T-Mobile eyeing summer for post-merger marketing effort


T-Mobile and Sprint officially closed their merger one week ago, but it may still be a few months before we really see a push of The New T-Mobile.

Speaking to CNBC‘s David Faber last week, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert hinted that he’s planning to begin unifying T-Mo and Sprint in the summer. There’s no exact date set in stone quite yet, and T-Mobile won’t be making any big changes during the coronavirus pandemic, but right now Sievert and Co. have their eye on the summer timeframe.

“So, think about the summer time frame as being when we start to unify and market with all of our stores and all of our advertising and all our offers in a more unified way,” Sievert explained. “Mid-summer, we haven’t picked a date yet. But that’s certainly always been our intention.”

And the new T-Mobile CEO isn’t the only one hinting that big things are in store for the summer. As noted by Light Reading, Wells Fargo analysts said in a note this week that “In midsummer, we will see the formal introduction to the market of New T-Mobile,” while Jeff Moore of Wave7 Research has heard that T-Mo and Sprint employees consider the merger’s April 1st closure as “day zero” and that July 1st is being looked forward to as “day one”.

There’s a lot of excitement about the merger among both customers and employees of T-Mobile and Sprint and so many people are wondering when T-Mo will begin combining the networks and rolling out. T-Mobile has said that for now, customers will continue to use two separate networks, visit separate stores, and access the same customer service they’ve been using.

Waiting until July or August to really start its New T-Mobile marketing push gives T-Mo some time to integrate the Sprint execs and retail employees who are joining T-Mobile’s leadership team as well as the Sprint retail stores and employees who are being transitioned to T-Mo, all amid the coronavirus outbreak. This merger was a long time in the making and T-Mobile is known for its loud marketing, and so the company likely wants to ensure it makes a big splash when it officially introduces The New T-Mobile to the public.

Sources: CNBC, Light Reading

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