Sprint customers may get access to T-Mobile Tuesdays soon


Ever since T-Mobile closed its merger with Sprint back in April, there have been lots of Sprint customers wondering when they’d get to start accessing T-Mobile Tuesdays’ gifts and deals. A new leak hints that it could happen soon.

An internal document shared to the Sprint subreddit shows that T-Mobile employees are starting training to help them be “ready when legacy Sprint customers are eligible to participate” in T-Mobile Tuesdays. The doc goes on to say that T-Mobile Tuesdays swag will start arriving in stores this week and that employees should store the shipment in their backroom until they get further instructions.


We still don’t know exactly when Sprint subscribers will begin to get access to T-Mobile Tuesdays, but with employee training getting underway, it could happen soon.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert recently said that T-Mo had been planning to unify the T-Mobile and Sprint brands in early summer but that those plans had been moved to mid-summer due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. That unification includes advertising as one brand, rebranding Sprint stores as T-Mobile, and so on, but it also involves bringing bringing benefits like T-Mobile Tuesdays to Sprint customers.

While we may have to wait a bit longer for the full launch of the new T-Mobile, we could see T-Mo begin other parts of the unification sooner, including extending T-Mobile Tuesdays to Sprint customers.

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Source: Reddit

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  • JG

    That unification includes advertising as one brand, rebranding Sprint stores as T-Mobile, and so on, but it also involves bringing bringing benefits like T-Mobile Tuesdays to Sprint customers.

    Orwellian doublespeak (bringing bringing)?

    Typo aside… Along with bringing T-Mobile benefits to Sprint customers, I wouldn’t mind maybe bringing some Sprint benefits to T-Mo customers as well…

    Expand the Netflix on Us program to include Hulu and Tidal? If that happened, Hulu and Netflix would likely be an either or choice (kinda like Quibi and Netflix) … But if I’m not mistaken, doesn’t Sprint own some 30% of Tidal? So there’s a possibility we might see it come through… Could replace my Spotify & Hulu bundle with a Tidal & Hulu bundle…

    • Willie D

      Financially Sprint was in no position to buy any portion of Tidal. Doing so actually helped Tidal from going under, but it was worthless to Sprint. Why does a wireless phone company need a music service, and not even one that people use? Why you need to buy it, just do like Verizon and Apple Music, give it to customers and not invest in a music service thats totally incompatible with your telephone company business model. Its like if Toyota decided to invest in McDonalds… just cause a Toyota can drive there doesnt mean you should buy the restaurant because it has a drive thru… stupid.

  • Willie D

    Who cares? Sprint Rewards are dead and have been for over a year and TMo Tuesdays have resorted to using coupons and discounts both with high minimum purchases before said discount or coupon can even be used at all, its pretty much saying, “We only value you if you spend $50 or more to get FREE SHIPPING from Nike” or something – spoiler alert Nike ships free anyway. Retire this dated and boring overhyped system of crap coupons. Wanna make a loyal customer happy? Just give them a percentage discount off their bill every 6 months or offer a new device at the same specials new customers get, but WITHOUT having to add a line, this will apply as upgrades. Speaking of which, end the $20 support fee in stores and on the phone. I mean this is taken from Sprint, they used to charge $2.99 to talk to Customer Care for a short time and it was total BS too. End worthless shiz

    • jonzey231

      Yesterday I got a Whopper and small fry and all I had to do with spend $1 on a drink. On the way there I picked up the 10 free photos from Walgreens that they had on offer as well.

      While I agree it’s NOTHING like what it used to be, it still isn’t bad. At the very least the gas savings are still nice and they’ve stuck around for quite a while now. But if we could get back to free pizzas every week that’d be pretty cool lol.