New T-Mobile deals offer half off iPhone SE and free Android phones from Motorola, LG


If you’re in the market for a new phone, T-Mobile recently kicked off a few deals that can get you a new device at a discount.

First up, T-Mobile recently launched a deal that offers $200 off a new iPhone SE. To get this discount you’ll need to activate a new line of service and buy an iPhone SE on a monthly payment plan. Your discount will then be applied over 24 monthly bill credits.

This deal applies to all colors and memory variants of the iPhone SE. Pricing starts at $399.99 for the 64GB model while the 128GB version is $449.99 and the 256GB model is $549.99. Also of note is that this deal is available on all postpaid rate plans.

T-Mobile also recently rolled out a new deal on the iPhone XS and XS Max. When you add a new line on a Magenta or Essentials rate plan and buy the iPhone XS or XS Max on a monthly payment plan, you’ll get $350 in bill credits spread out over 24 months.

If Android’s more your thing, T-Mobile also recently rolled out a deal that offers your choice of five smartphones for free when you add a new line. The devices include the Moto G7 Power, LG Stylo 5, LG K51, LG K40, LG Aristo 4+, and T-Mobile REVVLRY.

This deal requires that you add a new line of service and buy your device on a monthly payment plan. After you do, you’ll get 24 monthly bill credits to cover the full cost of your new phone.

T-Mo is also still running a few other deals that’ve been available for a while now. On the iOS side, you can get up to $700 off an iPhone 11 Pro when you port your number to T-Mobile and trade in an eligible device or get an iPhone 11 for free with port-in and eligible trade-in.

Folks who want an Android phone get 50% off a Galaxy S20 or $500 off an S20+ or S20 Ultra when adding a new line. T-Mo is still running its OnePlus deals that’ll get you either 50% off a OnePlus 8 5G or $350 off a OnePlus 7T (knocking its price to just $149.99) when you add a new line.

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  • mikeZo6

    add New line BS no deal here

  • pda96

    If I’m gonna add a new line, I’d want something like a Galaxy S20 for free, not a cheapie low end phone.

    • Francisco Peña

      That’s how they get the people.. more freebies, even if they stink.

      I doubt you will see TMo stores looted. They can just walk in. add a line and get a free phone. no need to destroy the place.

      • mikkej2k

        Most good comedy has a basis in truth.

        This was funny because as much as I watch the news I’ve rarely seen a T-Mobile store looted.

        ( T-Mobile will have to hire people to “break into” their stores to make their phones look desirable )

        • Francisco Peña

          What is funny (or sad) are all the folks looking Cricket and ATT and Apple stores. Anyone with common sense will know those things are tracked. We all know they will be blacklisted too.

          So imagine Jimmy Jack stealing them and selling to Tony Two-toes. Imagine how Tony will be when he can’t use it. I’m sure Jimmy is going to get jacked up later. hopefully less looters now.

        • ryotarumi

          Exactly what I was saying to people when the phone looting started.

          Thanks for your sensible yet hilarious posts here. Cheers!

    • WONDROUS5000

      your added line is likely $20m, of which T-Mobile earns about $16. so it would take 62 months, or just over 5 years, to recover the $1000 they gave you and break even without making any profit. does that seem like a sound business decision?

  • Willie D

    STOP THE ADD A LINE promos! Its annoying.

  • I’d rather have a contract then add a new line.

    • dcmanryan

      For those that don’t plan on leaving we would be ahead.

    • B Good

      I work for a different carrier. The actual cost of the phone was always built into the plan price. All of the cost of cheap phone, much of the cost for better phones. THAT is why you had a contract.

      When we changed to charging people what the phones actually cost, the “line access fee” dropped more than compensating for the cost of the phone. I know as we had to explain to people using side by side charts for over a year that their actual overall cost per month were going down despite not getting a subsidized device.

      And get this….that cost difference that is needed to pay for twenty four months to cover our cost for the phone? We kept charging you the same amount. After 24 months that was pure sweet gravy as your plan cost was static.

      You got a 200 phone free, or a flagship (500 bucks back then) for 200 back then on a contract paying no attention to the 40.00 line access fee that you’d pay forever.

  • Francisco Peña

    crappy android phones.. no thanks.

    • DominiMMIV

      Yeah that IPhone SE sure is a crappy Android phone….try actually reading the article/caption before you post an idiotic comment.

      • Francisco Peña

        Dummini… if you actually read the title, it says “free android phones” in there, along with half off iPhone SE.

        which the free android phones include the Moto G7 Power, LG Stylo 5, LG K51, LG K40, LG Aristo 4+, and T-Mobile REVVLRY.

        sooooooo since I specifically state “Crappy Android Phones” any normal person with a sense of reading comprehension would know I’m specifically talking about the “Android” phones.. hence my comment, once again, of “Crappy android phones.” I make no reference to iPhones, just the android phones, which the title states are free, and which I call “crappy android phones.”

        Get it? do I need to include a map for you? Next time you try to flame someone, try rereading the article, and the comment FIRST. you are welcome.

        • DominiMMIV

          Your post made me laugh out loud…thank you!

