T-Mobile shows improvements in new RootMetrics report, but finishes fourth overall


T-Mobile has done well in recent U.S. carrier reports from OpenSignal and Ookla, but the Un-carrier didn’t fare so well in a new RootMetrics report.

RootMetrics today published its Mobile Network Performance in the U.S. report for the first half of 2016. In this test, RootMetrics says that it drove 265,386 miles and performed 3,676,470 tests, including tests conducted within the 125 most populous metro areas across the U.S.

RootMetrics also notes that to conduct its tests, it uses “leading Android-based smartphones.” Starting in the first half of 2016, which is today’s report, RootMetrics used T-Mobile’s VoLTE for its calling tests as well as AT&T’s VoLTE when it was available.

The overall winner in RootMetrics’ first half 2016 report is Verizon, with a score of 93.9 out of 100. AT&T came in second with 89.9, while Sprint finished third with 85.5, and T-Mobile came in fourth with a score of 82.5. This is an improvement from the 80.9 score that T-Mobile put up in RootMetrics’ second half 2015 report, though.


Looking at the Reliability, Speed, Data, Call, and Text categories, T-Mo came in third place in the Speed and Data categories, but finished in fourth in the other three.

T-Mobile fared better in the metro area tests, winning 36 awards outright and tying for another 26 in the Speed category, while winning 31 awards and tying for 22 in the Data category.

In its wrap-up, RootMetrics found that T-Mobile won many more overall awards in 1H 2016 than in 2H 2015 and that T-Mo offers “fast speeds” and “stronger competition with AT&T.”
While John Legere hasn’t commented on RootMetrics’ latest report, he’s shown that he’s not exactly a fan of the research firm in the past. When RootMetrics published its 1H 2015 report, Legere tweeted “That time of year again! Couple guys from @rootmetrics drive around, get paid by carriers to test networks on a single old-generation phone.” and “And let’s be real – @rootmetrics can’t keep up with how fast @NevilleRay and team enhances and updates the @TMobile network! #uncarrier.” I’d be willing to bet that if he responds to RootMetrics’ latest report, his comments will be similar.

If you’d like to take a look at RootMetrics’ 1H 2016 report for yourself, you can find it at the link below.

Source: RootMetrics

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  • TheCudder

    T-Mobile needs to stop worrying about speeds and focus on overall coverage and reliability. I just built a new house maybe 5 miles from the city in a VERY populated area with multiple sub-divisions. It starts out at LTE, drops to 4G, drops to no coverage, back to 4G, drops to no coverage (my area) then at the furthest point out within the city limits (maybe 1 mile from the no coverage area) they’re getting a strong full LTE signal — this pretty unreliable and odd. I just got the LTE CellSpot yesterday, which is great for in and around the house…but T-Mobile still needs to step their game up with coverage availability. But of course they’ll continue to work on improving the same metro coverage areas over & over.

    Point is, good coverage giving 10-15 Mbps down per second is MUCH better than getting 40+ Mbps down only when you’re at city center and it drops to 2G or nothing when you leave there.

    • Ascertion

      T-Mobile needs to stop worrying about speeds and focus on overall coverage and reliability.

      With all of the 700Mhz license purchases and their participation in the 600Mhz auction, it looks like T-Mobile’s focus now is coverage. Also their claim to match Verizon’s coverage in 12 months was just posted the other day.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      You live in a subdivision what would you expect?????????????

      • TheCudder

        You can’t just assume that every cities infrastructure is the same and that a sub-division implies that you live in the middle of no where. Where I live their are sub-divisions in the main city. And I guess you missed the part where I said there’s another sub-division about a mile FURTHER out around the corner with full strength LTE signals. I live within the city limits and it takes me 5 minutes to get back to the nearest highway…

        • Jay J. Blanco

          I know that some cities has sub divisions because some cities are consolidated and you must forget that carriers don’t always add capacity as urgent as it is needed because they have a entire network to do and some cities are growing at a 30 percent rate and sometimes they can’t keep up why do you think we have wifi??????

