T-Mobile strikes Burger King partnership for free T-Mo Tuesdays food


After teasing that T-Mobile customers will get “the royal treatment” next Tuesday, T-Mo today confirmed that it’s formed a kingly partnership.

T-Mobile and Burger King are teaming up to give free food to T-Mobile customers every month through January. The gifts start next Tuesday, September 3, when T-Mo customers can get a free Whopper.

To get your free food, you’ll need to download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app for Android or iOS. When it’s time to get your burger, you’ll tap “Redeem” and then create an account or log in to the Burger King app for Android or iOS to apply your discount code. Then just order your Whopper before the end of the day on September 9 and you’ll be chowing down on a free burger.

Also coming to T-Mobile Tuesdays next week is a free T-Mo baseball cap, a deal on MLB tickets, and $0.10 off per gallon of gas at Shell.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Deadeye37

    I love me a good whopper! Free makes it taste even better!

  • SurvivingSunnyvale

    Easier than having all their employees being swamped with people who don’t know how to use the T-Mobile Tuesday app.

    • Sharti24

      No not the tuesday app. They want you to create a BK account via their app or website to receive the free burger. Thats the issue, creating a BK account

      • Enrique Escobar

        i mean, i get it but really? use a throw away email and create your account, and i know it most likely will also require to link a CC but so what?? if anything happens you can always fight you CC charges.

        • Francisco Peña

          why should we bother fighting a jacked CC number over a $1.99 burger? Our time fighting CC charges, and the lack of funds for some folks if an account is compromised, is worth way more than a free burger.

        • Danny

          If only a Whopper was a $1.99… If you mean $5.99, sure. The 1/2 oz regular burger is closer to $1.99. Use a throw away email account on the burger king app, and use Google / Apple pay. They don’t see your credit card #, ever. I have a throw away gmail account on my phone for that very reason. Any app that wants to sync to a google account, sure, have this junker with nothing in it. Send all the spam you want to it, I could care less, I’ll never see it. :)

  • bman893

    Why can’t it just be a coupon why do we need to use the app I still haven’t got a free taco I’m not giving tacobell my credit card nor burgerking

    • Enrique Escobar

      why must we always have something to complain about??
      dude, it’s FREE!!!

      • Ryaniskira

        Well in this case his complaint is valid because this will most likely require mobile ordering and very few BK locations support that.

      • Nobody Special

        Umm, nothing is free.
        We pay our T-Mobile bills that pays for this “Free Stuff”.

        Giving Berger Queen (misspelled on purpose) your name, email address, and other personal information that will be used for advertising, marketing and may be sold to other companies for $$$ pays for that yummy Free burger.

        The cost of buying free stuff.

        Getting something free is getting something without giving any information…. and with no obligation to purchase products and or services…. nothing is free nowadays. …

        • tranceformer978

          You actually sign up for these offers with your real name/email? I have yahoo account just for stuff like this.

        • Sayahh

          You actually signed up for your Tmo account with fake name, fake phone number and fake address? Because you’ve agreed to share that when you signed up for TMT.

      • bman893

        Why must there always be people that remind us yes dude I know it’s free thanks I’m just saying it stupid you have to sign up and get a account first ..

  • Ryaniskira

    Especially considering a large amount of locations will not have to honor it because not every location supports mobile ordering.

  • John Licht

    Can’t even get to T Mobile account without getting spun off into someone else’s span ads.

  • Francisco Peña

    nope. not going to someone else’s app to order a crappy burger.

  • The term strikes in the headline is a little deceiving. It almost implies that the deal was removed.

  • Linx

    I wish this was for the Impossible (Meatless) Burger. Would have been a great promotion to get people to try

  • Phil

    No thanks , BK is crap in bag.
    If John really want to make his customers happy he should renew Pandora Radio free for year.

  • RC

    Wow, a whole mess of complaining here over FREE Whoppers. I already use the BK app (and also the Dunkin’ app, the Starbucks app, the McDonalds app along with a bunch of other ones also) and as with all these apps, a CC needs to be linked to be able to order and pay or recharge. Have never had a problem with fraudulent charges or any spam mail from any of them “selling” my information (fraudulent charges have happened at gas stations before but CC companies easily took care of the problem). If you’re fearing them “selling” your info then you needs to go live in a simpler place and time. For crying out loud, Amazon has all your info also and I’m sure you order from them all the time…

  • EF

    Had the burger today. Was very easy to order (already had used the app in the past for food discounts) and it tasted great. The app lets you use Google Pay as an option, which I had already set up. Should alleviate people’s concern about giving a credit card number as the Google App creates a dummy number for each transaction, so your actual card number cannot be easily hacked.

    Also the hat is quite nice. Like the mesh back for air flow to the head.

  • roger shahan

    i loved the t-mo hat even if it’s to small for an adult

  • Disqus5218

    Has anyone tried this with the “Impossible Whopper”? Do you pay the difference or does it not work at all? At least the free taco bell tacos allowed for a bean taco instead of beef.

  • JG

    Hey T-Mobile… If your partnering with BK now… Any chance you might work out a deal with McDonalds for next year? Specifically, say mid/ to late February through March…. One free Shamrock Shake each week….