T-Mobile customers spend less time on Wi-Fi than those on other U.S. carriers, says report


OpenSignal normally gives us info on the state of U.S. carrier networks, but this week the group put out a slightly different report.

According to OpenSignal, T-Mobile customers spend less time on Wi-Fi than customers on AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. T-Mo customers spend 41 percent of their time on Wi-Fi, which is down from 43 percent one year ago.

To compare, AT&T customers spend 49 percent of their time on Wi-Fi, Sprint customers spend 51 percent of their time on Wi-Fi, and Verizon customers spend 51 percent of their time on Wi-Fi. AT&T and Verizon’s numbers each fell 3 percentage points year-over-year while Sprint remained the same.


“As competition in the U.S. market grows, all four operators have launched competitive unlimited data plans,” OpenSignal says. “And as more and more customers migrate to these plans, users are likely becoming more confident about consuming data over cellular networks without worrying about racking up big bills.”

OpenSignal also notes that T-Mobile has been offering an unlimited plan for years now, and because it’s seen as a distuptor, T-Mo has a reputation for being more attractive to younger customers who are more likely to spend time away from Wi-Fi.

About how much time would you say that you spend on Wi-Fi?

Source: OpenSignal

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  • Glenn

    I’m pretty much only ever on WiFi at home. Public WiFi tends to be frustratingly slow compared to LTE nowadays, and with an unlimited plan, data limits just aren’t a concern anymore.

  • Sharti24

    I’m never on wifi. The tmobile network is faster than my home isp (spectrum). I use about 70GB per month

  • SirStephenH

    My 110Mbps home internet is faster than I can get with T-Mobile. T-Mobile is faster than any other WiFi network though so WiFi goes off when I leave home.

    • SirStephenH

      I really wish they’d push for LTE/WiFi aggregation though.

  • Kaulana1989

    I pay $38 a month for 120 Megs download on Spectrum Charter Internet

    • Sharti24

      100mbps is $65 here in ohio with spectrum

      • Kaulana1989

        I’m grandfathered in Time Warner specials

    • Dummy Up Meathead

      Congratulations. They own you.

  • I never enable WiFi. One of my phones has a broken WiFi/BT antenna and I didn’t even notice it until recently, when I let my mom borrow it while waiting to buy a new phone, and she complained about the WiFi not turning on. I’d been using that phone for over two years, so who knows when that antenna broke…

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    When out of the house lte all the way but I cast alot so I need wifi

  • Paul Hansen

    I generally only enable WiFi at home when I need to control things like Cast. Other than that, the reason it’s so low is they’ve has unlimited for ages and have the highest throttle cap in the US for major carriers (50GB) so why bother turning it on?

  • bkat11

    I chromecast at home so I need to be connected to WIFI and at work to watch DirectTV Now. Otherwise I’m always on LTE and T-Mobile has BEEFED UP coverage in FL overall so I’m never in a congested area. Hell they have so many towers in Tampa I get Band 2 and 4 pretty much inside brick wall buildings to include my office and apartment (massive MIMO panels two blocks from my place with speeds exceeding 250mbps). Both these places I had zero coverage in 4 years ago.

  • TaskForce141

    When shopping for home broadband,
    adding another T-Mo line (with 50 GB of LTE data) is often a better deal than slow DSL or nasty cable (you like dealing with Comcast?).

    Especially ATT and their slow DSL and low data caps.
    2 lines of T-Mo, 100GB of LTE data is MUCH better than slow DSL.
    And T-Mo will pay for your Netflix, too.
    Netflix standard SD is 0.7 GB/hour, so 100 GB = 142 hours of Netflix.

    When you use up the 50GB on line 1, just switch to your other line (via a second SIM or a cheap older phone).

  • Pal

    >95% over cellular.

  • steveb944

    I’m always on WiFi at home, thanks to Llama (location aware app).
    When I’m doing any heavy downloads or I’ll stationary at a restaurant or station I turn on WiFi.

    Mostly everyone I know does this, and no one has unlimited data. Why pay for it when it’s not necessary, especially if you’re paying for home internet.