        • Francisco Peña

          in this time of rioting and looting and Covid-19.. glad to be a beacon of light.

          I’ll send you my bill if you do it again. :P

        • Phil

          Mic drop

  • Iphart

    iPhone se deal is good?

    • dcmanryan

      No. Not unless you need a new line. Saving $200 and having to add a new line is peanuts.

      • Alex Pilaia

        Yeah let me add a line for my deceased pet, just so i can get a new phone at a reasonable price… then next year, ill add another new line for my deceased neighbor, and get another phone at a reasonable price. so my account would be 80% catfished lol

        • B Good

          You do know it doesn’t matter right? They’d be happy for you to get your cat a phone, or a dead neighbor. Just add the line.

  • Alex Pilaia

    No respect from Tmo for its long time loyal customers… I truly believe the next Uncarrier should focus on loyalty. Stay 2 years (which happens to be the average lifetime of a phone these days), and get 50% off any phone, upfront, no catch, no trade in. Just pay your bill for 2 years in full, and get 50% off a new phone per line on your account. Sounds simple enough from a customer stand point. It would get us the newest technology and cell standards, while keeping the loyalty with Tmobile. 10 cents off the most expensive gas brand does not cut it Tmo.

    • Andrew

      What other company does that?

      • Alex Pilaia

        Exactly. That’s why it’s an uncarrier.

        • Andrew

          50% off a phone every 2 years for every single customer? Over 80 million customers x $3-400 discounts per phone every 2 years? Even a $200 discount each phone is 16 billion dollars.

        • B Good

          Easy just raise the plan price to cover those costs. No loss at all.

          People will just love that. :)

    • Iphart

      Or go somewhere else for 90 days and take your numbers with you and then port numbers back and take advantage of deals.

    • Phil

      Sprint had such phone deal back in 2010 – 2014 WiCrap days.
      HTC EVO was one of their biggest sellers

      • B Good

        Yes, and how’d that kind of thinking work out for them.
        TMobile LITERALLY “owns” that stupid company.

        • Phil

          50% off device wasn’t the failure. It was outdated CDMA Technology – WiMAX on top of many other things.
          Dumping Nextel & TERRIBLE customer service – store technical support played major roll in Sprint demise.
          WiMAX – Sprint CEO Dan Hesse & Qualcomm didn’t deploy a scheduled dumping less then adequate money into it..
          Many write it off as scam to increase customer base , HTC phones sales & boost stock.
          Needless to say big customer loss took place after fraud was discovered & stock tanked.

          I must add,
          On HTC EVO , the so called next big thing.
          I think buyer had to take on an additional 7 dollar charge to their plan.
          Contract was 2 year so you were locked in.
          Basically upgrade device every year to get best signal performance because WiMAX was coming your way.
          Like I said big scam , I lived it.

          Anyway ,other devices in their line up @ that time were discounted for current customers, get up to 50% off extended contract another year.
          That in no way played part in Sprints downfall, it kept customers on board slowing churn.

        • B Good

          You hit it when you said, “poor customer service”.

          Again, I work for big red, we are the most expensive company, and are the biggest company. Why? I can stay on an hour call helping people routinely. Why?

          We make money, not because we have a money losing strategy.

          Dude every company has a strategy. When you have no margin, you GOTTA skimp on customer service, have fewer towers etc.

          You literally get what you pay for. If your customer base stays.with you because you subsidize phones all day long the result is abysmal customer service.

          I am not speculating this is FACT.

          Before Sprint was aquired the customer base of each of the 4 carriers is in fact most expensive down to cheapest in that order.

          Frankly, Tmobile is exceedingly good in service considering its price (which is creeping up).

          To expect TMobile to subsidize phone costs without adding a line is unrealistic.

    • B Good

      I work for a different carrier (the Big Red one). We get the same question all the time. People forget the carrier buys the phone from the manufacturer. They lose money on the sale on this deal as the manufacturer get the vast majority of the profit on the sale. It makes sense to add a line and take the temporary hit.

      TMobiles plans are cheapest of the major carriers so why do they need to do that for your loyalty? You can jump ship pursuing that offer from another carrier willing to take a hit to get a customer, but once you are a customer, you won’t get the same offer from them unless you add a line just like here.

      They all play the game to steal customers.

      If TMobile did that with EVERYONE without adding a line they would just wind up having to change the cost of service as companies are in business to make money. Once the cost of service is on a par or higher than the competitors…how “loyal” would you be?

      No sir THAT would be a loyalty problem.

  • Michael Elkin

    The previous free SE for 7 or better trade in was a nice deal. I want that one back. I just missed out. This deal sucks by comparison.

  • WONDROUS5000

    yea, typically businesses don’t just give 50% discounts on stuff for no reason. i’d brush up on those business management skills.

  • Phil

    I miss good old day T days when new phones were on sale for existing customers with no additional line needed.

  • B Good

    So evil. They actually don’t want to lose money. Shame on them.

  • Keith

    Tmobile has enough customers now, the deals are only if you add a line…weak

  • Visible User

    Just cancel the line