T-Mobile uses LG Velvet for new 5G carrier aggregation achievement


T-Mobile recently expanded its 2.5GHz 5G coverage to more than 120 additional cities, but that’s not all that T-Mo is doing to improve the 5G experience for its customers.

Today T-Mobile confirmed that it has achieved the first ever standalone 5G New Radio Carrier Aggregation (NR CA) data call on a commercial device. In this test, T-Mobile used the LG Velvet 5G, which is powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 1000C chip, along with 5G radio network hardware and software from Ericsson.

NR CA combines different spectrum bands to help boost capacity and download speeds, sort of like expanding the lanes on a highway. In T-Mobile’s test, it combined 2.5GHz and 600MHz spectrum and saw download speeds on 2.5GHz 5G increase by an average of 20%.


T-Mo touts that NR CA will also help to increase its 2.5GHz 5G footprint. That’s because combining a mid-band (2.5GHz) downlink with a low-band (600MHz) uplink, the 2.5GHz 5G signal will travel as far as the base station allows and won’t be limited by the mid-band uplink. The uplink will instead travel back to the tower on low-band 5G, which has a farther reach than mid-band.

T-Mobile has confirmed to TmoNews that it plans to push this NR CA feature to consumer LG Velvet 5G devices with a software update. However, there’s no timeline for the update’s release right now.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Erika Rodriguez

    thats good but maybe ill try them in 2022 when they improve here in los angeles california

    • Omar Boyer

      Same here im in LA and there are many dead zones as of now 2020 on tmobile. I’ll probably try them in 2025 . I had to get at&t so far so good no problems.

  • Ver

    They haven’t even given the LG v60 the stand alone update yet!

    • marque2

      Not only that, my wife’s LG G8 has has two updates since the V60 July 1 update. Why is LG not giving love to the V60. That said, based on this article, V60 would get SA, but it wouldn’t be able to MIMO 600Hz and 2.5ghz since the chipset apparently doesn’t support it.

      • Ver

        I think the v60 supports 2.5ghz

        • marque2

          Yes it does for 5g/wLTE. I don’t believe it supports SA 2.5ghz yet. Still waiting for the update

    • Glenn Gore

      LG has an absolutely horrible, deserved reputation and record for providing updates to their phones, whether it be Android OS updates, their own provided software, the monthly Google Security Updates, or firmware/carrier updates. Some LG devices never receive more than one single update over the course of their support term, it’s awful, I would never buy another LG phone.

      Beyond that, a 20% improvement is not hugely significant in my opinion. Given the very small improvements, if any, that come with low-band 5G over current LTE data rates, this development does not bring much new to the table that would make the average user want a 5G phone right now.

    • DHar Harr

      It’s very unfortunate. Like I said in a different post about LG phones, don’t buy them! You will always lag behind the software dates with LG and paying almost $1000 for a phone from a company that does not seem to care about keeping their so called flag ship phone is insulting and somewhat scammy to me in my opinion. Maybe I’ll get ratioed again for saying this, but these are the facts. Not trying to be condescending, just trying to educate.

  • Trint Customer

    What phones (besides Velvet) support 5G CA?

    • marque2

      Samsung S20 series, S10 series, oneplus 8,7, eventually V60 and the Ryvvl phones.

      This article is a bit different though, the Snapdragon 865 chipset supports SA 5g, what it doesn’t support is aggregating low and mid bands for 5g Using both the 600mhz and 2.5ghz together like this LG phone does, should get even faster speeds.

      • Trint Customer

        I was asking about 5G carrier aggregation. 5G standalone I understand.

        • marque2

          I guess I misread your post.

    • Cash

      All phones with snapdragon 765 or 865 with the x55 modem support Carrier aggregation. What they don’t support is the ability to do fdd 5g and tdd 5g at the same time. the 2500 mhz band is basically the only TDD frequency in use in the USA. the 600mhz is FDD. Only the mediatek dimensity line of processors support that so far, and next years snapdragons will as well.

      • Trint Customer


  • Mike Thaler

    Why would average cell user need 5G?

