T-Mobile having network issues, particularly in the Southeast


If you’re having some issues with your T-Mobile service today, you’re not the only one.

Reports are pouring in from T-Mo customers who say they’ve got no service this afternoon. Most of the problems seem to be happening in the Southeastern US, with T-Mobile subscribers in places like Atlanta, GA; Raleigh, NC; Orlando, FL; Winston-Salem, NC; Birmingham, AL; Pelion, SC; and many others reporting issues with the network.

The issues that T-Mobile customers are having vary, with some folks saying that they’ve got no service at all while others report that they’ve got data but can’t send or receive any calls.

Looking at the Down Detector outage maps for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, customers on those carriers appear to be having problems in the Southeastern US, too.

I’ve contacted T-Mobile for more info on the situation but haven’t received a response yet.

Are you having any issues with your T-Mobile service today?


UPDATE (12:26 pm PT): Reports of outages continue to come in and the Down Detector map is showing network issues in Texas, southern California, the Northeast, the Midwest and some other parts of the country. There’s still no official word from T-Mobile on these problems.


UPDATE 2 (1:30 pm PT): Neville Ray, T-Mobile’s President of Technology, says that engineers are working to fix a “voice and data issue” affecting T-Mo subscribers across the US.


UPDATE 3 (3:37 pm PT): Ray says that engineers continue to work on fixing the outage, adding that data services are now available and some calls are completing. Meanwhile, the official @TMobileHelp account on Twitter explains that this is a “widespread routing issue affecting voice & text.”


UPDATE 4 (9:31 pm PT): T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert has shared another update, blaming an “IP traffic related issue that has created significant capacity issues in the network core.” He adds that while T-Mo’s network is recovering, it could still be “several more hours” before calling and texting is fully restored. 


UPDATE 5 (10:09 pm PT): Neville Ray now says that voice and text services are restored.


UPDATE 6 (6/16 9:20 pm PT): Ray has now explained what caused the outage, blaming a leased fiber circuit failure that lead to capacity issues across the IMS core network that supports VoLTE calls.


Thanks kmetz!

Sources: Reddit (1), (2), Twitter, Down Detector

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  • Michael Carter

    I have no signal. Wifi calling doesn’t work either. I have a work Verizon phone that is having troubles as well.

  • Ore Joseph Lindenfeld

    No service in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  • Fan_Atl77

    No, service in the Atlanta metropolitan and surrounding areas…

  • rakowskidp

    No service in suburban Detroit, either, though WIFi calling seems to be working for now.

  • Erik

    No service here in Milwaukee, WI

  • Spite Badger

    no service in 30188, 30028, or 30040 (metro atlanta and suburbs)

  • hung long wang

    no service here in los angeles and i need to call my stock broker to place a billion dollar order…

    • Joshua Binyard


  • Omegajb

    Can confirm the DC suburbs has no data and wifi calling is down. Update, I can make calls out but calls aren’t coming in.

  • Michael Barnes

    Same here no wifi calling and no service at all richmond and midlothian va

  • Basic Suburbia Podcast

    Tampa, FL can’t receive calls and trouble dialing out too. Text messages not being received.

  • Raven

    same here in Atlanta no Wi-Fi calling can’t dial out etc very frustrating I was in a call in a meeting then it drop smh it better be fix …

  • Robin Richardson

    Albany, NY

  • Jennifer Muir Mulvaney

    T-Mobile Service issue here in Marietta, GA

  • Jennifer Li

    I can’t receive call or call out on both of phones on account, and I am in New York

    • runner81

      Same here in Maine.

  • Laura Beth Lorentz

    yes. in alpharetta

    • Joshua Binyard

      Cool I thought I was alone down here in Riverdale

  • Coindog

    Same here in Richmond county GA, full bars but no calls, texts, or data. I hope can cal 911 if I need to

  • runner81

    We live in Maine and we haven’t been able to make or receive calls for about 45 minutes to an hour now. Our data and texts are working, though.