        • TheCudder

          Here’s the thing, WiFi calling is unreliable and when your internet goes out you’re screwed. T-Mobile has long been playing the “faster faster and faster” game, but coverage is more important than speed. It’s been proven that T-Mobile does in fact have the fastest LTE speeds, but that doesn’t keep Verizon’s network from providing the most coverage….which is why they’re the number one carrier. T-Mobile simply doesn’t care to expand, they rather keep improving their existing coverage areas…which at this point is unnecessary. Every 1-2 years theres a new T-Mobile LTE technology rolling out in an already existing LTE coverage area.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Tmobile has expanded coverage alot. They have expanded in alot of place they had no service I know this for a fact especially in my state South Carolina

  • Jimmy

    Cant even beat Sprint. That’s sad

    • Acdc1a

      They beat Sprint in multiple markets and by a wide margin. I question their overall rating methodology.

  • hurdski

    2G on huge chunks of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Its only the largest east west artery in the north.

    • Acdc1a

      There’s about a mile with no coverage at all. Where is the 2G coverage?

      • itguy08

        IIRC it’s 2G between Harrisburg and Philly. And west of past Carlisle to Pittsburgh there’s a fair bit of 2G around Blue Mountain, Bedford, Somerset.

        • emcdonald75

          I bet the reason might be because there is only enough spectrum for 2G service only. This is what frustrates me about T-Mobile. In areas where there is only enough spectrum for one technology, T-Mobile should use LTE since VoLTE and LTE data is the future of the network. I really hate M2M businesses are not being forced to implement LTE modules into their machines. T-Mobile is trying their best to hold onto these customers. AT&T just doesn’t care. Their 2G shutdown is still in place for January 1, 2017.

        • itguy08

          Aaah – T-Mobile has contiguous PCS1900 in PA as well as their contiguous AWS. Laziness, plain and simple.

        • emcdonald75

          If that’s true, then I have to agree with you. The FCC should have shorter time frame mandates for when this spectrum must be online, or carriers lose the spectrum license. That might be incentive for carriers to upgrade their wireless infrastructure upgrades faster and more often.

    • moonoverparma

      Yeah I agree, Pennsylvania is pretty bad. But I took a road trip from Cleveland to the outer banks and Pennsylvania was the only state I dropped to 2g. LTE the rest of the way.

  • Garbage

    Root metrics is a crock of sheeet

  • Guest

    If Sprint’s network was better than Tmo’s then why are people not rushing for 50% service on a better network?????

    • Fabian

      Maybe they will now, now that RootMetrics says Sprint is better than T-Mobile.

      Me personally, I’m having second thoughts about the Yellow Bus.

      • Guest

        Oh hello fabulous Fabian!

    • tony

      uh unless they can ookla me the speed against my t mobile 4 glte speed.

  • Wut wut

    Metro root scores totals (2H151H16) :
    VZ – 10498
    ATT – 5051
    TMO – 1740
    Sprint – 66 <—- LOLOLOL third place ,no change,, best network 1% less then Verizon!!oneone!!

    Wut a joke

  • BreakingData

    Rootmetrics doesn’t really paint a full picture, just like the others.

  • FryChickenIsha

    T-Mobile needs to focus on expanding coverage. I don’t care if my phone can get download speeds of 80MB+ only in the city. I think it’s better having coverage with speeds of at least 15MB instead of no coverage at all.

  • Willie D

    Was just outside San Francisco, in Band 12 areas of Sonoma county and not only did it not give data, but took 30 seconds for a VoLTE call to set up and ring the other line. That says to me “unreliable”

  • samsung freud

    I was in the business district for some work and had 32 up/30 down.
    Back at the office, literally on an island, I got 29 up/52 down

  • emcdonald75

    I was just complaining about T-Mobile’s poor call reliability, but then strangely my calls wouldn’t drop anymore; instead, my phone would show 4G (from LTE) and the call would continue. This is new. T-Mobile did a great job for my experience anyway to help reduce call drops. My iPhone 6S Plus is always on VoLTE. I know I don’t have Enhanced Voice Services because the iPhone 6S Plus doesn’t support it, so maybe T-Mobile did something on the network/tower side? But everyone is right, T-Mobile should do something to expand coverage even in areas without 700MHz coverage. Just because my experience improved within my city that doesn’t mean when I leave my city the experience is great, voice and data coverage and reliability drops immensely. I don’t even pick up my phone in some rural areas here. I hope someday soon T-Mobile goes back and update their rural towers with new equipment from their previous 2G-LTE upgrade.

