Samsung will debut Galaxy S8 on March 29


Grab your calendars, everyone, because we may now when we’ll get to meet the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung today confirmed that it’s hosting an Unpacked event on March 29. The company shared a teaser image of what appears to be the top and bottom portions of a device with an edge-to-edge display as well as the phrase “Unbox your phone.”

The teaser doesn’t mention the Galaxy S8 by name, but it does say that Samsung will “unveil the newest Galaxy” at the event. Plus, the timing of the event lines up with previous reports, and the device that’s being teased in this image looks similar to the Galaxy S8 that we’ve seen in previous image leaks.

What do you want to see from the Samsung Galaxy S8?

Source: Samsung

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  • RGV956

    Less explosions and fires. More working and creating memories! My S7 Edge tried my SD card.

    • RGV956


      • Phil

        I’m guessing you’re enjoying S7 Nougat Samsung keyboard lol

  • Corey Jalette

    Typo :
    “Because we may now ….” know*

  • MattPortland

    The sooner the better and I wish people would hush about the Note 7. It happened and now it’s over. Time to move on.

  • Jake Fitzpatrick

    I absolutely love Samsung phones, for a lot of reasons. Disclosure: I use the Note 5. The point of this post though, is about the fingerprint reader. Having the reader on the home button is awesome for those of us who have a physical disability and those who have limited dexterity. It would be impossible for me to use a sensor on the back of the phone. I hope this rumor is just that — a rumor.

    • MattPortland

      I’m pretty sure based on renders from case makers that the position of the fingerprint reader is true. Perhaps you can use the iris scanner.

    • Corey Jalette

      They’ve pretty much showed the phone a bunch of times. There’s no room for the home button o the front in any of the pics. It’s gonna suck being on he back of the phone I do agree. But don’t give your hopes up.

      • MattPortland

        It will be nice once they figure out how to incorporate a fingerprint reader into the screen.

    • Mike

      I think Samsung will make the back unlock button work. When your holding your phone your automatically touching the back of phones anyway. Also I’m sure you can probably unlock the S8 with face recognition.

  • Corey Jalette

    Anyone see the new deal they posted this morning? You can now get 3rd line free.

    3 lines / $100 via bill credits ($140 currently)
    4 lines / $140 via bill credits ($160 currently)

    Starts March 1st, this Wednesday !

  • Phil

    S8 blah sticking with S7

    • Matthew T Wagner

      #TRUEFACT Me too #GalaxyS7 waiting on Galaxy S10 #JustSayin

      • Debra Spicher

        So you’re predicting they will skip 8 to 10 just like Windows and just like the Note skipped a version to keep up with the S-series number scheme? #Justsayin!

  • mreveryphone

    This phone is going to come close to breaking sales records…

    • Matthew T Wagner

      YEAH RIGHT! ROFLMAO S7 is better…

  • Guest

    This phone is going to be very expensive!

  • Paul Garrison

    It will probably be great, but I can’t pay a grand for a phone.

  • Ky

    Hope to see T-mobile promotion at launch.

  • T-Mobile User

    Maybe I should start a gofundme campaign so I can purchase the s8?

  • Scott

    What do I want to see? A decent price…. $1000, NOPE, I’ll be waiting…..

  • Matthew T Wagner

    I’ll stick with my Galaxy S7…

  • Debra Spicher