  • Ishraaj Jolly

    Only 2G available in Parkland, FL 33076. No calls going in or out. Some texts are going out and texts come in very delayed.

  • Robert McArthur

    LOS ANGELES …. big time trouble NOT just Southeast!

    • runner81

      Exactly. We are in the northeast (Maine) and are also having troubles with our service. It’s the entire country, NOT just the south!!!!

  • Benjamin Biddle

    Service is weird here in Milwaukee WI

  • Tom Seevers

    Correction Most of the US

    • Tom Seevers

      We have 300 lines all being affected her in the midwest

  • Sim Book

    No call, messaging service, but do have data in Charlotte NC

  • Tessa Belle

    Me and my mom are both affected by the T Mobile outage. I can send texts, but no iMessage or any calls. In or out. Douglasville, GA

  • Michael_R

    You can add Boston, MA to the list of outages

  • M Spencer

    Michigan too

  • Marvin8

    System down here in Chicago as well. Just tried calling 3 members on my plan and couldn’t even get their ring tone.

  • R_SM

    I think its a planned outage for Antifa riots. No comms

    • Tessa Belle

      Said the same thing

  • trump for Leavenworth2020

    System down in queens ny too

  • Michelle Kraus


    • Tessa Belle

      Metro ATL is too

  • Aubrey Call

    We are down in Northern Montana and my Dad is down in SLC.

  • Tommy Bayshore

    Orlando DEAD.

  • Thatguy808

    Down in Hawaii

  • Terrance Reed

    Philly down as well .. we are able to text and receive emails but can’t make a call

  • Mike Wilman

    KCMO all down

    • mreveryphone

      I’m getting data here in KC

  • Amber Watson

    Completely down in Dallas as well. No texts, data, calls. Zip.

  • Christine Seeger Mast

    Charlotte NC no ability to make or receive phone calls… still have internet, though?!

  • John

    And Chicago

  • Raul Ballestas

    I have data in Nothern VA but zero voice service. Seems to be a nationwide voice outage.

  • Teresa

    cell service down in Chicago! I still have internet & can send & receive text messages but no calls!

    • Tim

      I can’t even send/receive text messages, phone is in Emergency Calls Only mode. Even wi-fi calling isn’t working.

  • Sheila Rios

    no service in Puerto Rico, no incoming calls or outgoing

  • Kirk Lange

    Big issues in Seattle as well. Can’t do anything!

  • Jarrod Trujillo

    No service in northern NM

  • slybacon

    Unable to make calls in Las Vegas area.

  • Lakaisha Rutland

    Macon, Ga service is down as well

  • ou812

    I can call my wife but not my girlfriend.. what gives tmobile?


    • rau2725nyc


  • De Mi

    Can’t make/receive calls or send/receive text messages. Data is working.

    • De Mi

      In Hawaii

  • Zack

    Can’t make or receive calls/texts. Northwest Indiana and South Subs of Chicago

  • Dan Adams

    No service throughout Southern California.

    • Yep, we are screwed by the best network Tmobile how can be possible?

  • kmad

    Down in Tidewater Area of Virginia…cant recieve or make any calls. Wasn’t having these issues until they decided to merge with the worse carrier ever SPRINT. I left them because of these very same issues.

    • Tessa Belle

      AT&T and Verizon are having outages too though

      • kmad

        Oh ok…maybe i just hate Sprint lol.

      • rau2725nyc

        my Verizon work phone is working as normal in Northern Virginia.

        • kmad

          yeah my verizon work and home phone works…my tmobile cell still isnt

    • Joe

      Umm this has happened a few times over the years….

  • Kathryn Anita Bailey Conant

    Down in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

  • Data seems to be working, calls aren’t.

  • Mike Thaler

    Out in Miami – probably since 1PM EDT. Data works. Video call. Think SMS works. Voice over wifi and cell tower out. Now 3:55PM EDT.

  • Chuck

    Issues in south Metro suburbs of Minneapolis.