    • nunnayo bidness

      What city?

      • emcdonald75

        Jackson, MS

  • Trevnerdio

    Sprint beating T-Mobile…who are these goons doing these tests?

  • sean

    I personally don’t think these reports matter. Especially for cellular use.
    You only need 4Mbps to stream 4K Video. (1.5 for the one plan shortly).
    Even the lower average of 20Mbps would use all your 14GB tethering in less than 2 hours.
    There may be a second or two difference between each provider in downloading an app. or a facebook post but it in no way justifies the extra verizon or at&t charge.
    The irony is that the only stuff that would benefit from these speeds would be torrenting, running a server or unlimited tethering. All of which are not allowed anyway.

    • Medion

      > You only need 4Mbps to stream 4K Video. (1.5 for the one plan shortly).

      Source? 1.5mbps is 480p, not 4k. 1080p is 5-6mbps with Netflix-comparable compression. 4k is much higher.

  • andy

    what phone was used for the tests?

    • DStudio

      From the footer of the local area RootMetrics reports:

      Phones used during testing: Sprint – Galaxy S6 , AT&T – Galaxy Note 5 , T-Mobile – Galaxy Note 5 , Verizon – Galaxy S6 Edge +

      It appears to be the same or similar for most areas.

      • Andy

        Ok thanks for that. They should use the same extact phones for all 4 carriers. Make it an even playing field

        • DStudio

          Maybe not. I haven’t looked at the details of those phones, but they should use the best phone for each network. In many cases only one or two newer models can take advantage of all the frequencies and full CA offered by that carrier.

      • marque2

        Did they turn on VoLTE on the phone so they could actually get Band 12? RootMetrics neglected to do that last time, so none of the new Band 12 towers counted in the metrics.

  • gmo8492

    I’m actually starting to believe Rootmetrics is just shills to whoever gives them money.

    • moonoverparma

      That’s kinda what I’m thinking.

  • DStudio

    People (including Legere) may criticize RootMetrics as much as they want, but the fact is that their results exactly mirror my experience here in southern California. In particular, where I live, I travel through the same areas they did. As they discovered, T-Mobile and Verizon are the best overall, with T-Mobile slightly beating Verizon in both Network and Data for 3 of the last 4 testing periods (the last two years). This is in areas that are both well-populated and challenging to cover (hilly).

    The reports for surrounding areas also agree with my experience, lending a great amount of credence to their findings.

    • DStudio

      I hope John doesn’t trash them. The reports actually validate the great work T-Mobile is doing. In fact, I think the real story here is revealed in a quick check of network and data performance in major metro- areas on both coasts: AT&T has fallen to #3, while T-Mobile and Verizon dominate.

      This is the just fruit of AT&T’s decision to funnel over a third of their US network budget into building out Mexico. T-Mobile and Verizon have probably invested twice as much $ per U.S. subscriber as AT&T this past year, and it shows. Check out LA, SF, Seattle, NY, Miami. In fact, even in Boston and Philadelphia, where AT&T is still strong, T-Mobile is beating them. And in Miami and Seattle they’re #4!

      I’m sure T-Mobile still needs to improve their rural coverage – and they should. But for a huge number of Americans, T-Mobile now has the best data network. Or are a close second to Verizon. That’s something to embrace and advertise, not disparage!

      • Bklynman

        Tmobile need to improve downtown Bklyn,where the courthouses are,right in that little park,got data,but try to text,it won’t go thru,I have walk all the way down to where Barns and noble is to get a signal to text,it doesn’t make no kind of sense for that,since they have at least 8 to 12 stores in that area.

