T-Mobile wins J.D. Power customer care study once again


Looks like T-Mobile’s Q2 2015 results aren’t the only bit of good news for Legere and Co. today.

J.D. Power today released the results of the second volume of its customer care study for 2015, and T-Mobile has come out on top. The study looked at how happy wireless customers are with the customer care performance of their full-service and non-contract operators.

T-Mobile took top honors in the full-service category with a score of 795 out of 1000. AT&T finished in second place with 792, while Verizon and Sprint fell below the full-service average score of 781 by finishing with 776 and 748, respectively. J.D. Power reports that T-Mobile did particularly well with its automated response phone system and its customer service reps.

This marks the 13th time that T-Mobile has won J.D. Power’s Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Study, which is more than half of the total number of times that the rankings have been published (22). John Legere was understandably thrilled with the news, saying:

“Congratulations to our AMAZING frontline employees! This award is all theirs. They are the heart and soul of the Un-carrier movement, and I can’t wait to celebrate this awesome achievement with them!”

Moving to prepaid, T-Mobile’s MetroPCS brand didn’t win top honors, but it did perform well. Metro took second place in the customer care non-contract study with 745 out of 1000 points, finishing behind Virgin Mobile and its 760 point score. Finishing below MetroPCS was Cricket with a score of 741, Boost Mobile with 732, TracFone with 688, Straight Talk with 674, and Net10 with 670.

So yeah, it looks like T-Mobile did pretty well for itself in the latest J.D. Power report. John Legere had made a habit of traveling around the country and meeting with T-Mo staffers working in the stores and on the phone to help customers, and I’d say that it shows, with those same reps helping to push T-Mobile to win another J.D. Power customer care award.

Another note about J.D. Power’s report is that it found that consumer adoption of equipment installment plans is growing because they allow early and frequent device upgrades. T-Mobile helped to make these plans popular in the US, and it looks like they’re continuing to grow as other carriers adopt their own versions of T-Mo’s offerings. J.D. Power’s report says that EIP customers are generally less satisfied with their carrier’s customer care, though, so that’s one area that T-Mo can work to stay sharp on in the future.

Source: J.D. Power

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  • Acdc1a

    I’ll start out by saying ALL carriers (and uncarriers) have customer service that varies between fair and horrifying. T-Mobile is the best of the bunch that I’ve used. They need to do a better job of getting everyone on the same page when it comes to promotions, policies, and retention. That could really make T-Mobile great in the customer service side of things.

    • PC_Tool

      VZW and T-Mobile have always done well by me.

      Sprint, on the other hand, will never see another dime from me. Ever. I don’t even care that they are a completely different company than they were back when I used them (12 years ago).

      Irrational, maybe; but due to the worst Customer Service experience I have ever had in my entire life. They earned my family’s irrational hatred, so they can have it.

      I’ve no experience with AT&T whatsoever, but have heard from friends that in-store, it is on par with VZW.

      At least this isn’t the Cable industry. (Yet…?)

      • Mike Palomba

        Just ditched Sprint last year and as of then customer support was still terrible.

        • Ascertion

          Ditto. Sprint renewed my contract while telling me they wouldn’t. Took numerous phone calls and time to finally get it resolved. Although I’ve had rough customer service with T-Mobile, too. (Although my line is prepaid there.) I’ve had good experiences with AT&T. Verizon CS seems to be a hit or miss, although my only experience with Verizon is a sales guy trying his best to sell us on his plan.

        • IsaacLHawk


    • Mike Palomba

      Agreed, well partially, in my experience T-Mobile customer support is amazing. They’re helpful, friendly, and always in a good mood. But I do agree that they are not always 100% correct about promotions

  • steven berson

    I’ve been very happy with tmobile customer service. Very helpful, polite, and not to pushy on making me spend my money. Cant say the same for Comcrap!! Hate those F****** Wish tmobile was able to offer 100gb hotspot at the house with the lte speeds I’m getting normally 15-30mbps. One can dream i guess..

