T-Mobile TVision dongle shown in photos by the FCC


One week after a new T-Mobile TVision remote leaked out, it looks like the dongle that that remote goes with has leaked, too.

A separate FCC listing has been found that includes images of a dongle with TVision branding. The device itself is a small black rectangle with a short HDMI cable extending out of one side and a microUSB port for power on the other.

Interestingly, the user manual included with this FCC listing is for an AirTV Mini. The website for the AirTV Mini says that it runs Android TV, just like T-Mobile’s TVision dongle is expected to, and and the AirTV Mini has a similar design to this TVision dongle as well.


Other documents in this FCC listing say that the TVision device is a “4K HDMI dongle” with “android 9.0”. It’s listed as having 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi support as well as Bluetooth.

We heard earlier this year that T-Mobile is “retooling” the TVision platform, and this Android TV dongle looks like it could be part of that. It was also said that the refresh of TVision was tech-ready but that T-Mo had delayed the launch until the summer due to the coronavirus pandemic and the fact that it its stores were closed. T-Mobile now says that the majority of its stores are open, though, so maybe the TVision refresh will happen this summer.


Via: 9to5Google
Source: FCC

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  • Android_God

    They couldn’t even develop an attractive box with Magenta colors? If this is the level of enthusiasm they put into this, it’s DOA.

    • RealShit

      My man, this bullshit has been dead on arrival since it was created. In a world where you can get TV on your devices within minutes they still have to come install a fucking box lmao. What are we in 1999? And then you have to have your own internet. I bet this “retooling” bullshit won’t even address the fact that you gotta have your own internet. T-Mobile is fucking ass backwards they have fucking crackheads thinking up ideas lol.

      • Jake Walker

        Maybe, but it would be cool if perhaps this was linked with your account and some sort of discount was applied with your other subscriptions (?). Thoughts?

        • dcmanryan

          I’m using YouTube TV and with the recent price hike to $65 I welcome any and all streaming services. High or low prices bring them all on until one of these companies does it right and the others dwindle away. YouTube is by far the best and the most like traditional cable or satellite but the prices keep going up and up and up and eventually will be to the price where I just as well call DirecTV back or Comcast and go that route.

          As far as bundle, big no here. I hate bundles. Leave it as a stand alone service and you get a discount if you have T-Mobile service. Similar to what Xfinity Mobile does. Have a separate department that specializes in that only.

        • Sean Sorlie

          Until we find out what the tmo offering will be, check out Philo. $20 a month. No sports, no local channels(use an entenna) which is all a plus to me. You get a massive selection of channels as long as you don’t care about sports.

        • dcmanryan

          I had Philo and YouTube TV. When YouTube TV increased their price I cancelled Philo. There was just to many duplicates. I do miss The History Channel and AE though.

          I was far better off with YouTube TV adding zero channels and keeping the price at $49.99 and paying Philo $20. It’s basically $5 more than I’m paying just YouTube TV now. Either way $85 was to much for me as I also have Hulu, Prime and pay TMobile extra for 4 Netflix streams.

        • Mike Thaler

          Also YTTV subscriber. Will still keep them in spite of their THIRTY PERCENT price hike. Since they only have ONE bundle of channels, you are forced to pay for dozens of channels you never even bother displaying on the guide.

    • Dummy Up Meathead

      Box? It’s a dongle. It’s behind the TV. You don’t see it. How is the color even remotely important? How does the color provide any indication on the “level of enthusiasm they put into this…”?

  • Yonatan Ben Magen

    We have Roku, Fire sticks, Google and Apple platform dongles.

    Why does Xfinity, T-mo and others feel we need another dongle device?

    • dcmanryan

      Because Roku, Amazon and Google no longer give a free ride to put apps on their system. Roku used to be neutral but since they got the Roku Channel when allow other competition it cuts into their bottom line now.

  • AA-Ron

    It would be dope if this thing had a hot spot or it own internet connection built in

  • Mike

    Bring on more competition ! If that will even help, you have monsters like ATT buying up all it’s competitors, like Time Warner and Direct Tv, even Disney is the same way with ESPN, soon there will be minimal content providers and you will see even more increases to price as time goes on, even past $65 a month. Our lawmakers are allowing all these companies to buy one another, and that turns out not good for the consumer, hense, higher prices. Wash. DC is always for businesses. My guess is this Tvision will be closely priced to a ATT tv now expense. Sling tv and Dish may be the price to beat. Of course buinesses will work together when it comes to price fixing. Bring back net neautrality, it would help, plus im tired of ads while looking through the interenet. Btw, ads always load first, why? Because of non net neutrality. Non net neutrality equals oligarchy. I pay monthly to be on the internet, so that should opt me out of ads. It doesnt need to be like tv were ads are more important than the content.

  • BobbieDooley

    Been pretty satisfied with Xfinity “Stream” service, which includes 2 simultaneous streams for free with most internet plans.

    Stream works great on my grandfathered Sprint $15/month plan and also the “Free Line On Us” plans just great.

    Plus Xfinity Stream has local channels, Cloud DVR, and music channels. When you install the MusicChoice App, you get access to all sorts of free music- probably 90-100 channels and another 30-40 music video channels.

    Peacock is also freaking awesome. Comcast got it SO right…! I’ve wanted a Saturday Night Live Channel for years.

    Looks like T-Mobile is deliberately targeting people in rural areas that can’t get services from Xfinity, but if you live in a rural area, chances are you still need an antenna to get local channels.

    To be a viable service at all, the service would need to be under $10 per month, because you still need to get an internet provider.

    • dcmanryan

      Hmmm. I have Xfi but get no free channels.

  • Hoppysport

    If T-Mobile did what YouTube TV didn’t, they could corner the market. In 18 months, YouTube TV went from $35 to $65, adding channels that nobody asked for or wanted. YouTube TV has become just another bloated cable provider.

    Charge $45, have the news channels, ESPN, Fox Sports, and a few asked for channels.

    • dcmanryan

      YTTV is some what bloated and I will say one more price increase and I’m out and back to cable. I called DirecTV yearly and had a grandfathered package with 4 TVs and DVR and was always $85-95 OTD. I basically had every station that was not premium. It actually cost me more money to go to streaming only as I had to start paying Comcast more money for unlimited data. One way or another these companies find a way to get our hard earned money.

  • Stephen Shiller

    50 for customers no other fees and I’m in.