Moto G7 Power now available from T-Mobile with 6.2-inch display and 5000mAh battery


When we spotted the Moto G7 Power in Metro by T-Mobile’s online store yesterday, we said that a launch on T-Mobile wasn’t far off. Today the Moto G7 Power is available from T-Mo.

You can now buy the Moto G7 Power from T-Mobile for $9.50 down and $9.50 per month for 24 months, or $237.50 full retail. It’s also available to lease through JUMP! On Demand for $36 down and $9 per month for 18 months.

Metro by T-Mobile customers will be able to score the Moto G7 Power in stores on Monday, April 29th. Metro is asking $209.99 for the new Motorola phone, but it’ll sell it to you for $59.99 if you switch to Metro by T-Mobile and sign up for a $50 or higher plan.

As a refresher, the Moto G7 Power’s spec list is headlined by a 5000mAh battery that’s expected to last three days on a single charge. There’s also a 6.2-inch 1520×720 display, 12MP rear and 8MP front cameras, 32GB of storage, and a microSD card slot. A fingerprint reader is located on the back of the device, and inside is a Snapdragon 632 processor and 3GB of RAM. Also of note is that the Moto G7 Power includes support for T-Mo’s 600MHz LTE coverage.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • that_guy

    I feel like all Moto phones have 3 GB Ram.

    • SirStephenH

      All phones and tablets should have a minimum of 3GB of RAM period. Too many companies skimp on RAM and it causes a large bottleneck that holds the entire device back from seeing its full potential.

    • mingkee

      G7 and G7 Plus have 4GB
      Z3 Play has 4GB

  • Mark McCoskey

    Sounds good, but I’ll wait for the T-Mobile Moto G8 Power 5G.

    • Isaac Zachary4378

      I’m waiting until I need another phone. Seeing how I have an Alcatel Idol4S with Windows 10 that time may come soon. If that happens this year I’ll get the G7 Power.

      • Kaulana1989

        You should get the Moto G7 plus coming out for T-Mobile soon

        • Isaac Zachary4378

          Why the Plus over the Power? The 3 days of battery life is appealing to me. And I don’t see how I’d benefit from a better screen resolution than the Power.

    • marque2

      Moto seems to be a year late with the new stuff. I would guess Moto 9 would have 5g.

      Also should note the Moto G power series is by far the best value mid range phone available. When I got mine I wondered why I was buying more expensive phones (as an unlocked phone – it didn’t work well with TMobile VOIP – but this phone coming from T-Mobile shouldn’t have issues)

      • mingkee

        I have unlocked G7 and Z3 Play and they work 100% with T-Mobile including VoLTE and WiFi Calling.
        Z3 Play even has B71 even it’s unlocked

        • marque2

          The Z is a more premium phone. As a comparison Moto G5 came out at least 6 months after Band 12 but didn’t include it. We had to wait another year for underpowered G6’s until band 12 was available. I suspect band 71 will be in the G8 – but it does seem like Moto is trying to make nice with TMobile so we might get it sooner.

          My G5 worked with VOIP for awhile then started having connect issues – stating it could not connect – which was solved by reboots but after awhile that stopped working as well. Even the factory refresh didn’t help. It could have been issues with that model or just my phone – nevertheless i had to buy a new phone that worked with VOIP since I got zero TMobile service at my apartment at the time.

          Note I got a factory unlocked phone – of you got the TMobile version of any of these I suspect it would work better.

  • Isaac Zachary4378

    Stick with your flagship phones then. I don’t see any advantage in having better screen and camera resolutions and since I can stick a 512GB SD card in there the 32GB memory is perfectly fine.

    • Francisco Peña

      not everything can be transferred to a SD card. Some apps won’t.