    • Philip

      I dont like Comcast too. But I try my best to be polite and I was able to get my HSI renew for only $5 more. Now I am getting 75mbps. Yah, if I can have more competition, that would be nice.

      • steven berson

        I’ve very polite when my promotion runs out however every 6 month even with the promotion the prices keep going up. At my new house I start off paying $140 per month. 5 years later I have less channels minus voice and I’m at $200 with a promotion! Without around $270. S.FL has only att and comcast. Att in most places have at most 10mbps. They know this and take advantage. FCC approved Att to buy Directv. My savior is Google!

        • Mike Palomba

          Try out Directv. I love it.

        • steven berson

          Had them. Every time it rained pos stopped working.

        • Mike Palomba

          How long ago? I believe in 2014 they changed the dish design and discontinued the old one. We’ve had them for 2 years not and in torrential rain and heavy snow we don’t lose TV. Probably lost it about 5 times in the last 2 years and it isn’t out for long when it does go out. Picture quality, customer service, and price are just unbeatable.

        • steven berson

          I had them around 2008 and at that time it was pretty bad. They also drilled so many holes in my house and had wires running all over the place. If you don’t mind me asking how many channels do you get and how much they charge?

        • Mike Palomba

          We have the choice package which is 175+ channels and for the first year it was like 74 per month, this year (2nd) it’s 124 per month. And that’s with 6 TV’s . Also we previously had FiOS so they just used all the FiOS wires and didn’t have to make any holes or anything like that.

  • notyourbusiness

    I had one very negative experience with a sales rep in a T-Mobile store back in 2011, but I’ve never had a poor experience with their customer service – it’s always been good to excellent. Kudos, T-Mo!

  • Ashton3002

    I have experienced good customer service with everyone. However I have never had an issue with AT&T or T-mobile CS. Verizon I’ve had a few issues and sprint it’s a hit or miss

    • Daniel Darnell

      I’ve used Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile at some point in time. T-Mobile and AT&T have always had the best and most consistent customer service. Sprint was a bit of a mixed bag but generally fine, Verizon though I always had issues with they have terrible CS and some really rude/poorly trained reps.

    • Jrunner

      I have had all except sprint. Many years ago, had issues with Verizon (a rep in a store set up a family account wrong and long story short- ended up with a $550 bill that took the entire month to correct because no one there except the never present supervisor seemingly can fix after it hits $150. Mind you, knew it wasn’t doing “mobile to mobile” minutes the wrong way at the time and both customer service and the store said it would be fine. It wasn’t). I always had great luck with AT&T. After an update that messed up how Iphone downloaded podcasts (wouldn’t finish downloading so continued to repeatedly hit the data network once I left wi-fi and racked up 1.5 gigs in less than a day) the wrote off the charges and helped me to figure out a way to keep up to date with data use better. T-mobile was great with helping me switch from AT&T, except they sent the SIM card by mule train postal service I think and it took 12 days to get to me. However, they wrote off the charges I received while I waited for it. Very friendly on the phone, and the reps in the local store seemed knowledgable. Still, in most instances (and especially with Verizon), I’d always try to call the reps first rather than visit a storefront for the best customer experience.

  • Crucifixion Cruxi

    Count my experience negative. My problems haven’t been solved for months

    • steveb944

      Have you tweeted Legere?

    • Paul

      What are your problems?

  • Mike

    I have had a great customer experience with T-Mobile going back to the VoiceStream Wireless days. I have always been treated well. When I think of great customer experience, I think of Honda, T-Mobile, and Southwest Airlines.

    • Drewski

      Yes that part right there is sooo true dude. Southwest is like the other version to T-Mobile with their truly unlimited-ness type of ways there. Yay.

  • 9to5Slavery

    I’m still getting throttled every month

    • steveb944

      Quit trolling.

      • 9to5Slavery

        fandroid + tmobile sheep = ultimate incompetent ignorants out there

        • steveb944

          Blindly paying customers = ultimate idiots
          If the servicr doesn’t fit you, move onto the next one.