      • Ed Fuller

        You are crazy whoever you are.

    • ……

      ummmmmm root counts verizon roaming for sprint
      That’s what they say on there website

      • DStudio

        Sorry, I missed the relevance of this statement.

  • DStudio

    [duplicate comment removed]

  • Philip

    I live in Atlanta and I have drive to Orlando and to Miami. I have 90% 4G coverage on the hwy. Does my study count?

    • bronxboi

      Highways are usually never an issue, it is when you drive off the highway in a non metro area is where Tmobile starts to lag.

      • jalan

        Which is where sprint lags. Go look at a map sometime buddy and look at the report. Calls brought them down not data performance
        Is it too hard for people to read these days?

        • bronxboi

          Were we talking about Sprint, no, we were talking about Tmobile. Stay on topic.

  • Fabian

    T-Mobile has improved… so it is good news, right?

    No! It finished last in the comparison… last after Sprint. That is bad news! Sprint is supposed to be sitting there idle!

    Okay. sorry.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Your trolling is beyond ridiculous.

  • Walt

    This has got to be a lie. T-Mobile’s network is #1!

    • Guest

      You’re right it really is the best. Do you have a band 12 phone like I do?

  • pmichos

    Don’t know what they’re talking about, in West Chester Pa I’ve gotten 142 Mbps downloads.

    • Jason Caprio

      Take a road trip to Bushkill, PA (shows coverage on T-Mobile’s map) and tell me how your signal and speeds area especially on Route 209.

      • TBN27

        No coverage up the mountain and the map displays band 12 coverage. Verizon is the only one that works up in the mountains in bush kill and tamiment. Down the mountain around I-80 and the outlet mall it was a different story. Band 12 was performing very well. Strong coverage and decent data speeds. Part of me is thinking to leave T-mobile because their network is starting to suck in NYC around my house and other places I frequent. Dropped calls and new dead spots popping up.

    • Mie

      Take a trip to boot road between Rt 100 and Whitford road. Try Berwyn Baptist Road in Devon. Coverage sucks. If not for wifi or the personal cell spot there’s minimal coverage At my home. Recall had to drive to Khols parking lot in Exton to get coverage during power outage. Been complaining to tmo about it for years. Promises of new tower coming never kept.

  • George

    Bellflower, CA 90706 has been terrible for over 3 years now, T-Mobile needs to step it up and stop using the “congestion” excuse. I’m getting more dropped calls as well, not surprised service is fourth.

  • Chris

    I have both at&t and t-mobile . Whenever I go out, i use at&t and leave my tmobile phone at home. In my opinion at&t is alot better. The only reason why i have tmobile is the wifi-tethering and can upgrade 2 times a year.

    • marque2

      Sounds kind of dumb. Wouldn’t you just save a few bucks dropping one service

  • Dan

    So tired of dropped calls. When it is a friend or family it is one thing but when it is work it is completely different (and embarrassing). At least 1 out of 10 work calls dropped is getting close to unacceptable to me. I don’t want to because I like tmobile as a company but I’m on the verge of going back to Verizon.

  • Jaffar

    I was made phone calls to T-Mobile customer care network department, last 2 weeks signal is horrible, E and 4G and LTE keeps dropping, they told they upgrading Band 12 700 MHZ LTE, It’s going to take another 1-2 weeks to finish, totally we satisfied with T-Mobile they rolling pretty fast. It’s going to get better. Richmond, El sobrante, San Pablo, CA

    • Acdc1a

      Our Band 12 transition was barely noticeable in South Florida. Were they blaming the transition for the poor coverage?

  • Jimmy

    I drop too many volte calls. Iphone 6s

    • Acdc1a

      I have a lot of friends who have similar complaints using the iPhone. My lowly Moto G4 doesn’t have the same issues. I know Apple’s reputation for the phone part of their devices is poor, but for what you spend you’d think it would be better.

