LG G6 debuts with 5.7-inch QHD+ 18:9 display, and it’s coming to T-Mobile


The LG G6 is official, and it’s coming to T-Mobile.

LG today took the wraps off of its latest Android flagship, the G6. One of the highlight features of the G6 is its display. The 5.7-inch 2880×1440 panel uses an 18:9 aspect ratio, which LG touts “offers more viewing space and a more immersive experience when streaming videos and playing games” when compared to traditional 16:9 smartphone screens.

LG is also touting its design when it comes to the screen. The minimal bezels around the display make it easier to hold, especially when you’re holding the phone with one hand.


Finally, the G6’s display comes equipped with Dolby Vision tech and HDR 10, which are standards for High Dynamic Range. This tech helps to give the screen a wider range of color.

Around on the back of the G6 is its dual rear camera setup. Both cameras here are of the 13-megapixel variety, but one of them is a standard 71-degree lens while the other is a 125-degree wide angle lens. There’s a wide angle camera around front, too, with the 5-megapixel shooter touting a 100-degree lens.

Inside the LG G6’s metal frame lives a Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a microSD slot, NFC, LTE-A 3CA, a 3300mAh battery, Quick Charge 3.0 support, and a USB Type-C port. All of those features are wrapped in a body that’s IP68-rated for dust and water resistance.

On the software side, the G6 runs Android 7.0 Nougat and comes with Google Assistant, a feature that was previously only on Google’s Pixel phones. LG has also made some special software tweaks of its own, like including a Square Camera Mode that divides the 18:9 display into two identical squares so that you can see your most recent photo while snapping another image. The G6 can also take 1:1 photos that are ready for Instagram and other social media apps.

The LG G6 is coming to T-Mobile this spring, but there’s no word yet on an exact release date or how much it’ll cost when it arrives.

With the G6, LG has abandoned the modular feature of the G5 and opted for a simpler design and a focus on the display, which is a feature that more folks will likely appreciate. So far, the G6 looks like a solid upgrade from the G5 with its focus on having a large screen with slim bezels and its water-resistant design with premium materials. We’ll have to wait until it launches to make any final judgments about it, though, so here’s to hoping that we hear more about a release soon.

Sources: LG, T-Mobile

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  • No Hi-Fi DAC (for the USA), & the Sony IMX Exmor Camera Sensor. NOPE.

    I was ROOTING for you LG. #DOA FOR ME.

    • steven berson

      If you dont mine me asking whats wrong with the sony sensor? dont most phones use sony sensors?

      • Yeah, it’s just an old one. Every new camera sensor comes with a host of new capabilities for the camera to improve image quality. As of right now, the Sony IMX362 and Sony IMX378 and IMX382 are the more recent, and some of the best (looking at camera sample results). So that’s the problem, it’s an older sensor with less capabilities of more reason Sony camera sensors.

        • PiCASSiMO

          LG G4/V10 (IMX234) – Released 04/2015 with 16MP / 1.12 μm pixel size
          LG G5 (IMX234) – Released 04/2015 with 16MP / 1.12 μm pixel size
          LG V20 (IMX298) – Released 11/2015 with 16MP / 1.12 μm pixel size
          LG G6 (IMX258) – Releases 08/2015 with 13MP / 1.12 μm pixel size

        • PiCASSiMO

          Sadly, in my comparison of the V20 (weekend before returning it) and my current G4, the G6 looks disappointing.

          I may just pick-up the V20 for $360, as the G6 will be probably around $650 mark. If they sold the G6 for $450 max, I would perhaps consider it.

        • PiCASSiMO

          Take back what I said about the V20… price jumped back up to $770!!! Not surprised as the G6 is a disappointment in some areas.

          Now I’ll hold off patiently for the S8.

        • Yeah, I was just about to say that. I was trying to use my SCORE! discount on something I actually wanted, but once again, nothing to get. I guess I’ll just take a loss in the extra credit, and just buy a phone or 2 unlocked for a more reasonable price. Looking forward to the ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom. ASUS said they’re going to push it back to Q2 to increase specs for the US. The only negative is the lack of Band 12.

          It has 24-bit Hi-Res Audio, and the Sony IMX362 sensor currently, with a host of camera features and capabilities.

      • Also excuse my lateness. I think I forgot to type Sony IMX258 Exmor camera sensor. Forgot to list the exact sensor. So you’re comment definitely makes more sense. I was in a rush. My bad @steven_berson:disqus

    • Contradude

      Jesus. Was getting ready to jump from my V20, then saw no HiFi DAC. Do they want to lose everyone to Samsung?

