T-Mobile offering 50% service discount for customers affected by coronavirus


Last month T-Mobile took the FCC’s Keep Americans Connected Pledge, promising to waive late fees and not terminate service of customers unable to pay their bill due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now T-Mo has another way that it’s helping subscribers affected by the outbreak.

T-Mobile is offering customers a 50% discount forĀ 3 months for customers affected by COVID-19. The restriction with this offer is that you’ll have a 3GB data cap while the discount is in effect. The discount appears on your bill as “Stay Connected 50%”. After the 3 months, your plan and bill should return to normal.

The discount was discovered recently by folks on Reddit and Frequent Business Traveler. TmoNews has confirmed that this offer is real and is intended for customers who contact T-Mobile directly asking for more help during the coronavirus pandemic.

Getting 50% off your plan is a significant discount, and while 3GB of data per month may not seem like much, many people aren’t using as much mobile data as normal because they’re quarantining at home and are on Wi-Fi. So if you’re experiencing hardship due to the coronavirus and could use some help with your cellphone bill, it could be worth contacting T-Mobile customer support to ask about your options and this discount.


UPDATE: A T-Mobile support page shows that T-Mo has stopped offering the Stay Connected discount as of April 24th.

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