    • Bradley Karas

      IPhones traditionally have the worst antennas on the market…I had the 6s plus and was rid of it within months for poor signal

    • SirStephenH

      As they said, iPhones tend to have bad reception. Most Android and Windows phones fare better.

  • Jason Caprio

    I concur with these findings. My personal phone is a Galaxy Note 5 on T-Mobile and my work phone is an old outdated iPhone 5C on AT&T. I generally work around Trenton, NJ, Princeton, NJ and the surrounding areas. Most of the time in Trenton I have a full signal but very slow data speeds on LTE, most often less than 1MBit/sec. It all depends on the tower, I can get 1MBit/sec in one spot, go a mile in any direction, and clock 80MBit/sec. Speeds are generally fast around Princeton (less populated) however surrounding suburbs/rural spots are hit or miss. Many times I have little to no signal in many of the suburban/rural areas unless of course I can visually see the tower from where I stand.

    The thing to note is that EVERY SINGLE TIME my T-Mobile phone had signal issues, my AT&T work phone, even on an older device, has a better and more usable signal.

    I love all the perks that T-Mobile offers but if their coverage in rural areas as well as their speed in urban areas doesn’t improve soon, I’m switching to Verizon.

    • TechnoRealz

      You get what you pay for.
      I love all these threats & then the monthly bills come…

  • Acdc1a

    Yes they did and T-Mobile handily defeated Sprint in that market coming in second only to Verizon.

    • DStudio

      Plus T-Mobile beat everyone in Data Performance and Network Speed.

  • Bradley Karas

    Travel around FL in rural areas and tell me T-Mobile isn’t there…you can’t

    • Acdc1a

      I’m with you on that with a couple of notable exceptions. The Tamiami Tail has a HUGE gap in coverage and trust me…you’d never want to be stuck there without cell service. No service at all in Apalachicola is unforgivable…and there are a few others. Overall I’m very happy though.

      • Bradley Karas

        Oh yeah…that area they actually purchased band 12 recently and AWS-3…trust me it will get better within the year as they are deploying both in the Port Charlotte Ft Myers area from Bradenton to Naples.

  • Acdc1a

    Does anyone know how they came up with the final overall ratings? Detroit T-Mobile came in 2nd. They came in 1st in Lansing and Grand Rapids, 2nd in Cleveland, 2nd in Port Saint Lucie, 2nd in Fort Lauderdale/Miami, 2nd in Fort Myers, 2nd in Tampa, 2nd in San Antonio, 2nd in Columbia, SC, 2nd in St. Louis…and it goes on. These are just the places I travel. They got 1st in Washington DC, 3rd in Baltimore and 2nd in Philly…Something stinks here.

    • dtam

      they probably equally weight a random cornfield in nebraska the same as in a metropolis

  • Paul

    This is just one set of results based on the path and devices they used. This is a smaller story of a bigger book.

    Does that mean Magenta is better than this score? Maybe, but we don’t know because this was a single user experience for each. Should this report be dismissed? No, it’s a report but combined with others it helps to see the pictures. Alone it’s just a single report.

    • Fabian


      • anonymous

        It’s also a report paid by AT&T and Verizon

        • Fabian

          Is there proof to that?

        • Spanky

          On this site, the fact that T-Mobile didn’t take the top spot is proof enough.

        • Fabian

          I meant proof that the report is paid by Verizon and AT&T.

  • steadymobb

    I live near Tmo hq and have had them for 10 years. This report is accurate. Tmobile is bringing up the rear with network. Their network sucks.

    • Clifton K. Morris

      I frequently travel to the area also. The thing about T-Mobile is that when they opened their Factoria offices, they didn’t even have a network in Seattle.

      In fact, most of the engineers still rely on AT&T service for important calls… Like when the network is down.

      I remember a time during an engineering meeting at Factoria that an executive called an outside vendor on speaker phone. The vendor was out-of-state but the executive didn’t place a “1” at the beginning of the number they saved in their phone. The call didn’t go through, and instead a switch message came up and said–

      “Welcome to AT&T wireless services. You must first dial a ONE to complete this long-distance call…”

      And that’s likely also how “T-Mobile ONE” rateplan became aptly named.