  • Shaun Michalak

    and this is exactly why I am waiting to upgrade my phone to 5G.. They keep coming out with new stuff over and over, new ideas, new features, etc.. I think 5G has changed something like 4 times in the past year.. I think I will wait until they get everything somewhat steady.. Because if I spent $500 on a phone, and then found that it did not support something new with 5G that came out a month later.. Well, I would not be very happy.. Too much changing too fast.. I think I will wait for them to get all (or at least most of) the bugs worked out and get something steady to their network across the board..

    • marque2

      I feel like a dummy now! On the other hand. Tmobile has been offering so many phone deals in the last two months it is pretty hard not to take advantage. Samsung 20 FE – yeah I’ll take it for $200 even if it can’t aggregate 600mhz.

      • Shaun Michalak

        Well yea, for $200 I would upgrade too.. But not at $500 or more.. Too many changes too fast right now.. I think for that price, I will wait for things to get settled a LOT more then they are right now..

    • DHar Harr

      This makes financial sense too. Buying a used phone with 5g will be hundreds of dollars cheaper. I see the trend for phones now seem to match a similar drop in value immediately after purchase like a brand new car. I bought the V60 in April, and I honestly regret the purchase. The 5G is not worth it as it is not completely built out yet (paying for something I’m not getting), and I hate the phone. Even if the V60 is compatible with all the newer 5g tech, I could have bought it later and saved so much, and immediately experience the all upgraded 5g features… Assuming LG would update the phone lol

      • marque2

        I didn’t notice anything when I first got the phone but I starting to see speed increases over 4g. Still frustrating that Tmobile and LG do not want to give us V60 users SA love.

        Note that two dual screen V60s for $800 or two single screen for $700 was an incredible deal. Where else are you going to get a top tier OLED screen new phone for only $350 bucks?

        I agree though, if you are happy with your current 4g phone, no need to rush in and get 5g. I would wait another 6 months to a year.

        • DHar Harr

          I had the galaxy note 2 in December 2012 before LTE went live. It was amazing having the new tech already at hand, but I noticed even then the LTE was slower than the HSPA+ at the time. I ended up just forcing HSPA+ instead until LTE eventually was built out more, which was about a year. By then the Note 3 was out and S4. The LG phone deal was awesome which is why I got it for my wife and I. But she and I both hate the phone and I feel duped with how much I still spent. No hard feelings against T-mobile, just will hold back before buying new tech that’s not built out enough to enjoy the purchase.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I think that is the big thing.. They start selling devices that most places do not have good coverage or access too.. I jumped on the band 71 bandwagon thinking, hey, I am going to get more and better coverage.. Especially in rural areas.. Then to find out that they did not even install and band 71 coverage in the places that I went for another year after I got the phone.. That is part of the reason that I never jumped on the 5G bandwagon when it first came out.. I started checking coverage, found that most, of not all towers that they did install 5G on, were the same towers that they installed band 71 on for 4G..

          Knowing it was low bandwidth, I knew it was not going to improve speeds that much, so I at least got the extra coverage using the 4G phone when it finally did get to my area.. But that is why I refuse to jump on the 5G phones too.. Now that I see that the 3ghz auctions are coming up too.. I would like to wait a year and then get a 5G phone with everything.. Carrier aggregation, SA service, all the bands that they support, etc.. at least on the towers (I could care less about the mmWave use).. all in one phone so I do not have to worry about upgrades or will it support 5G the next year..

  • Dummy Up Meathead

    “That’s because combining a mid-band (2.5GHz) downlink with a low-band (600MHz) uplink, the 2.5GHz 5G signal will travel as far as the base station allows and won’t be limited by the mid-band uplink. The uplink will instead travel back to the tower on low-band 5G, which has a farther reach than mid-band.”

    It’s like they took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Lucas Brown

    The best decision that T-Mobile has made is to integrated the mediatek Dimensity 1000C 5G chipset into the Velvet mobile. Strikes the perfect balance between the price value and the performance.