      • Exactly. I’m highly disappointed. Samsung is gonna come through and swoop everybody up. Seems like we have very few options for us audiophiles *le sigh*

        • Frederic St-Pierre

          Only option I found was Moto Z with the hope of a hifi mod… Otherwise, it’s a separate DAP for me.

        • I’m feeling like I might do something like that. Like at this point, I don’t see myself purchasing one of this high-end, high-priced flagships. It’s not worth it. Cutting corners for the price when budget sub $500 smartphones are offering around the same and sometimes more (like the Moto Z itself, it’s under $500 on Amazon). AudioQuest Dragonfly has a USB-C DAC (for just under $100), you can connect with a USB-C Adapter with it.

    • PiCASSiMO

      I was also hoping for IMX378 sensor and V20 DAC. Then I would consider upgrading my G4.

      • Same here! They’ve just now made it known the V line is for media (video, camera, and audio), and the G line will not have those same features (at least to that extent). I kinda knew that was going to be the case. But if the V30 comes and they don’t have the IMX378 sensor, I’ve lost all hope in LG. It really makes no sense at all @Picassimo:disqus

  • aglee89

    So the lte-a 3CA means it will work with carrier aggregation and 4×4 mimo correct?

    • bkat11

      Nope. Doesn’t sound like it…Samsung for the win again

      • Sushimane

        So far samsung are the only one that support 4×4 mimo which sucks

    • a d00d

      MIMO != CA. Carrier Aggregation is usually multiple bands, but split intra-band CA is available on newer radios and is needed for, say, split B4 or B66 in some areas.

      MIMO is multiple streams, possibly coming from multiple towers. You usually need one antenna for each stream. Look at those routers / access points with all the antennas (as many as 9): they do heavy MIMO like this. You just don’t see it in your phone or the tower antennas because they are hidden.

      If it’s true the G6 won’t do 4×4 despite charging as much $$$ as $amsung then this is indeed a fail for LG.

      BTW, when 5G comes expect 8×8 or more MIMO and at least 4-band CA to handle it all! 28 GHz 5G won’t work without extreme beam-forming and MIMO as it can’t pass through walls, only through windows without metal screens or metal coatings, but it reflects off all those things very well.

  • TechAce01

    SO no removable battery? Sigh… Looks like I’m stuck with my LG G5.

    • Acdc1a

      Those of us who want those are just dinosaurs these days.

    • noh1bvisas

      Check out the V20. I’m very pleased with mine (coming from a G3).

  • Melissa Cardenas

    i saw another vid on youtube were a guy said he had the tmobile version , looks nice , and first thing i noticed was it was roaming on Movistar Spain and was getting 4G lte haha

    • Jc201

      yes tmobile in spain roams on Movistar and Yoigo not vodafone anymore like it used to guess they canceled their agreement with them? Not good since vodafone has better coverage than Movistar and Yoigo, Vodafone is like the Verizon of Spain coverage literally everywhere even in the small towns and Canarias and tenerife which are two seperate islands that are part of spain were others have no service Vodafone does.

  • G4

    No more LG for me. My G4 has better cameras than this and I can make my battery 0% to 100% in one minute. It would have stood a chance if it had 6GB RAM and newer CPU. Oh and not to mention the boot loop death issues that this will probably suffer as well.

    • Dummy Up Meathead


    • MattPortland

      The boot loop issue was hardware and it’s been solved.

      • Rob

        But it’s not the first time LG has released a handset with nasty defects. This time they fixed it but those of us who were unfortunate enough to buy the G2x will never forget how LG abandoned the device. It cost me 200 for that piece of garbage and then T-Mobile hit me with another 550 to replace it with an HTC Sensation 4G after I got sick of the crashes, the broken GPS, and lack of updates. LG lost me as a customer for life after that. I haven’t seen any real improvement in their quality to change my opinion on them. In fact the G2 was known for overheating so badly that multiple games warned not to charge the phone while playing them or they would reboot, the G3 was woefully underpowered for the display it was given, the G4 boot loop issue was due to shoddy solder which is totally unacceptable, the G5 has had nonstop reports of poor quality out of the box. About the only thing LG has going for them is their batteries which are fantastic and don’t catch fire and explode (I’m actually considering switching to their 18650 HG2s for my vape mod after all the mess with Samsung SDI, who makes the 18650s I use right now) and their displays which are top notch. Everything else is garbage. If it was priced better, it might be worth a look but LG can’t match Samsung on quality and shouldn’t command any sort of premium like Samsung does. I hate saying that because I dislike Samsung for their anti-developer practices but I have to admit they do produce phones that are more premium than most other brands. LG should stay in the entry and mid-range market where they are acceptable.

