T-Mobile Stay Connected discount is coming to an end


Earlier this year, T-Mobile offered a “Stay Connected” discount to help customers affected by the coronavirus pandemic to pay their bill, knocking 50% off their plan price and limiting them to 3GB of data usage per month. That discount is now coming to an end for customers who signed up for it.

Several T-Mobile customers are receiving texts from T-Mo today telling them that their Stay Connected discount is expiring soon. Their regular rate plan features and pricing will return when their next billing cycle begins.

“Friendly reminder that your Stay Connected discount expires soon,” the text from T-Mobile reads. “Standard rate plan & features will resume at the start of your next bill cycle. We hope you found this temporary discount helpful.”

When T-Mobile confirmed the Stay Connected offer back in April, it said that the discount would be applied for three months. There are some customers who say they’ve actually gotten the discount for four or five months, though, so they’ve gotten more out of the offer than expected.

The Stay Connected discount was the second effort that T-Mobile made to help customers affected by COVID-19. T-Mo also took part in the FCC’s Keep Americans Connected Pledge, which included it waiving late fees and agreeing to not terminate service of customers who had been affected by the virus. That pledge ran through June 30.


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