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T-Mobile Stay Connected discount is coming to an end

Earlier this year, T-Mobile offered a “Stay Connected” discount to help customers affected by the coronavirus pandemic to pay their bill, knocking 50% off their plan price and limiting them to 3GB of data usage per month. That discount is now coming to an end for customers who signed up for it. Several T-Mobile customers are receiving texts from T-Mo today telling them that their Stay Connected discount is expiring soon. TheirĀ regular rate plan … [read full article]

T-Mobile offering 50% service discount for customers affected by coronavirus

Last month T-Mobile took the FCC’s Keep Americans Connected Pledge, promising to waive late fees and not terminate service of customers unable to pay their bill due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now T-Mo has another way that it’s helping subscribers affected by the outbreak. T-Mobile is offering customers a 50% discount forĀ 3 months for customers affected by COVID-19. The restriction with this offer is that you’ll have a 3GB data cap while the discount is in … [read full article]