  • PeteJames1138

    even wifi calling won’t work but I switched to 2g and can make calls and using wifi for internet

  • Matt Gloor

    No network, no calling in Arlington, TX (D-FW area)

  • m4ff3w

    No service in Austin, TX

  • David Seward

    T-Mobile out in central Texas. Cannot text nor make/receive phone calls. Get a recording, when I call customer service, that they “are experiencing technical issues and cannot take my call. Please try your call again later.”

  • Ver

    Down in Socal.

  • Jeremiah

    Down in El Paso, Texas, as well. Super annoying, but glad to see I’m not crazy.

  • Problems in San Diego CA area. Weird, my Samsung just shows not registered on network (even with wifi calling), my wife’s iPhone shows no problem but takes several tries for a call to get through. My daughter’s Samsung had no trouble at all making a call. I couldn’t send or receive texts, either. I tried logging on with web Digits and it failed.

  • rosedog

    Down in WA (unlocked note10+)

  • Bradley Smith

    Still down in Orlando

  • Mark B

    Still having issues in NYC

  • substance

    Monterey, CA is down too. everything being pushed to 4G and no texts can come or go.

  • Hardy DeLong

    Problems in Eastern WA

  • Frank B

    Out in New Jersey as well.

  • Princess Tellyy

    nyc here too

  • David Hennessey

    Back up after 2 hours (east of Atlanta). No cell or text, then data went down, too (including TMO Home Internet). Hope it stays back up!

  • Bean Drop Genetics

    Detroit having problems too

  • Chops

    Dayton Oh too

  • Tessa Belle

    30 mins west of Atlanta still down.

  • waldo143

    same in Pittsburgh.. Care is not even taking calls right now.

  • Joe

    If you check all the carriers they all seam to be having the same problem in the same locations…

  • Joe361

    Down here in St. Paul, MN.

    • MisterListerSir

      Down for me on my 7t, but works fine on my 3aXL. Really strange.

  • Sharti24

    No issues here in Akron/Canton, Ohio

  • Jim

    Down in the Portland Oregon area. Can’t even call customer care.

  • Jose M Gonzalez

    down in NM

  • MisterListerSir

    My phone that worked fine yesterday now cannot make calls “No mobile network”. My other phone, also on T-Mo, works fine.

    Data is fine on both. Weird.


    • Mike Thaler

      Do they both have Mn. numbers?

      • MisterListerSir

        Yep. The rest of the fam seems fine right now as well (all same area-code/plan).

        Seems to be affecting all carriers now – AT&T and VZW and MVNO’s are all getting hit with this now as well.

        I was about to reflash my phone. Glad I looked at my RSS first. :)

        • Shaun Michalak

          What are you talking about.. In the news article, not this one, but one from another source, AT&T and Verizon were both saying that their networks are up and running with no problems.. I guess we can all see just how honest they are.. lol

  • blokeinusa

    Installing FBI/NSA/CIA wiretapping equipement

    • Mike

      Lol, that’s probably true with the leaders we have now.

  • GeoGuy17

    Calls seem to be working over 4G in Savannah, GA now. No calls over VoLTE.

  • Deplorable Patriot

    Are “network issues” going to be the excuse for T-Mobile fraudulently signing up our family plan lines with Assurant warranties when we did not authorize nor did we sign any paperwork agreeing to said warranties?

    Or was that caused by “the other” network issue?

    • info411man

      What does that have to do with a network outage?

  • Antoine M.

    SE Michigan I’m getting data on all lines but no calls. Customer care isn’t working either.

  • pda96

    I’m in California and my phone stopped working a couple of hrs ago. Can’t call or text. The weird thing is, the rest of the phones in the family are fine. WTF?

    Update: the other family lines are down as well.

  • Shaun Michalak

    I read another article from an hour ago, and according to that article, AT&T and Verizon were both saying that they have no outages or problems.. Yet, when I look at the maps of outages from all 4 carriers, they all look almost exactly alike.. Explain that one..

    Out in Erie, PA too.. I can make calls to landlines, but I can not receive calls, nor can we send / receive texts.. Data seems to be working fine since I just did a speed test and got 6mb down..