      • jalan

        That’s a lie stop lying. Tell the truth and let the devil be ashamed.

      • steadymobb

        The service surrounding factoria is pretty bad especially Newcastle

    • g2a5b0e

      If that’s the case, then you’re an idiot for sticking with them for 10 years. Why would you give your money to a company that doesn’t meet your needs for that long when you have other options? That makes no sense. I’ve been with T-Mobile for 13 years because where I live, they are excellent.

      • steadymobb

        I’m not an idiot, but thanks. I’m still on my parents plan so don’t have much say on it and I never said they were horrible 24/7. I just said the report is accurate, in the fact that their service is on the lower spectrum of the big 4. It’s no-where near as good as Verizon, there’s no arguing that. I also have had my old unlimited data plan that I would like to keep. And for the record, I never said I hate T-Mobile, just agreeing with a story that their network needs some definite work if they really want to compete.

        • g2a5b0e

          That’s more than fair. You do have a say, but I probably wouldn’t switch either if my parents were paying for it unless it was absolutely unbearable.

  • Ascertion

    I don’t know about nationwide, but T-Mobile is miles beyond Sprint in terms of coverage/speed in Florida. Sure, there’s some spots that T-Mobile could use work on but there’s a lot more on Sprint. I hardly ever leave Florida so I can’t necessarily comment on the other stuff, but it looks like they’re heavily placing weight on calls dropped/blocked, which T-Mobile unfortunately is behind in. I still prefer simultaneous talk/data though over Sprint’s call reliability.

    • Donald Trump

      Of course you do. You love to bash the Yellow carrier when you are not in S4gru Sad.

      • Ascertion

        Lmao now that Fierce doesn’t have comments, I wonder what you could possibly be doing everyday.

  • Mike

    Yup it’s the fastest LTE network when/if it works. My speeds really suck and spotty coverage going from LTE to E all with in a block of my home. I’m on the HSDPA net work now sitting outside my home and TMO said to have robust LTE that covers my address. Here’s the speed test results: 9.76 Mbps up .67 down Mbps. YUp it’s the blazing fast TMO network. Get with it TMO – your starting to sound like the presidential candidates. One whopper after another.

  • Dylan Wentworth

    Sounds like a great reason to jack up rates for new customers.

  • Kevin R

    I was at Lambeau Field and got some blazing fast download and upload speeds
    .23 download and .04 upload… with 5 bars of LTE
    So many dead spots when I travel and building coverage stinks.

    • Fabian

      I’ve seen those speeds before with 5 bars of LTE. I’ve also seen 2G spots where the coverage map shows 4G LTE, and these in metro areas where it’s supposed to have better service.

      • Kevin R

        Yeah, the coverage map is bogus. I was in an area that said band 12 LTE was available, but I had no signal the whole time and my phone was searching for signal. (I have an S7). Rarely get strong LTE signal indoors, it’s usually 4G or nothing inside buildings.

    • moonoverparma

      The bars on your phone do not represent the LTE signal. That’s your voice signal.

      • Kevin R

        How do I find my LTE signal?

        • moonoverparma

          If you’re using an android phone, download an app called LTE discovery. It’ll show you your LTE signal strength

        • Kevin R

          Thanks. Phone shows 4G LTE and 3 out of 5 bars right now. App shows 3 out of 4 bars for LTE with -112 dBm signal strength. Got 27 down and 1.5 up. I’ll have to test some more if I go back to Lambeau.

        • Acdc1a

          Too many people on the network at any given time at a sports venue. AT&T sponsors free wifi at the Miami area sports venues which is only marginally faster.