        • MattPortland

          Thank you for that essay. The person mentioned the boot loop issue and that’s what I responded to.

  • Good

    Ugly corners, no battery, no thanks

  • Rob

    Well LG never learns. Higher resolution on an older chip just like the G3. Prepare for lag city and the nonstandard resolution is going to make most apps have lovely bars. There is literally no reason to get this phone in the US. The quad DAC would have helped. Price will be the same 650-700. Thanks but no thanks. Samsung is going to mop the floor with LG and I am not happy about it. As for me, I guess I’m waiting til the Snapdragon 835 hits in the form of a OnePlus 4/5 or ZTE Axon 8. Until then my HTC 10 will tide me over just fine.

    • Joe

      Your statement about apps having black bars is not true since android just makes the app fit the screen the best it can. Granted it might look a little weird till app makers update there apps to detect the resolution but black bares are an iPhone thing.

      • Rob

        Okay so it’s going to look even worse than I thought. I’d rather have the black bars than have it stretched. Either way, I’m on point about the rendering burden.

        • Joe

          It’s not really a reason not to buy it since app makers or Android it self will fix it. The reason not to buy it is if it is more than $450 and if they did not fix there boot loop issues.

        • Rob

          It’s going to be 650-700, you can count on that. As for the resolution, it’s not going to be fixed. A nonstandard resolution like that isn’t going to be something developers account for with 4K devices coming this year. The jump to QHD on the G3 was a logical step but 2880×1440 is not. It won’t see wide adoption and while 4K screens can just upscale 1080p, this screen can’t. The Snapdragon 821 won’t be able to keep up with the added demand either just like the 801 couldn’t keep up with QHD in the G3. There are apps right now that push the limits on the 820 and 821. It won’t be as bad as 1080p to 1440p was but it will definitely have an impact on both battery life and performance.

        • Joe

          Did you not hear about all the rumors that even the s8 will have an 18:9 screen? I think its best we weight to see how the strange resolution really is when reviewers post there reviews before we start coming to conclusions about it. Also the 821 will not have pushing the extra bit of pixels compared to a regular 1440p screen. The only problem that know for sure right now is the price will be to high given that it has last years specs.

      • MattPortland

        There are pillar boxes. Just watch any of the Pocket Now videos.

        • Joe

          I watched there “LG G6 and the 18:9 Screen – Why make it so tall?” video and there were only those boxes when playing videos.

        • MattPortland

          Oh I misread the posts. Yeah, I haven’t seen any apps that have the pillar bars.

  • What’s the point?

    I switched from Samsung to LG because of the replaceable battery, now LG is selling crippled phones just like everyone else.

    I hat to break it to LG (and Samsung and HTC) but there’s no way in hell I’m spending $600 on a “flagship” phone that is all but guaranteed to have unsatisfactory battery life within a year. Much more likely I’ll spend $300-$400 on a mid range phone and just replace it every year.

    • Alex Pilaia

      ZTE Axon 7 ($399)… will not be disappointed. If you wanna splurge, bump up the ZTE Axon 7 to 6GB RAM for an extra $100. SnapDragon 800, 4GB RAM, 3200 battery, 2 years warranty stanrdard.

      • David Orriss Jr

        I have been out of the loop on Android devices for some time (went to iOS). Serious question – no trolling intended – How does this compare with some of the other popular Android choices out there like the Pixel and the higher end Samsung? Would you see much lack like in the android devices from a few years ago?

        • Rob

          The Axon 7 has current generation flagship specs at a lower cost. ZTE didn’t really seem to cut many corner with the device, it even has front facing speakers, something HTC botched up on the 10 (and about the only thing I don’t like about my HTC 10). My next phone will be the ZTE Axon 8 with the 835.

        • a d00d

          I have to jump in here with my experience so far with the Huawei Mate 9. It’s not sold by any US carrier but works with almost all our bands including (for TMo) 2, 4, and 12 (but not expanded 4 aka Band 66, and it’s still unknown if it’s firmware-upgradable for it (i.e., if the hardware filters will allow it)). Also, it won’t work for American CDMA carriers, so no Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular, etc–only T-Mobile, AT&T, and other GSM carriers. It is VERY fast (more than just the Kirin 960, they obviously put a LOT of effort into optimization), but if you HAVE to have a QHD screen you’ll have to look elsewhere as it’s only 1080 (but I don’t notice it). OTOH, if you want a camera phone, this beats apple and comes very close to the Pixel and V20.

