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T-Mobile teases Un-carrier announcement for October 27


It looks like T-Mobile is ready to make another Un-carrier move.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert today teased an announcement for October 27. Sievert doesn’t say exactly what next week’s big news will be, but there is a video teaser that gives us a hit about what’s in store.

The brief video teaser shows Rashida Jones seemingly on the phone with customer support and getting frustrated about the fees on her bill. We then see Sievert who says, “You know what? It’s time,” in front of a TV with the words “It’s on”.

The letter “O” in the phrase “It’s on” has a play button and is similar to the letter “O” in T-Mobile’s TVision logo, suggesting that next week’s Un-carrier move could be related to T-Mo’s TVision home TV service.

T-Mobile first launched its TVision service in April 2019 after acquiring Layer3 TV. TVision includes a set-top box with DVR, more than 154 channels, streaming apps, and more, all for $90 per month. Since its launch, though, TVision has only been available in a handful of markets like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C, and Longmont, CO.

This year we’ve heard rumors that T-Mobile has been “retooling” TVision with a new architecture for a TV service that can be sent to homes and TVs while also prioritizing streaming on smartphones. We’ve also seen photos of a new TVision-branded HDMI dongle and a new TVision remote with a dedicated Google Assistant button. Considering the hint in Mike Sievert’s video teaser, T-Mobile could finally be announcing its TVision refresh next week.

The announcement will be streamed at 8:30 am PT / 11:30 am ET on October 27. Stay tuned for more!

Source: Mike Sievert (Twitter)

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