Samsung Galaxy S8 hits the FCC with support for LTE band 66


We have to wait until March 29 for Samsung to officially unveil the Galaxy S8, but today an FCC filing appears to have revealed some interesting info about the upcoming flagship.

Today the FCC publishing its testing info for a Samsung device with the model number SM-G950U, which is thought to be the unlocked Galaxy S8. That’s because the model number fits with previous Samsung Galaxy S flagships. For example, the unlocked Galaxy S7 is SM-G930U. Also found is an entry for the SM-G955U, likely the unlocked Galaxy S8+ model.

What’s notable is the array of wireless bands that these phones support. They include LTE bands 2, 4, 5, 12, 13, 17, 25, 26, 30, 41, and 66. When it comes to T-Mobile, we’re focused on the LTE bands 2, 4, 12, and 66, the last of which is a newer band that T-Mo will be using for LTE coverage.


The LG V20 launched back in October as the first device on T-Mobile to support LTE band 66. This FCC listing suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will offer LTE band 66, too.

It makes sense that the Galaxy S8 would support LTE band 66 on T-Mo. As I mentioned before, the LG V20 already came to market with the feature, and the Galaxy S8 will likely be packed with features since it’s Samsung’s flagship. Plus, we’ve seen Samsung and T-Mo collaborate to offer new networking features in the past, like when the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge were the first two phones to support 256 QAM and 4×4 MIMO on T-Mobile. When the Galaxy S8 arrives on T-Mo, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see similar network features included.

Via: PCMag

Sources: FCC (1), (2)

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  • jklnexus

    DO NOT BUY!!! Samsung has yet to release the S7 930/935u nougat update and has said that they will only release quarterly security updates whereas the carrier branded ones release monthly security updates… Awful strategy to piss off the unlocked buyers. Considering the fact that those that buy unlocked are generally the nerdy type that advise their friends what phones to get. DO NOT buy this or any unlocked Samsung device!!!!!

    • Jason Caprio

      I agree. Ever since I received my Google Pixel XL back in late October to replace my old Galaxy Note 5, I will never buy another Samsung phone again. Performance, battery life, camera, etc are all vastly superior to the Samsung, plus I get a security update every month straight from Google, and will have the latest Android for as long as I plan to own this phone!

    • Max

      Despite your valid complaint this phone will probably sell like hotcakes because in terms of hardware it seems to be the best phone ever designed. I’m a Pixel XL owner and I doubt I can pass on it if T-Mobile offers any deal.

      • vplaza

        I think the OP is talking about the unlocked version. The T-Mobile version would probably have the “T” in the model number and I believe the point is the carrier versions, such as the T-Mobile versions, have already received their Nougat updates, whereas the unlocked versions have not.

        • Max

          Yes, you’re correct, but I also understand that he/she’s asking everyone not buy any Samsung device because they’re behaving in a anti-consumer way with the unlocked version, and I definitely agree with the complaint.

          I also find it really odd, and I only can think that maybe the unlocked edition was not successful enough for them to “get in a fight” with the carriers. They want to give priority to carriers edition just to keep the good business vibe.

        • vplaza

          I originally thought that it was kind of odd, but maybe not since the unlocked version is meant to work on multiple carriers, so maybe they need to make sure they incorporate what the carriers did into the unlocked version to ensure compatibility with all carriers.

      • Jesse Wilson

        Haha, I’m waiting to use my jod (Jump On Demand) on the s8 plus!

    • MattPortland

      Your Nougat update is coming. Calm down.

    • arsal ali

      wtf i have tmobile on official nougat firmware s7 edge no root OTA

      • Aaron Davis

        Do you have an unlocked phone though?
        For some odd reason, Samsung has only released Nougat for the carrier-locked s7/s7 edge.

        • MattPortland

          Unlocked versions of devices are updated by region. All manufacturers do it this way. This madness over updates is a bit ridiculous. Keep calm and have a little patience.

  • Joe2050

    Will this new Band 66, help with the overall coverage?

    I believe Band 12 was a start, not sure how helpful this new band will be. Just want to have a reliable and fast connection both indoors/outdoors.

    • mingkee

      B66 is extension of B4

    • nycplayboy78

      Yes with the emphasis on INDOORS…T-Mo still has spotty indoor coverage for my needs……

    • Trevnerdio

      What @mingkee:disqus said. It’s about ~20MHz higher on both upload and download than Band 4 LTE, which was T-Mobile’s original LTE band (read: it’ll still suck indoors). The main purpose of this new band is to alleviate congestion during times of high traffic, effectively giving them more capacity.

  • Mike Thaler

    Is band 66 even scheduled to be live during the lifetime of this phone? What will be so great about band 66?

    • DannyMac

      Just think of all the prequel memes they could do with this.

  • Philip

    I am going to wait until S9 comes out and S8 goes on sale. Remember the S7 Edge go for $480 last week?

    • mingkee

      How about S10000 vs S10?

  • eanfoso

    On what spectrum range will this band work on and when will it go live?

  • Critic4U

    Never again will I buy another Samsung unlocked non carrier branded phone. I have Samsung S7 G935U and have yet to get nougat OS and my latest security patch is December 1, 2016

  • Phil

    Hmm 900.00+ for throw away phone.
    No Thanks Not Worth It!
    I will stick with S7 few years doing insurance swaps when battery goes bad etc

  • ericdabbs

    Nice the GS8 has U-NII-1, U-NII-2A, U-NII-2C and U-NII-3 support which means that it supports LTE-U.

    • Jay Holm

      Still not sure exactly what all LTE-U entails. Also I would like to know where in Texas T-Mobile has deployed B66, Houston, Dallas?

  • Edward Ward

    I love Samsung phones, but I just recently traded my S7 Edge for an iPhone 7 plus. That S7 was my fourth Sammy device and every one of them had crappy battery life after one year. At least with the Note 4 I could change my battery.

  • vinnyjr

    Had every Samsung Galaxy & Note devices. My biggest problem with Samsung Phones is never enough internal-storage. Sd-card is great but 32gb just isn’t enough. My iphone 7 has 256gb of internal-storage, love it. On the other hand my Samsung devices always have much stronger radio reception than any of my iphones. Samsung, give us plenty of internal-storage along with the strong radios and you’ll have a phone.

  • Phil

    As Ive said in past , I’m skipping S8.
    I purchased brand new in box BlackBerry Bold 9900 that will be arriving in couple days total cost 75.00.

    It’s a freaking sweet!!!!! device gets basics done keeping my phone geek needs in check saving 900.00.
    I will sim swap between that & S7 enjoying more $ in pocket & making some use of 1900-HSPA+ 4G