No matter how much T-Mobile might wanna have a low cost offer, they have to pay royalty rights for the streaming content, that they have to pass along.

        I personally wouldn’t be likely to subscribe to the TVision service. I get most of my TV from an outside Over The Air antenna. The quality of the HD OTA signals from the broadcast stations is not compressed, so it looks better than most streaming options, that are compressed. I actually get 38 channels for free with a cheap outside antenna (only 9 are in HD).

        With the antenna, I get ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, CW, Comet, Bounce, Laff, My NetworkTV, Cozi, Mystery, AntennaTV, Court TV, Charge, Get TV, Grit, ION, MeTV, H&I, Decades, and RetroTV, are some of the better known channels. A couple local stations have a 24 hour local weather/radar loop, and there is even HSN and QVC channels.

        I only mention all those channels because a lot of people don’t realize how much free stuff is out there with an OTA antenna. Of course the line-up of channels varies by market, but most major metro areas have similar content, some more, some less. With all that content, plus Hulu and Sling Blue, I’ve got more TV than I can watch. There are sites on the web that will tell you what to expect at your location.

        While TVision probably wouldn’t be an enticement to me, it might be a great option for people in a more rural area, with no cable service, but a decent T-Mobile signal.

  • Fan_Atl77

    Hopefully, Tmobile is not using the same technology, as with their line-Link at home phone services. Great idea, but poor execution….

  • Neoprimal

    “It’s On” is what T-Mobile has been using as slogan since they lit up their 5G so I don’t think it’s about their TV service – although I do wish I could get rid of my ATT TV (a steal at $60 for 105 channels but who knows how long until they force me off of that plan?). When they do revamp their TV service, I pray it’ll be something that is competitive.

    (forgot to mention what I think it is about!)

    I think it’s about eliminating fees, period. Right now, fees and taxes are wrapped into the cost of the service IF you autopay. I think they’re going to eliminate them for all customers and now bills are just going to be straight up, cost of phone, cost of plan, etc. – super simplified so it doesn’t take much (not that it does now) brain power to understand or read a bill.

    • Alex Pilaia

      Wasnt that the point of the previous uncarrier? lol

  • Tom Wilson

    That’s “ADVICE” not advise.
    Now, get out of your Momma’s basement and make something of yourself.

    • cellularcrazy09

      Why is that old people’s go-to? Not everyone lives in their momma’s basement nor could you assume that from my comment. Maybe it’s because you still live with your mom at 60? Pretty sad.

  • Brenden Morris

    This is Dead On Arrival.
    No one wants their T-Mobile bill higher when the encomy is falling down & people are losing their jobs.

  • JG

    8:30am Pacific – 11:30am easter t-mobile (dot) com/uncarrier

  • Alex Pilaia

    Side Note. I love how almost every single cell phone that is released, is spoiled a month in advance, 100% of the time.. (The next iPhone, the next 1+ phone, etc) but the UnCarrier stuff are never spoiled… There are rumors, but never spoilers… Kudos to Tmo for this…..

  • Mike McDonald

    Well, based on the lineup, no retrans agreements w/ Tegna or Sinclair for locals. Sinclair also now controls the local market Fox Sports outlets so they’re off the table for now. Notably, Discovery Networks are missing. That’s a huge hole in itself.