New reports say T-Mobile has fastest LTE, highest customer satisfaction in the U.S.


Looks like OpenSignal’s network comparison isn’t the only report that T-Mobile fared well in recently.

First up, Ookla’s Speedtest recently shared a report on the stat us U.S. internet in the first half of 2016. On the mobile side, T-Mobile virtually tied with Verizon for fastest download speeds, with T-Mobile posting an average download speed of 21.02Mbps and Verizon putting up an average speed of 21.11.

When focusing on LTE performance, though, Ookla says that T-Mobile has the fastest download and upload speeds. T-Mo put up average download and upload speeds of 22.1Mbps and 12.38Mbps, respectively. Verizon came in second with speeds of 21.32Mbps and 8.30Mbps.


T-Mobile handily won the total upload performance category, posting an average upload speed of 11.59Mbps. Verizon came in second with an average upload speed of 8.22Mbps, while AT&T finished third with 6.77Mbps and Sprint came in fourth with an upload speed of 4.7Mbps.

T-Mobile came in second in Ookla’s test of U.S. LTE coverage, with 95 percent of test samples taking place on T-Mo’s LTE network. Verizon won this category with 98 percent, while AT&T and Sprint tied with 93 percent.


T-Mobile also did well in a new Nielsen Mobile Insights report on customer satisfaction. Magenta earned the highest customer satisfaction rating among the four major U.S. carriers in a survey of more than 300,000 wireless consumers, and T-Mo also came out on top in the “Likely to Recommend” category.

Finally, to celebrate all of its recent network and customer satisfaction wins, T-Mobile put together a new ad spot. The commercial highlights T-Mo’s Extended Range LTE coverage, which officially went live in the San Francisco Bay Area today. You can check out the ad below.

Sources: T-Mobile, Ookla Speedtest

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  • Frankwhitess

    Hmm …. no one has said a comment …. strange …lol.

    • Paul

      Give them time.

  • Steven


  • S. Ali

    This is great news. OpenSignal and Ookla are the most objective and accurate 3rd party tests because they are real-world and don’t sellout to the highest bidder (e.g. RootMetrics, Nielson). These are the real results from real customers. RootMetrics even delayed thier report from what I bet was complaints from Verizon. No doubt even Sprint is sweating from all thier rubbish 1% claims.

    • Mike

      Maybe I should post my crap Tmobile speed tests.

      • S. Ali

        If speeds are crap why are you still a customer? If you’re not, why hang around a T-Mobile fan site?

        • Mike

          Been a customer for almost a year. Used AT&T for many many years. My main reason for still using Tmo is the ability to use/roam while traveling outside the US which I do sometimes. Besides that I’m not impressed with Tmo at all and am not saving any money. I do want them to improve but they also seem to be a really hard headed company with plenty of politics in place.


      • Trevnerdio

        I hardly ever get crap speed tests, I’m sorry that yours are subpar though!

  • vikings football

    take that tmo haters LOL

    • John

      My speed in downtown Chicago says otherwise. Their speeds are complete crap.

  • Mike

    These tests are such BS please don’t make any decisions based on them. I’ve come across many areas with one bar shy of full signal yet download and upload speeds well below 1Mbps absolutely horrible and no change whatsoever so not an intermittent issue. They do have impressive speeds in places like highways which is mostly useless as I don’t spend much time there. They still have a long way to go to compete with the likes of AT&T for example. Their excuses are invalid and they still have no darn dedicated app for reportinh service issues like AT&T’s Mark the Spot.

    • Botiemaster

      That’s all fine and dandy(and sucky) for your neck of the woods. Doesn’t mean the rest of the country suffers those problems. It apparently has to be said even though it shouldn’t: Network areas vary in performance due to #1 enemy of internet bandwidth: the users. If they have such a long way to go to compete in a given area then you need to switch to the dominate buck in said area.

      Personally, I think you’re suffering from throttling after data cap is gone or you live dead in the middle of tmobile country, in which case the other three networks are probably wide open for best speed due to a lack of customers taking up bandwidth…

      • Mike

        Neither applies. Major area, there are two towers nearby. One has horrible third world data speeds, the other tower has decent data speed. Every time I stop at the gas station I run a test and it’s always the same horrible below 1Mps data speed and upload speed is even worse, so bad the data connection is barely usable. It’s been like that for months. I’m talking outdoors with 1 bar shy of a full LTE signal. Less than two miles away I connect to another tower and data speeds are good.

        Not a throttling issue. I have data stash, data pass I have so much available data on my account I can’t possibly use all of it by the end of the year. And I don’t use much data to begin with.

        I don’t bother reporting anything to Tmo because they are useless, they to this day don’t have a platform to properly track and address service issues. Not until they develop a platform and a dedicate phone app. I reported many service issues to them in the past via chat, etc it was a useless waste of time and their bs really ticked me off specially when I have electronics engineering, telecomm and IT background.


      • Mike

        Oh and the test speeds are consistently horrible from this tower I test it once a week so it seems to be more of a tower that has crap bandwidth or an issue that Tmo simply doesn’t know about or has yet to address.


  • Mike

    Oh and a tip if you need help from Tmobile avoid the outsourced India chat. Call during business hours otherwise you will get outsourced phone support too. I wasted months trying to fix an issue with the useless chat support.

    • Their Twitter support works pretty well also.

      • Mike

        I do not use any of those social apps. And besides if you have no data connection or unreliable data connection you can’t use that anyway. What they need is to develop a dedicated app and platform for reporting service issues like AT&T’s mark the spot. Something I used for years and loved while I was an AT&T customer for many years. I have since been with Tmo for almost a year now.

        I’m not crazy about Tmo or impressed overall. The main thing I like is being able to use my phone when I travel outside of the US which I do sometimes besides that I could pay the same or less and have better service overall using AT&T and better options.


        • DKBNYC

          Well you could always switch back to AT&T. Sure they’d love to have you.

  • illstplaya .

    Why did the customer satisfaction significantly go down for each carrier all around the same time?

  • Guest

    App tests suck. I’ll believe them when they give a zero rating of coverage and speed in reported places where other carriers have coverage and whatever speed.

  • Vahdyx

    I doubt Colorado is in this test. It’s not very good here if you ask me.

    • Daniel Marchand

      You’re very right I went to Colorado Springs and had a lot of dropped calls and intermittent connectivity issues. Works great in southeast though…

      • Mace

        Was told in store that the train fit this is the switch over to band 12. Supposedly they are also building four new towers. I don’t know if I can believe this as I have been having issues for months.

        • Daniel Marchand

          That may be it, the phone I took with me had B12 and I saw it was actually using B12 at times to. Overall it was just strange my signal outside would jump between 1-2 bars to 4-5 back and forth sometimes, I had times were the signal would go away and then come back, or it would show a good signal, but data or voice wouldn’t work / drop…. I think densifying the network some will help tremendously my guess is the towers are to sparse. Even when I got back to the airport to turn my rental car in the guy with the handheld scanner was waiting on the network to process my receipt for 30+ seconds was grumbling about the consistency of connection (also eluded they used T-Mobile data for handheld scanners). I do believe they are working on it though, in some cases their fixing of the issue causes more issues until it’s complete also… it’s only gotten better over time for me.

      • Vahdyx

        I believe it! My co-worker went to Florida on vacation and said he had the best service he’s ever experience with ol’ magenta.