  • MIke

    When you tell TMO CS about this they immediately go to the map and say “there is robust coverage in that area”…”let’s trouble shoot your phone”. It’s not the phone it’s the network. Next is “we’ll send a network engineer out survey the tower in your area”. Of course everything is deemed to be “fine”. “It must be your phone” is the next thing. We’ll send you a replacement phone (refurbished and $20/shipping). Next thing is “it your wifi on and working” or ” are you using the personal hot spot”. Without WIFI many TMO users would be without usable coverage where TMO says there is robust LTE coverage. TMO stop insulting our intelligence and just fix the network. Rather than all this free crap on Tuesday just fix the network. OR how about you develop a wifi first plan (like project FI) since many of your loyal followers use Wifi to cover the crappy network. BE BOLD and BE the UNCARRIER you say you are.

    • Charmed79

      OMG this is the very same thing we have had said to us and love when they send someone out because they care so much, only to say there are no issues, must be phone. Yet leave the area having issues and everything is fine, so kinda rules out the phone. Then we were told it was normal and just too many people on that tower at once, then told by yet another rep that that was a lie and not normal, then yet another tell us it is 100% our phones and not the network. Gotta love the pass the buck! Jan of the coming year marks 2 years that we have had issues at home, before that, everything was perfect. I also love being told to use wifi, because my answer was, we don’t pay you every month to use our wifi! If that was the case, we could just use wifi and save $200 a month!

    • Spanky

      This is EXACTLY why I ended up leaving T-Mobile. After the downstream speed in my neighborhood dropped to about 0.5 Mbps, I did the whole “we’re working on a tower in your area” song and dance, only to have it conclude with “we’re showing excellent coverage in your area, there are no outstanding trouble tickets (I personally submitted three), let’s troubleshoot your phone” several months later. At this point, I realized that the only way for me to get improved coverage and data speeds is to switch carriers, which is exactly what I did.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      easier said then done donate 35 billion and they’ll happily do it. i’m so tired of people like you saying JUST FIX IT… its never that easy t-mobile has limited money and doing the best they can. maybe you should switch !

  • marque2

    Last time they tested with VoLTE turned off because they said it wasnt a common feature, but with VoLTE turned off TMobile, for safety reasons, won’t allow Band 12 to operate, so all the investment TMobile made in Band 12 didn’t show up in the RootMetrics report. I suspect it is the same this time.

  • Mike

    If everyone turned off their wifi and relied on just network TMO couldn’t handle it AND we see just how crappy the network really is. Try it at home/work and see for yourself. Love to hear back the results. TMO relies on you and hundreds of thousands others to us your WIFI to pick up the slack for their fragile coverage. Seriously turn off your wifi and see just how how fast the nations fastest LTE network is and how good the call quality is when not assisted by wifi. You know that Binge ON stuff if everyone did it without wifi on you’d see a network come to its knees.

    • Acdc1a

      You have some issues that need to be resolved. I use T-Mobile as my home ISP.

    • Technophile

      I hope you have a new T-mobile phone and account and you move around any major city in the US to back up your Troll stance. Last weekend I drove from San Francisco to Santa Barbara on 101 and my wife felt like catching up with her TV shows. We use Xfinity TV Go app which is not throttled by Binge On with an LG V10 1440p screen at full resolution… she had a blast!. The whole way (6hrs) we had uninterrupted video stream. We even took a scenic road (lake cachuma) and kept 4g LTE connection. Band 12 covered all those areas Band 4 didn’t pick up before. FYI I have seen Tmobile network in action under stress. Particularly were Verizon has between 20 and 30 small antennas in a public area where thousands of people meet and Tmobile has 3 or 4 in the area. T-mobile’s network technology has shown amazing capability offering phone connectivity and internet service during an event with 60,000 people. I believe that your failure as an observer and reporter is based in that you don’t really know much about cellular technology.
      By the way AT&T is always punishing their customers for using data. All the people I know on AT&T are always afraid to use their data because it will cost them big. AT&T IS afraid of data usage on their network. Verizon users for the most part don’t care they have plenty of money to pay up the nose.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    i’m not worried about this report at all. T-Mobile is doing the best they can with what they have. They have progressed tremendously. This data isn’t even crowd sourced its done by less then 10 people

  • theresakmizrahi5554

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