T-Mobile closing 80% of retail stores due to coronavirus


Just a couple of days after announcing plans to close stores at indoor malls to fight the spread of coronavirus, T-Mobile now says that it’s expanding the scope of store closures.

Starting tomorrow, March 17th, T-Mobile will close around 80% of its company-owned retail stores. These locations will remain closed until at least March 31st.

The remaining 20% of stores will be distributed throughout the county. T-Mo says that its designed this plan so that most customers should be within a 30-minute drive to a store if they need one. The stores that remain open will have reduced schedules, staying open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm local time.

You can visit T-Mobile’s website to find a store near you that’s open.

Only employees who are willing to come in and work at a store will do so. No employee will be required to work in one of the stores that remain open.

T-Mobile also says that it’s rolling out a plan for hourly retail employees to maintain their target income during these initial store closures.

At its customer care facilities, T-Mobile is working to reduce staffing levels and increase distance between work stations to create more space. Additionally, T-Mo’s customer care employees will continue being paid if they need to stay home because they’re experiencing symptoms, are high risk, or if they’ve had contact with someone who contracted coronavirus.

T-Mobile also announced today that it’ll be donating to some foundations:

  • T-Mo wil donate a minimum of $300,000 and up to $500,00 to Feeding America. On Tuesday, March 17th, T-Mobile will give $1 per click on the Feeding America card in the T-Mobile Tuesdays apps. You can find the Android app here and the iPhone app here.
  • The T-Mobile Foundation is donating $100,000 to the COVID-19 Response Fund, which is hosted by the Seattle Foundation and is meant to deploy resources to community-based organizations in the Seattle and Puget Sound areas.
  • Additionally, the T-Mobile Foundation is offering a 2:1 match for employees who donate to Feeding America or the CDC Foundation.

Finally, T-Mobile has responded to some social media posts that are going around. T-Mo says that it does not have an offer for 60 days of free service and that customers should be cautious of social media posts that might have fraudulent phone numbers.

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