T-Mobile wins JD Power wireless customer care report for 20th time


The ongoing coronavirus pandemic may have caused T-Mobile to close most of its retail stores earlier this year, but that didn’t stop T-Mo from winning another customer care award.

JD Power announced its 2020 US Wireless Customer Care Performance study today, and both T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile came out on top in their respective segments. This is the 20th time overall that T-Mo has come out on top in this report and its 6th straight win.

Looking just at postpaid carriers, T-Mobile put up a score of 852 points out of a possible 1,000, which is the third time in a row that it’s gotten a record-breaking score in this report. In the previous report that came out earlier this year, T-Mo got a score of 841 points.


Verizon came in second place in this report with a score of 818 points. AT&T wasn’t far behind that with 815 points, and Sprint rounded things out with a score of 767 points.

Metro by T-Mobile edged out a win in the prepaid operator segment with a score of 827 points. Right on Metro’s tail was Cricket Wireless with 823 points, followed by Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile with scores of 793 and 786 points, respectively.


Finally, there’s the prepaid value carrier segment, which Consumer Cellular won with a score of 871 points out of 1,000. Straight Talk came in second here with 794 points and TracFone finished third with 755 points.

This JD Power Wireless Customer Care Performance study examines the experience that a customer has when contacting their carrier for support. It evaluates 12 different care channels: phone support reps, in-store contact, online chat, email, social media posts, carrier apps, automated phone systems, website search, social media search, user forums, video from carrier, and carrier app search.

For this particular study, JD Power got responses from 12,325 wireless customers who contacted their carrier’s customer support within the past three months. Responses were gathered from January through June 2020.

COVID-19 forced carriers to make big adjustments to their retail and support strategies this year. T-Mobile closed 80 percent of its stores back in March and moved more than 12,000 support reps and 60,000 pieces of equipment out of 17 call centers across the US to enable those reps to work from home. Despite all that, T-Mo managed to grow its customer care performance score compared to JD Power’s previous report as did the other three major carriers, which is good to see considering everything that’s going on.

Source: JD Power

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  • Sharti24

    And last place for coverage!

    • TEKHD

      1st place for 5G coverage too…

      • Mike

        Only depends where you live. No 5g here.

    • WONDROUS5000

      coooooooool cool cool cool great comment thank you

    • Mike

      For speed too.

      • mikeZo6

        yea speed bad too

    • mikeZo6

      so true

  • Mike

    Great news for there customer service, both in the US and Philippines. I have made numerous calls to them recently and they went above and beyond to help out.
    Now if they could just get more back haul to the towers so I can get better than 1mbps download and .6 upload speed. Engineers get no award.

    • agent_smith

      Don’t fault the engineers, they do whatever they can. T-Mo is just cheap on infra spend. Look at all these remote places they have “coverage” now. Throw up an antenna near a town in Montana and that’s it, or speckle a few towers in the upper lower peninsula of Michigan but still rely on AT&T roaming. The engineers want to make a good network, T-Mo is just doing the bare minimum to not get fired.

      • Mike

        Well they must be telling there engineers to do nothing then. It is a problem when a trouble ticket can’t get fixed here locally. Was told engineers reset some equipment instead of fixing a overloaded tower. Still get only 1 mbps download and .6 upload. The tower site used to work good.. So basically nothing got fixed. But did get a bill credit, so customer service is excellent.

        • agent_smith

          Yeah, the customer service has been great. A pity they don’t spend more on infra.

  • agent_smith

    Considering these “awards” are just bought by the vendor, they really don’t mean anything. JD Power just massage the statistics in a given category to show that the vendor “wins”. These awards are based on metrics like, “I won the JD power award for most lemons ate in a competition of me and 5 people allergic to lemons.” About as meaningless as a Yelp review.

    • Mike

      JD powers has pretty good track record for reporting numbers. I have no doubt that TMobiles customer service has done well. I’ve called them a few times, and have always been taken care of with no run around.