T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger reportedly gets majority FCC support with third ‘yes’ vote



T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger has reportedly gotten enough votes from FCC commissioners to get majority support from the agency.

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr has voted “yes” for the T-Mobile-Sprint deal, say sources speaking to Bloomberg, joining Commissioner Mike O’Rielly and Chairman Ajit Pai. The other two commissioners, Jessica Rosenworcel and Geoffrey Starks, haven’t cast a vote and are calling for a delay.

Now that the merger has gotten majority support from the FCC commissioners, agency action is required by October 9, though that deadline can be pushed to October 16 if an extension is requested by a commissioner.

The T-Mobile-Sprint merger has already gotten approval from the Justice Department. And while FCC Chairman Ajit Pai formally came out in support of the deal back in August, the deal hasn’t been officially approved since we’ve been waiting for the commissioners to vote.

The deal is still facing a lawsuit from 18 state attorneys general who want to block the deal, saying that it will harm competition and raise prices. That trial is set to begin on December 9, and T-Mobile and Sprint have said that they won’t close their merger until a verdict in that lawsuit comes out. The merger is also being supported by several state AGs, with Florida joining the support this week.

Source: Bloomberg

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  • 77090

    This supposed to be a tmobile news website however this news is 3 days old SMH

    • JG

      More like 3 months old.

      As soon as Pai said he was voting yes they might as well considered it closed.

      While Pai is the Telco/ISP’s puppet, O‚ÄôRielly and Carr are Pai’s puppets and back anything he says.

      Congress even felt the need to specifically question one of them (I forget which t& don’t feel like talking time to look it up) if he could make his own decisions if they approved his appointment as Commissioner or if he’d just follow Pai’s lead…

      • marque2

        Well if puppet means vote for great things for TMobile and its customers – like they just did I am all for puppetry. I am tired of young folks, with no clue, getting duped by Google and Verizon into supporting internet and telephone policy that only helps the biggest players

        • JG

          I was specifically referring to how Pai lied to the American people to get ride of those pesky Net Neutrality rules…

  • Jason Caprio

    We’ve been hearing about this merger for well over 2 years now and we’ll probably hear about it for another year before any final decision is made lol