FCC now seeking comment from those affected by T-Mobile network outage


FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said that he planned to investigate T-Mobile’s recent network outage, which he called “unacceptable”, and now the FCC wants to hear from you about what happened.

The FCC is now seeking comments from the public on the T-Mobile outage that happened on June 15. Specifically, the agency wants to know things like how T-Mo customers learned about the outage, if T-Mobile’s communication was timely and effective, if customers were able to send and receive calls and texts, and what effect the outage had on consumers’ personal activities.

Because there were some reports that the outage also affected 911 calling for some T-Mobile customers, the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau is also looking into the outage. It’s seeking input from affected public safety entities as well as state and local governments on how the outage affected 911 calls and services.

If you’re interested in leaving a comment with the FCC about the outage, you have until July 8th to do so. You can go to the docket to file a comment or you can file by paper, which you can find instructions for in the public notice.

The outage happened on June 15 and lasted for around 12 hours. T-Mobile blames a fiber circuit failure that was compounded by other issues and eventually resulted in “significant capacity issues” on the IMS network core that supports VoLTE calls. This knocked out VoLTE calling as well as texting for many T-Mo customers across the country for most of the day.

Did last week’s outage affect you?

Source: FCC

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