  • Charlie

    i have verizon & tmobile. T-mobile is down no text, no incoming calls but i can call out. Verizon is 100% working. I am in new jersey

    • rau2725nyc

      same here in northern Virginia, my T-Mobile only has data and 100% online with Verizon

  • Lefty88

    Switch to 2G connection in order to send, receive, or make calls. Seems like 3G to 5G is down in Seattle for me.

  • psycho_nole

    In Tallahassee, FL… service mostly down. But it comes and goes. When I was reading this article I had LTE, was gone and had to switch to WiFi to post this comment.
    Also, on the drive home from work, phone said I had LTE but Android Auto (in head unit, not on phone), indicator said I had no service and refused to do anything online.

  • jj201367

    i’m having issues, wifi calling is not working either, I can send text only

  • Aaron A.

    Same here New Jersey, outgoing call works but no incoming S20 ultra. But other line (iphone)no incoming or outgoing calls.

  • Francisco Peña

    Red November

  • This is incredible more than 4 hours did not fix yet, thanks I have a landline in my office. The customer service is unreachable, 611 calls appears Not mobile network available and the @TmobileHelp on twitter did not answer too.

  • Gator5000e

    Service is out in central Florida. I can receive texts but not sure if anyone is receiving my reply’s. When not in use my phone shows LTE but when I try a call it changes to 4G. I have never been able to connect on calls or to the internet on 4G with T-Mobile.

  • Mike

    Guess this the downside to merging with the Sprint network. Hopefully.they figure out the problem quickly.

    • Shaun Michalak

      That is funny.,. All of the companies, are having the same problems, in the same places, but you somehow think that this is a merger thing.. lol

      • brob

        It has been reported that Verizon and Att customers are reporting outages becuase they cant text friends and family who have Tmobile.

    • Shaun Michalak

      Well, the truth is out.,. and I was right.. It was NOT a merger thing.. In fact, it was not even T-Mobile that controlled the hardware that failed either, so it had nothing to do with T-Mobiles end where the problem was.. “the outage was triggered by a fiber circuit failure that T-Mobile leases from a third-party provider in the Southeast.”

  • Francisco Peña

    working in the TB area.

  • mingkee

    NY City (Brooklyn) is affected
    Internet is OK, but no voice as of 18:00 EDT

  • Robin

    San Antonio,Texas internet fine. Call/text not working.

  • Kilroy672

    Northwest Ohio here and can’t make any phone calls. Still have internet but no text messages go through.

  • Gregory Perry

    North Texas here I have no service

  • Fred Harrison

    Still very limited service here in So Cal. Voice and Data are in and out.

  • Gregory Perry

    I now have service in North Texas

  • Bob B.

    Still no service in the Rochester, NY area.

  • Hector Rivera

    In Puerto Rico no calls but data is not affected.

  • Mark

    Calling problems in central and eastern Massachusetts. I could connect to Google Voice but calling from there didn’t work either.

  • Alex Pilaia

    No phone calls since 1pm in NJ, constant repeating text messages as well…

  • Ore Joseph Lindenfeld

    No reception in Minneapolis still

  • Sim Book

    This is so ridiculous, 9 hours now in Charlotte NC

    • Tommy Bayshore

      same here in Orlando, FL

  • RLB63

    No service in NE IL. Have 3 lines. All have data and texting but no cell service.

    • Shaun Michalak

      If you have google Duo on the phones, use that to make calls.. As long as you have data, that still works.

  • RLB63

    I’m wondering if this has anything too do with the rioting…

  • Zbum

    Last time I had something like this happen…..I had Sprint….oh…wait.

    • Shaun Michalak

      Verizon is having the problem too, not matter how much they try to cover it up and lie saying that they are not.. Down detector does not lie about the reports of the network down..

      • Mike Smith

        But users are dumb (especially old Verizon users). If they place a call to Tmo and it doesn’t go through they blame Verizon.

