T-Mobile customers can get a free Impossible Whopper next Tuesday


Next Tuesday is bringing with it some free Burger King.

On Tuesday, September 24, T-Mobile customers can get a free Impossible Whopper from Burger King. This burger is similar to the standard Whopper, topped with tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, pickles, and white onions, but rather than a beef patty, it’s made with a plant-based Impossible patty. This offer is valid while supplies last and isn’t valid in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

Also coming next Tuesday is three months of free Pandora Premium service. Pandora Premium offers on-demand music streaming, no ads, personalized playlists and stations, unlimited skips, and unlimited offline listening.

Other deals coming next week include 10 free 4×6 photo prints from Walgreens, up to 40 percent off hotels from Booking.com, and $0.10 offer per gallon of gas from Shell.

Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesdays grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 movie credit to Atom Tickets plus a check for $428 that can be used for taxes or other expenses.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • Albert Orange

    Gross. I’d rather have a real Whopper.

  • Real meat or what’s the point? Might as well have a salad at Burger King, and who wants that?

  • Tony Yayo

    still cooked in the same broiler as the meat patties no doubt so… lots of beef grease splattering around eveywhere… no wonder it tastes like meat! lol

    • riverhorse

      Even if that was avoided, everything that goes into it for flavor and texture purposes makes it no better health wise than a real burger. And even more expensive.
      The ONLY benefit is that a real animal is not dying to feed us.
      OTOH in practice animals will suffer more as they get ignored in favor of synthetic meat.
      It’s like the ethanol mania – – most crops got ignored in favor of corn, and we all paid more not just for gas, but for food as well.
      Yipee Kah yay.

    • Dance Dance North

      BK says that the burger can be made truly vegetarian with a non-flame broiled cooking method. I assume this option uses a microwave. Ideally, BK would adopt a vegetarian grill and a meat grill, but this would mean revamping hundreds of restaurants.

      The health benefits are up for debate. Getting rid of cheese and sauce helps. I’d like to see BK make it a coupon for either an original Whopper or an Impossible Whopper, both last week and this week. We’ll see if they do this.

      P.S.: I’m from Canada. What is the “check for $428 that can be used for taxes” about? Do Americans pay that much tax for US$1,000 of movie certificates?

      • EF

        Any prize (cash or otherwise) valued over $600 is subject to reporting to the IRS for Federal and possibly State income taxes. Probably similar to Federal/Provincial income tax in Canada.This $428 top-up for taxes effectively assumes your marginal income tax rate (combined state and federal) is around 30% on the total ($1428) so as to net you $1000 after tax. Personally, my combined marginal tax rate is a bit over 27%, so I actually would come out slightly ahead. . Highest Federal tax bracket is 37%, and California has a top tax rate of 13.3% on any income above $1M, so high income earners in California or other high tax states will net less than $1000. Unless you’re a one-percenter, for most winners the tax top-up offered by T-Mobile will be more than enough to make up for what you will owe in taxes on the $1000 prize should they be lucky enough to win it. If you make little income (below the standard deduction) you may owe no income taxes (e.g., students), and you would net the full amount of $1428.

        There may also be taxes on movie tickets (e.g., sales tax), but nowhere near as confiscatory as the top income tax rates, typically less than 10% (this is similar to a VAT in other countries). There may also be online reservation fees as well. Those are added to the price of the ticket, rather than included in ticket prices, and would be deducted from your Atom movie credit of $1000 in conjunction with the ticket.

  • riverhorse


  • Android_God

    I don’t know that I would order this again. It has a certain odor to it which was a little off-putting.

  • Android_God


  • Android_God

    OMG!!!!! My impossible Whopper might have touched some Whopper meat juice!!!!!! BOYCOTT!

  • gramps28

    Can I get extra bacon and cheese on mine?

  • It tasted fine to me, but it was a little dryer than the regular patty. I’ma still get my free food though.

  • steveb944

    Looking forward to it.

  • Danno

    After reading the contents of an impossible burger, no way I’m putting one of those things in my mouth. Direct from Impossible Foods website: “Genetic engineering is an essential part of our mission and our product.”. I avoid the GMO stuff, because, I’m sorry, it’s not food. I found out the hard way, via intense gastrointestinal pain, that GM-corn is NOT like real natural corn. What’s so wrong with just eating natural foods, not some friggin’ science experiment from a petri dish?!? I’ll pass on this one King of Burgers. Last week I ate at Burger King for the first time in years. Might be the last time too.

    • Adam

      GMO corn has more sugar than original recipe. Impossible burger contains more fat than natural soy. There is nothing about GMO itself that makes it unhealthy, but rather because the food now gives the public what they want, more fat and sugar that it is unhealthy.

      • riverhorse

        This is another bright lemming idea from the left, like the ethanol boondoggle. Only corn growers benefited from government money perks while the price of most crops, fuels, and utilities soared- and improved the environment zilch.
        Same here. Producers profit and customers pay up the arse while to boot worsening their health. And the worst is still yet to materialize as meat eaters become the next persecuted fascist group, health emergencies from unforeseen genetic contamination, scores of abandoned / cruelly terminated livestock…

  • Francisco Peña

    I don’t feel like crapping for an hour after eating a fake burger. Let the lefty loons each this crud.

  • Rick St John

    The last Burger King T-Mobile Tuesday give away had a caveat – it had to be ordered on-line with the app.
    My local Burger King has been waiting for a year for the ability to take on-line orders, so that reward was totally lost. Will this offer come with the same requirement? If so, it’s not worth downloading for me.

  • JG

    Regarding the Pandora option…

    Offer is valid for one-time redemption/T‑Mobile account

    I assume that means only one person can claim it, rather that everyone in the family…

    Offers cannot be combined and may not be available to current subscribers or those who previously redeemed an offer.

    Would the free year of Pandora Premium T-Mo gave us a little over a year ago count as redeeming an offer?

  • Brandon Robinson

    typical tmobile tuesday app crash ..luckily lady in drive through just gave it to me…well maybe unlucky