        • 9to5Slavery

          yeah there’s so much service. shut the hell up dweeb.

        • steveb944

          We can’t all be cheap bastards. Verizon will take you, but pay up.

    • steven berson

      Solution. Pay more!

      • 9to5Slavery

        paying for unlimited >.> dumb azz

    • Paul

      So up your data threshold.

    • Thatguy

      I don’t
      get throttled because I have unlimited data. You should try ;)

      • 9to5Slavery

        I have unlimited >.>

    • gmo8492

      Hey its better than paying data overages from dumb and dumber.

  • emcdonald75

    I wish T-Mobile fix the website. I still cannot get access to My Account. The Rep told me that they are aware of the problem but it is taking so long to fix. It has been several days now and the problem still exists.

    • Terry

      I am having the same problems. I just want access to my account.

      • ImLynxy

        I twitted J.Legere about this , twitter team is on it. Had conversation with CS , it is top priority ticket for them now. Same problem.

    • Brian the populist.

      They told me to download the tmobile app that the tmobile website is not meant to be accessed by mobile browsers blah blah blah. So i did and im able to view my info.

      • emcdonald75

        Yeah I just discovered that on my own yesterday using my tablet. I have heard of website maintenance and system upgrades overnight or maybe a couple of days but not for weeks at a time. What I wished was fixed is that coverage map. I just drove to an area today that shows excellent 4GLTE coverage on the map in the city of Madison, MS, next to the interstate, but my Galaxy Note 4 showed 1 bar of nothing which I am assumed is 2G. This is next to the interstate where I thought T-Mobile had the best coverage? I was trying to use my Google maps to find the new Sam’s and I couldn’t. No data no texts or no phone calls could be made. But the map shows excellent 4G LTE coverage. I am like WTF!

  • Aaron C

    Every interaction I’ve had with T-Mobile customer support has been excellent. The biggest factor is that their chat representatives are given a lot of power to do things normally reserved in other companies by telephone operators.

    If I’m on a chat session, I expect my issue to be resolved while I’m on chat doing other things. I HATE getting on chat and eventually being given a number to call. If I wanted to spend time on hold, I would have called in the first place.


    • Mike Palomba

      How do you chat with them? I’ve never been able to find a chat support link anywhere on their website

      • Aaron C

        Go to support.t-mobile.com and click on “Contact Us” at the top right. In the middle of the page will be three contact boxes – My T-Mobile, Live Chat, and Social Support. In the middle should be “Chat Now >”

  • steveb944

    “J.D. Power’s report says that EIP customers are generally less satisfied with their carrier’s customer care, though, so that’s one area that T-Mo can work to stay sharp on in the future.”

    They need to make promos not only to reel customers in, but also for loyal ones. E.g. that recent iPhone promo left everyone else that is still paying off their iPhone with NOTHING. I’m sure they’re ticked for not getting the same pricing as newbies.

  • Abhinav Tella

    I had to replace my Z3 7 times, and last four of which were after the 14 day remorse, TMO replaced my devices quickly and backdated JUMP for me temporarily so I could get 1 day shipping and even offered to cancel most of my EIP and let me get a new device at a discount if it ever happened again. Fortunately phone #8 is good lol.

    Customer service has been really excellent overall.

    • TaylorW86

      Ah, so you’re the one that got them all. Now T-Mobile only warranty exchanges the Z3 with the Galaxy S5. What problem were you having with all 7 phones?

      • Abhinav Tella

        From severe lightbleed between frame and glass to crackling top speaker to pink camera to missing paint in front bezel near bottom speaker which was causing an extra LED like effect.

        Finally got a good one only minor light leak but good lol. Fortunately CPU Bin increased over last four 5,6,7,8 lol.

        I was not aware they are only exchanging for S5, since when did they start that? My last exchange was in mid June.

        I think only the TMO version had issues as they said they discontinued sale due to complaints. International version seems not to have quality control issues as much other than the occasional waterproof fail.