Sprint customers may get access to T-Mobile Tuesdays soon


Ever since T-Mobile closed its merger with Sprint back in April, there have been lots of Sprint customers wondering when they’d get to start accessing T-Mobile Tuesdays’ gifts and deals. A new leak hints that it could happen soon.

An internal document shared to the Sprint subreddit shows that T-Mobile employees are starting training to help them be “ready when legacy Sprint customers are eligible to participate” in T-Mobile Tuesdays. The doc goes on to say that T-Mobile Tuesdays swag will start arriving in stores this week and that employees should store the shipment in their backroom until they get further instructions.


We still don’t know exactly when Sprint subscribers will begin to get access to T-Mobile Tuesdays, but with employee training getting underway, it could happen soon.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert recently said that T-Mo had been planning to unify the T-Mobile and Sprint brands in early summer but that those plans had been moved to mid-summer due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. That unification includes advertising as one brand, rebranding Sprint stores as T-Mobile, and so on, but it also involves bringing bringing benefits like T-Mobile Tuesdays to Sprint customers.

While we may have to wait a bit longer for the full launch of the new T-Mobile, we could see T-Mo begin other parts of the unification sooner, including extending T-Mobile Tuesdays to Sprint customers.

Via: Android Police
Source: Reddit

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