T-Mobile offering 50% service discount for customers affected by coronavirus


Last month T-Mobile took the FCC’s Keep Americans Connected Pledge, promising to waive late fees and not terminate service of customers unable to pay their bill due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now T-Mo has another way that it’s helping subscribers affected by the outbreak.

T-Mobile is offering customers a 50% discount for 3 months for customers affected by COVID-19. The restriction with this offer is that you’ll have a 3GB data cap while the discount is in effect. The discount appears on your bill as “Stay Connected 50%”. After the 3 months, your plan and bill should return to normal.

The discount was discovered recently by folks on Reddit and Frequent Business Traveler. TmoNews has confirmed that this offer is real and is intended for customers who contact T-Mobile directly asking for more help during the coronavirus pandemic.

Getting 50% off your plan is a significant discount, and while 3GB of data per month may not seem like much, many people aren’t using as much mobile data as normal because they’re quarantining at home and are on Wi-Fi. So if you’re experiencing hardship due to the coronavirus and could use some help with your cellphone bill, it could be worth contacting T-Mobile customer support to ask about your options and this discount.


UPDATE: A T-Mobile support page shows that T-Mo has stopped offering the Stay Connected discount as of April 24th.

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  • Jim

    3 lines unlimited call text data plan I have. I did the math and I save NOTHING with this feature and lose my data because I lose the kick back and auto pay discount with this. The catch is big.

    • teckn9ne79

      kickback is still on my plan after i signed up for this so saving extra $20 from my 2/100 on top of the 50%

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Not worth it for me

    • slybacon

      It’s only for people actually going through hardships.

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        Given the last two words were “for me”. But hey don’t sweat the details. :)

  • Mike

    3GB cap wtf. Why not throttle the internet speed to 1-5 mbps instead?

    • Android_God

      People are down voting your comment? I feel the same way as you.

      • Kevin

        The downvotes are probably from the corporate ass-kissers.

  • melon3531

    It would seem tempting but not gonna bite, because if my home internet goes out, I am going to need to hotspot to continue working, too risky to go down to 3GB.

  • Muhammad Ali

    Not worth it if you have a grandfathered plan. I called yesterday and took advantage of it but then one of my family member said his internet is slow. He needed the internet for work so I callback to cancel it. I had tmobile one promo and I was told everything will go back to normal. No my hd videos are still not added. Still working with tmobile to get my hotspot and my hd video free for life feature turned back on

    • RLB63

      Yeah you have to be VERY careful with grandfathered plans. Zone you can’t get back even if they want to

      • riverhorse

        Yeah, he’s extremely lucky to recover the plan. I bet this wouldn’t occur after merger & Covid are done.

    • riverhorse

      And for just a few temporary dollars savings over a grandfathered price not worth it, even if not needing so many lines anymore.
      Pre-Covid I’d been planning to port out a 3gb $25 limited plan @ another carrier, to a free month plan… But since they made it Unlimited during Covid it has value: backup signal from another carrier, multitasker (if you multitask on only one device you can lose all work in progress, severely slow down the lone device, severely heat it up when it also needs GPS, BT, Mirroring andor Hotspot on…).

    • TylerCameron

      I have a grandfathered Simple Choice truly unlimited plan with 2 free lines adding up to 4 lines of truly unlimited everything for $100/month. I’m very weary of screwing with my plan!

  • JG

    while 3GB of data per month may not seem like much, many people aren’t using as much mobile data as normal because they’re quarantining at home and are on Wi-Fi.

    So wait… Those articles you’ve posted about how T-Mobile (and now Sprint) have seen huge jumps in video streaming, gaming and the like…

    They can see that data because we’re on their network and they have to know if they’re sending the data to/from Netflix or Ubisoft or wherever…

    But if most of us are on wifi… How do they know what we’re doing? It should be Spectrum or Comcast or whoever is providing the Wifi who sees where our data goes…. Does T-Mo still monitor our use?

    Or is it just that those who only have T-Mobile as their internet provider (and no wired home internet) are using so much more data now that they’re making up for the data the rest of us would have used and then some?

    • Zisha Muller

      Hi, I have some inside information. They are willing to give anyone a huge discount that they should stay off there network. way to many usage there network is vary congested now in most states. Source T-mobile Insider.

      • JG

        Why would they have to keep us off the network? According to Pai, et al, killing Net Neutrality made our networks so much better and more than capable of resisting the massive bandwidth increase from CoVid-19

        […] We should thank our lucky stars that Title II net neutrality regulations were repealed by the FCC in 2017. In doing so, the US avoided the fate of much of Europe today, where broadband networks are strained and suffering from a lack of investment and innovation.

        ~American Enterprise Institute’s Roslyn Layton

        See Tech Dirt’s March 31st article Tone Deaf: Using COVID-19 As A Prop To Celebrate The Death Of Net Neutrality

        See also the April 21st article Telecom’s Latest Dumb Claim: The Internet Only Works During A Pandemic Because We Killed Net Neutrality

        • ericdabbs

          Ok but Tmobile is not forcing you to take this deal to reduce your data allotment to only 3 GB so it not violating Net Neutrality. You are opting into this deal which the terms say in exchange for getting 50% off your bill is the data allotment. You have no case here. Sorry

        • riverhorse

          Because it’s too convenient for everyone to give up broadband internet $$$ plan & just use cellular for home & possibly work too.
          Already cellular networks are Covid overloaded- now add cordcutter gaming & streaming 247, windows computing with GB updates.
          The way TMO is doing it is smart: business giveaways are better done by charging a smidgen instead of free. If say, electricity was totally free, nobody would ever switch off anything- but if it costs even only a dollar or two folks will still conserve, at least in part.

      • riverhorse

        Thanks. And even if network was not congested, charging a little bit instead of Free is so much less wasteful.

  • marque2

    I am using mobile data much more because Cox Cable internet can’t seem to keep up and gets glitchy – or stops for short periods. TMobile data service is very consistent and I haven’t had issues with it at all in my home. I’ll even tether/hot spot for zoom rather than use my Wifi.

  • Android_God

    I did take advantage of this and I don’t think I’ll use more than 3 gigs per line. It’s just a joke how they are doing this. A cap instead of throttling?

  • Mike Thaler

    Got the 50% off deal! We have 8 business lines. Only one (sometimes 2) even runs over 2G of data.

  • Android_God

    I called and this discount was supposed to apply. I did it before they ended the program but I never got the discount