T-Mobile beats out AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint in customer satisfaction report


T-Mobile has won its fair share of awards lately, and today another organization is recognizing T-Mo.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) today released a new report that details customer satisfaction among telecommunications companies. Included subscription TV companies, ISPs, cellphone companies, and wireless providers. When it comes to the carriers, T-Mobile beat out the other top three US providers with a score of 74, up from 70 in 2015.

To compare, AT&T and Verizon both earned a score of 71 in this report, while Sprint finished with a 70. Despite beating out its major competition, though, T-Mobile wasn’t the highest scoring carrier in ACSI’s report, with TracFone taking that honor thanks to its score of 75.


When asking consumers about their wireless experience, ASCI inquired about details like the courtesy of store and service center staff, network coverage, call quality, ease of understanding bill, range of plans available, data speeds, and website satisfaction.

As I mentioned before, T-Mobile has recently won awards from J.D. Power and Consumer Reports, so it’s not too surprising to learn that T-Mo fared well in ACSI’s study, too. Un-carrier moves like Binge On and Music Freedom go a long way to attract new customers and keep current ones happy, and T-Mo has been working to improve its coverage with Extended Range LTE, too. Having an outspoken CEO like John Legere that visits call centers and interacts with customers via Periscope probably helps, too.

ACSI also published customer satisfaction ratings for several top smartphone makers. Apple came out on top in these ratings with a score of 81, edging out Samsung and its score of 80. Behind those two was Motorola/Lenovo with 77 HTC with 75, and both LG and Microsoft putting up scores of 74.

Source: ACSI

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  • Mike

    Don’t really know how this can be I think these things are very biased. Tmobile customer care is pretty horrible, AT&T isn’t much better. Hey this is what you get when you outsource…


    • Apple

      Says the guy that don’t have T-Mobile anymore. Let me guess you was that guy in Florida that upset T-Mobile sent you a bill for your iPhones huh?
      I’m sorry you fell mistreated

      • Mike

        Been using Tmobile for months and still am. Used AT&T, Cingular for many many years. You have the wrong person. Not a fan of either company but overall AT&T is still superior in many ways to Tmobile unfortunately. If you want I can provide you with many real examples you and other can prove. I have made plenty of suggestions to Tmobile but it appears their ignorance and internal politics rule over there.


      • Isaiah

        That guy in Florida is still going to have to pay for his phone but their maybe some merit to his claim that T Mobile Falsely advertised no contract when EIP is tied to their service making it techniacly a contract. So he may get some money deducted from what he owes T Mobile but he still is going to owe them money.

        • Acdc1a

          Not this again. Completely separate…if you want to be able to pay your phone over time AND cancel service, put it on your credit card.

        • Isaiah

          Wrong again. The problem is the advertising of no contract in T Mobiles commercials. That is simply not true since you have to sign an agreement for service and you have to sign an agreement if you want EIP which is tied to the service making it a contract. So that makes T Mobile’s advertising of No Contracts false advertising, But the guy agreed to the contract so he is still going to have to pay for the phone minus what the judge awards him for their false advertising.

        • John

          You are starting to sound like quite the tmob apologist.

    • Bryant

      I’m sure “customer care” is only one part of the puzzle. How satisfied customers are overall is what’s being measured. I would guess that the majority of wireless customer don’t have to deal with customer care ever (I don’t, cause I do everything online).

    • Acdc1a

      T-Mobile has always gone overboard to keep me satisfied even going as far as waiving shipping fees for warranty replacements. Maybe you get out what you put in.

    • 0oiiiiio0

      I’ve had t-mobile since 2002 and I’ve always had kind and courteous
      customer care reps and have never spoken to someone outsourced. While a
      mistake was made on one call, it was quickly corrected when I called

      • Mike

        I’m speaking of the chat support which is horrible! I have an on-going issue that I’m at the point of cancelling service with Tmobile. Have contacted them well over 10 times, case was supposed to be escalated several times and all I get is calls from outsourced folks who cannot resolve the issue and keep giving me the same excuse. The good thing is that I have the chat transcript which shows what tmobile was supposed to do and never did and all the bs in between. Sure they are all very nice and seem like great people, they are
        clueless and useless at best!

        I never had these issues with AT&T in fact I barely every even used their chat support. If I had any service issues which were rare I would simply report them using their awesome Mark the Spot App, Tmobile still does not have anything with that capability what a shame they could really use it with the still crappy network they have in many locations. The only and single reason why I left AT&T was because they screwed up the iPhone trade program I participated in and that situation left me really fed up. Other than the International roaming that Tmobile offers which I like (but is far from perfect and with plenty of flaws) I would actually pay less (as I also get a discount from my Employer) with AT&T and would have better service so I’m at the point right now where if this ongoing issue is not solved by Tmobile they are getting the boot.


        • 0oiiiiio0

          Chat could be outsourced due to not being able to ‘hear’ them type. I would not recommend having them call you. Call 611 from your phone, i’ve never had to wait more than 10 minutes and have never sounded outside US.

          Also try and email & tweet the CEO – john.legere@t-mobile.com – you will probably end up with a top tier contact.

        • Acdc1a

          Wait…so you can’t be bothered to pick up the phone to dial 611 or drop into a corporate location, and you want to complain about customer service? Am I reading this right?

        • Joseph Cathey

          Call them. Their chat teams are just meant for quick questions like “when is my bill due?” or “Why is my bill so high?”, they were never trained to do full on troubleshooting. You’ve basically checked the FAQ and are now claiming their help center is useless.

          Their customer service is top notch. One guy told me flat out that he couldn’t fix the issue, but immediately offered to get me to the person who could. I appreciated the honesty and everything was fixed within the hour.

      • John

        I’m a post pay customer and have spoken to some people with very thick Indian accents. I didn’t ask where they were from, so not sure if outsourced. But they did a professional and courteous job.

    • John

      Yes, this data is cherry picked for sure. It seems like every year tmob brags about having the best customer service, while the data shown above shows that last year they did not. Each year they pick whatever report makes them look the best.

  • Larry E

    I’ve been with TMobile for 5 years and was with AT&T before that. TMobile’s customer service has always been very good. I’ve had issues and they resolved them the best they could. AT&T, on the other hand has done everything they can to screw me at every turn, charge for services I haven’t used and refused to waive fees that were absolutely ridiculous.

  • Isaiah

    T Mobile’s pre paid and no credit check accounts are all handled overseas no american call centers for those accounts. Their overseas support is okay to average. T Mobile’s post paid support is handled in the USA but you could end up overseas call center but that is rare when that happens. I got their post paid service about 14 days ago. When I have called in so far I have always got an American call center. The only exception is their porting department which I believe is overseas since everybody I spoke to in the porting department had a very thick foreign accent and could tell that English was not their first language. Their English was so broken in the overseas call center that handles their port requests, I had to call T Mobile’s office of the president to process the port request for me so they did not screw it up.

  • jj201367

    T-Mobile is the best and customer service is the best

    • John

      *Sometimes*. Not always. And personally I think legere is driving this company in the wrong direction.

  • I’ve had to use T-Mo customer service on a number of occasions, and every time they’ve been top notch. I wish every company I dealt with handled things as well as T-Mo has.

    Sounds like a paid endorsement, but it’s not. I’m just a happy customer. John Legere took away one of the huge pain points in my life – my cell service/contract. Thank you, Mr. Legere.

  • Chuck Fuller

    people will believe what they want, no matter what the facts are. Think Republican’s……IF folks don’t like what they read, see hear, they just think it’s biased….