        • Willie D

          Verizon is going to have to step up their pricing game by stepping it down, old customers are dying, even faster in this pandemic. Young people who usually head to Sprint or TMo do so for the price (not that TMo has low prices anymore) and Verizon will be at risk of having less income, less lines of service and that means you need to cater to the younger, savvy, more cost conscious consumer who won’t be intimidated or feel they need ultra rural coverage for the price of a BMW for those “Im old and scared what if I end up alone in the woods and need help” scenarios that seem to worry elderly people. Do that many old people find themselves needing Verizon after they decided a hike to the rural mountains of Montana, all alone and not tell anyone – maybe they just “wondered off”, but either way those instances are extremely few and far between, and if youre so old that you fear that, trust me you got bigger issues to work through than whether you need Verizon or not. But mark my words, they will be lowering their prices in desperation soon enough.

        • Shaun Michalak

          Verizon has already started by starting their Visible plans.. $40 a month for a single line, or $25 if you can get 4 people to share the plan.. But then again, T-Mobile has started their unlimited talk, text, and 2gb of data, which can go up to 4.5gb of data, for $15 per month.. Regular plan prices are minor in the price differences between them.. The only thing that really makes the T-Mobile plans a better value is the free Netflix and Free Tuesdays..

          As for the young generation.. Well, I have talked with some of them, and it seems that a lot of them feel that Verizon is still the only good provider out there.. You have to remember all the brainwashing adds that they put up for years that they listened too.. Best Network, etc.. Plus T-Mobile still has to get over that reputation of not having a very good network, which they have had for the majority of their life..

  • Nicolas Loc

    Brooklyn got back service 2 hrs ago from this post.

  • Tommy Bayshore


  • Trav Montana

    Still getting wonky network issues here in Bronx, NY smh

  • nutmac

    It looks like the network is back up — all the missed SMS messages are coming in and mobile calls are finally going through.

    Mistakes happen, but this is a major F up. I am also disappointed by lack of transparency.

    I am not certainly expecting any compensation for 5 hours of outage, but this is pretty embarrassing.

  • T Redd

    WiFi calling doesn’t even work.

  • jj201367

    it looks like it’s back to normal

  • pbolton70

    This really sucked I was in southwest Ohio had no service at all (Data, Phone calls or Texts) on any of my lines till about 2 hours ago

  • Tessa Belle

    My lines are back up. T Mobile said is was a routing problem. Which means someone screwed up and will most likely be fired in the morning.

    • CashMcCall

      They don’t fire incompetence, they hire it

  • mikeZo6

    No Excuse for Outage to Voice service ! 4G backhaul back up DID NOT work either, Wifi calling even Fail

  • draws

    That’s what happens when you try to plug a sprint wire into a t-mobile port

  • Mike Smith

    This mostly affects Android users as Apple users uses the Messages app not old fashioned “text messages”.

  • Ver

    My texts are down again.! Damn!

    • Tessa Belle

      Or maybe you just have a bad phone lol. Everyone else is up

  • Willie D

    Lets be honest, this happens regularly with TMobile. Remember TMo was last place for years for a reason. Barely made it to #3 and look theyre STILL in last place and #3. For. A. Reason.

  • CashMcCall

    Two years ago decent now total crap. Wrote 3 letters over the last year complaining of hotspot disruptions and lousy signal. They sent some d!ckhead the message and said they would have the whole system REBUILT by April. NEVER HAPPENED. The service has just gotten worse. In North East FL near i-95 in populated area. Map show coverage over head but you have to go outside to use the phone now. What a pile of crap and they don’t give a crap. This company is falling apart.

    They dug up a Trunkline last year and never fixed it. Caused disruptions with both ATT and T-Mobile. Crap service ever since. I went right to the location of the dug up trunk line while they were negligently repairing it. Mealymouthed engineer at Metro T-Mobile, later claimed the Trunk line was never damaged. A bald faced liar lost service for 48 hours in 3000 users including ATT ADSL servcies, and this jerk lies to me. Some Punk^ss trying to save his job.