          Main caveat at the moment is that you can have a S7 (edge or not) or V20 for more than half off @ 15/mo whereas you’ll have to pay up front for the Mate 9 @ U$D599. If I knew that sale was coming, I would have waited but a bum mugged me for my Nexus 6, so I had had no phone for a week! BTW, 5.9″ Mate 9 is really an elongated 5.7″ screen like this G6 or the V20. I really miss my truly 6″ Nexus 6 screen, but otherwise the Mate 9 runs circles around it (to be expected, of course).

          Hope this helps.

        • Angryenglish

          Sound advice, i really love the Mate 9. Its built well, looks great, performs as well as anything and that 1080P screen made me realize that when it comes to LCD unless you are doing VR then the QHD screens are just a tax on battery and not a lot else.

        • Alex Pilaia

          The two most important parts of the phone are the processor and the ram. In this case this matches the Galaxy S7 exactly. Also has a 2K display. At half the price. Throwing the 2-year warranty and the excellent fingerprint scanner on the back of the device. Not to mention the Dolby Atmos front facing speakers. I think this phone is a no-brainer over the Samsung. Especially at half the price. All of the new phones coming out we’ll all have the exact same specs. As the specs increase, so will the price. Even though the new iPhone will be coming out it’ll still be priced over $700. Mid-range phones are becoming much more important now a days because why would you pay 700 for a brand new phone when you can pay 399 and get the exact same thing from another company.

  • mingkee

    Why isn’t 2:1?

    • MattPortland

      It technically is.

  • mreveryphone

    LG trolled us all with this fragmented release… Why send different specs to different countries… Especially sending 32gb of internal storage here?? Once again they dropped the ball…. Patiently waiting on the S8…

  • George Salcedo

    LG was on the cusp of greatness with the G4, then boot loop reared its ugly head. I do enjoy LG’s designs and OS but with so many other OEMs like ZTE cutting prices so low it’s hard to justify spending anything over $500

    • Rob

      Especially with ZTE’s warranty.

  • mingkee

    Frankly, I’d stay with V20 for time being because
    1. I shelled out too much money and under recovery.
    2. (H918 and US996 unlocked) are rootable.
    3. Removable battery

    • Rob

      4) Snapdragon 820 isn’t that far off of the 821. It’s a sidegrade more than anything.

    • gmo8492

      I heard that the U.S. model is getting wireless charging but no quad DAC. That’s sucks if it’s true.

      • M Jones

        It’s really not a big deal…if you understand how to manage audio and utilize a pair of studio grade headphones. The standard internal audio preamp and processor in most phone these days is very good! Again if you couple this with a better grade of headphone and polish it up with a decent equalizer…
        you audio experience should be class A.

  • JJCommonSense

    Glad I grabbed that V20 when it was only $360 lol this looks nice for LG but I dont think they’re gonna take anything away from the S8..

    • JBLmobileG1

      Same here. I actually jumped from the V20 to a V20 to save myself $15 bucks a month… Plus I am getting the Promo for the free LG Mini Projector which is a $350 value. I made out! To be honest the G6 seems nothing more than a Waterproof V20 minus thr removable battery and second screen. While I have decided to stick with LG’s V line their G line seems like a waste and another way to bring in double the revenue on the same phone but branding it as a different series. Pretty sure the G7, which it launches, will basically be an LG V30…. just watch and see. All in all though LG makes a great phone (minus the past bootloop issues). Lets just hope their V line will keep the removable battery because I prefer that to the waterproofing.

  • Philip

    This baby look sharp. Look how thin n to the edge those bezel is!

  • Paul Garrison

    That looks good to me. I usually don’t like black phones, but this one looks nice.

  • pramarama

    Didn’t they say that Samsung is hogging all the Snapdragon 835s? That’s why the G6 had the 821? Why is there a Sony phone coming out with the 835?

    • Kent

      It’s coming out … at some unspecified point in the future. The Sony has no release date set, nor does it have pricing. This is not a device you’ll be seeing anytime soon.

      And now you know why.

    • J Cav the Great

      Just to piggyback on Kent’s comment. Sony also doesn’t ship anywhere near LG volumes..Therefore Sony does not need as many. LG can’t have a portion with 821and 835s.

  • J Cav the Great

    I want to know the camera results. I’m heavily interested in the GS8, but if leaks are true and the phone is $800+, fuçk that.

  • NardVa

    The new Black Berry is $550 so I’m guessing the G6 will be at least $700. Just wait 5 monts and the G6 will be $400.