Pennsylvania is the 18th state to join the lawsuit against T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger


Another state has joined the lawsuit that aims to block T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger.

Pennsylvania is the 18th state to come out against the T-Mobile-Sprint deal. Here’s what Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro had to say about the merger:

“All Pennsylvanians deserve access to affordable, reliable wireless service, and as Attorney General, I am committed to protecting that access. The merger between T-Mobile and Sprint would severely undermine competition in the telecommunications sector, which would hurt Pennsylvanian consumers by driving up prices, limiting coverage, and diminishing quality. I’m proud to stand with my colleague Attorneys General in opposing this merger and advocating on behalf of Pennsylvania consumers.”

The other attorneys general involved in the lawsuit are from California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Wisconsin.

The lawsuit claims that the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint will lead to less competition and higher prices for consumers and that it will also harm jobs. “Pennsylvania’s addition to our lawsuit adds to the states’ momentum against this megamerger that continues to be bad for consumers, bad for workers, and bad for innovation,” said New York Attorney General Letitia James.

The trial for this lawsuit is set to begin on December 9.

Source: New York Attorney General Letitia James

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    How is it ok for SiriusXM to merge together leaving a monopoly and only 1 single company to take on the whole nations satellite radio and yet it’s bad for T-Mobile to help out Sprint from financial failure. Sprint will end up filling for bankruptcy making the cellphone company to 3 companies something everyone not accepting yet will be forced to if Sprint merger not approved. It’s gonna happen why not allow the merger to save American companies and keep Americans at work and away from Sprints future bankruptcy

    • cnote7

      Because T mobile wants as much of Sprint as it can get, If Sprint went into bankruptcy, all three carriers would fight for all of Sprints assets and T mobile wouldn’t get much. If T mobile doesn’t stand to gain anything, why would they care what happens to Sprint, because they like them? No, for profit only. If this deal goes through, T mobile will lay off thousands of American workers.


        I know tmobile can’t keep all of Sprints employees but I’m sure they will try to keep as many as they can. But if the merger don’t happen Sprint keeps business as usual run out of money what would happen to the employees? They will all loose their job and if the merger happens some employees from sprint will stay. What would be your take would you rather few employees keep their job or would you prefer for all Sprint employees loose their job?

        • cnote7

          All of Sprints employees wouldn’t loose their jobs as the other 3 companies would keep some of those workers. Their won’t be a big difference in jobs lost either way. Also, Sprint won’t go out of business. Their not as bad off as they are portraying. This is a rescue deal for stakeholders.

      • JG

        What benefit would be gained from dismantling Sprint bit by bit to the various highest bidders over simply letting T-Mobile absorb (most) all of Sprint directly?

        T-Mobile has already proven they can roll out new spectrum in a timely manner… If they can absorb all of Sprint, they should be able to boost their service fairly quick. But if Sprint goes up for auction, its possible some one like Dish could get a hold of the spectrum… In which case, we might be waiting years to see the initial use of the spectrum…

        • cnote7

          If Dish acquired a lot of Spint, that would be good for consumers because that would mean more competition between carriers which would keep prices lower for us. T mobile is starting to give us less already with Sprint still operating. Who else has down payments on phones? The new rate plans that T mobile comes out with is giving us less and less. I like T mobile but I call it like I see it.

  • riverhorse

    So Attorneys General are bringing action, without showing an iota of past proof of wrongdoing by the accused, only based on what the accused MIGHT do in the future.
    If that’s not illogical malpractice / grounds for disbarment…

    • Francisco Peña

      This is what the left has done to the nation.. throw accusations, get people riled up, then try to prove, or say “oops” after the damage has already been done in public opinion.

      I hope it goes through.

      • riverhorse

        Yep. Although a coupla them are repug-err rinos.

  • budabellyx

    I wonder how much money Verizon and AT&T are spending to try and block this…

    • cnote7

      T mobile spent $200,000 in Trump’s DC hotel and wore T mobile shirts in the hotel while trying to get this deal through.T mobile is slowly becomming like Verizon and ATT. If this deal goes through, watch our rates plans go up.

  • Danno

    I wonder how much the democratic party is involved in this. Only the Texas AG is a republican, all the rest are democrats, and like other political positions, they all have the exact same talking points when they announce they will save the world from T-Mobile and their bid to rule the world one cell phone at a time.

    • Robert Roll

      could be politics at play because trump supports this merger for his economic policy and they are still bitter he beat hillary

  • Fabian Cortez

    The funny thing about all of these comments is that they wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the government suing to block the AT&T-T-Mobile merger back in 2011.

    In fact, this entire website would cease to exist.

    But sure, cut your noses off despite your faces with this hyperpartisanship.

  • JG

    I could potentially see an argument where prices could increase… Three comparable sized companies working together… Each raising their price because they can…

    But I’m at a total loss as to why he believes the merger will result in limited coverage….

    By combining the spectrum, they’re essentially overlaying their coverage maps… New T-Mobile should provide coverage everywhere Sprint and Old T-Mobile does. There shouldn’t be any loss of coverage for any customer… It might even provide some customers with new coverage – former Sprint customers will get coverage where old T-Mo has signal but not Sprint and visa versa…