• Junior Gutierrez

    Told them the issue has been happening since last month reps didn’t know what to do but reset my password and of course that didn’t solve the problem

  • Tomas Perez

    i have been having issues for almost a month now, the first time i called they filed a ticket than i called back to check on the ticket because i was still having the same issue and the representative simply told me that it was not true they can file tickets because its a known issue and tmobile is working on it, well now its going for a month and it wont let me see my plan, pay my bill or see my bill it wont let me do anything. its a real pain not able to do anything on your online account.

  • livewire1981

    Been going on for me for about two weeks. Just my line though, not the others. Good to know they acknowledge it and are working on it.

  • Cash Hunter

    I’ve been trying for about 5 days. What was really funny was both the twitter feed and T-Mobile customer care, have you tried clearing your browser history, have you tried clearing the cache or cookies, try a different browser. Hold on one second, a few minutes later. Oh I see it is a global outage we should have it fixed shortly. Not the smartest kids on the block.

  • SouthernCanuck

    It started happening to me earlier this week. I finally called in yesterday and the rep kept sending me password resets, and wasn’t grasping that I was in a loop. He finally put me on hold and came back saying it’s a bigger issue and he was opening a ticket. At least he let me pay my bill over the phone without charge since I hadn’t been able to log in for days.

  • Sushimane

    This occasionally happens nothing new to me anyway hopefully it stops now.

  • cinsu

    Hey, thanks for posting Alex! FWIW I also sent the same email to John Legere

  • Chris

    @TmobileHelp twitter support says, “Our web team is engaged and we expect a resolution very soon.”

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    I have been having issues with login for about 2 weeks. I called in last Wednesday the 22nd and was promised a ticket for resolution but nothing was done. i called in again on the 29th and was told similar story. I even suggested some solutions. I was able to login with my alternate number for the tablet line but it only worked once and then it had the same issue of register your number, it’s already registered, please login on, register your number. It’s like a loop. I am suppose to get a follow up call from the Rep from 29th with either and update or resolution.

  • Willie D

    It’s been going on over a week now, I was told it would be fixed last night. Guess what..not fixed. If they are actively working on it, the team must be a small team and work only 9am-2pm cause NOTHING has changed to look fixed to me. They need a bigger team working more hours to fix this. Hell, I even got access to some random persons account and he mine, so its not just a log in issue, its a privacy and security issue.

  • Brian the populist.

    Who ever took charge of tmus news sucks. Writing articles really late and i feel so uninformed now about tmus current news.

    • Mike Palomba

      Don’t visit the site then

  • D. Maki

    I haven’t had access to my web account for at least a month cause of this issue.

  • Magnetic

    Whenever I log in I can’t see the current month’s bill.

  • williejackbrainer

    The app seems to be working fine.

  • williejackbrainer

    I just logged in and it worked. Perhaps it’s fixed or maybe it is for some of us.

  • Adam Benfer

    I got transferred to the Tier 2 service. The rep said T-Moble is doing server/system upgrades after putting it off for almost 10 years. They had to take some critical systems offline to make back-ups before bringing them up on the new servers. I was told to expect many errors until Monday morning.

    • orlando duran

      Sounds like the rep might be out the door soon, as in disgruntled. Cause what they said to you is a load of dog excrement

      • Adam Benfer

        You say that as a T-Mobile employee or just your own opinion?

        I can log into one of my accounts just fine but my other one is stuck in an endless loop because it needs me to verify my email and it won’t let me enter in my password. Another rep was unable to manually update my email either.
        The rep, who told me about the servers was not saying that all the servers were going offline at the same time. It would be a staged upgrade with different errors depending on which systems were taken offline.

        • (J²)

          I’m in the same boat.

          I do believe the information you were provided with may be falsified. Unfortunately, it is a common practice in call centers to lie or withhold information in attempts to put customers at ease.

          T-Mobile has certainly been doing some upgrades but beyond that, the information you were provided with is false. If a server is taken offline, it would impact everyone equally unless resulting in poor website and feature performance, intermittent errors and etc. but that’s not the case. I truly don’t believe T-Mobile knows what is going on, if they did they would have either fixed it or found a better way to go about completing upgrades.

          A rep. may have given you information he felt was true, another common practice in call centers.

    • IsaacLHawk


  • orlando duran

    Funny, I sign into my account just fine, so do some of my friends on tmobile

    • thepanttherlady

      I was able to sign in yesterday to pay my bill but had a problem getting in last month that lasted about a week.

      I hope you understand and realize that when there is a problem it may not affect everyone.

    • (J²)

      Yes, it doesn’t impact everyone.

      I have a 3 Line Family Plan (in addition to 1 hotspot and 2 tablets on prepaid) and only 2 of us are able to access it. This has been ongoing since 7/20. Until 7/25, none of us had access. It wasn’t T-Mobile’s doings that resolved it for 2 of us either.

      Apparently, the only way around it is if you have a T-Mobile number that is not yet associated with a T-Mobile ID or a number change is made.

  • Chilehead

    I haven’t been able to login since 7/22. I was told it would be fixed yesterday. I tried logging in this morning but I’m still stuck in the loop. Evidently they didn’t sufficiently test these web site changes before deploying them.

  • (J²)

    I’m honestly troubled by this. This issue has been ongoing and led to confusion internally as well. This has been occurring for nearly 2 weeks and has not seen a resolution. 2 weeks is not an acceptable turn around time for such an issue for such a large company. If T-Mobile needs to hire another firm to handle their website and apps, by all means do it.

    • Andrew Singleton

      mines been about 6 weeks. cant even pay my bill, see my billl, change designations, nothing.

    • Chris

      Is it only for some customers?
      I just logged in 3 days ago without a problem.

      • steveb944

        Yes. Myself and all users on our account have had no issue.

    • KingCobra

      I agree. It’s something that should have been addressed within 48 hours by a company this large.

  • Cortney

    Another one who can’t login… 14 days for me now.

  • Scott Benfield

    I feel bad … It haven’t had any issues the past 2 weeks. Hell I just logged in no problem.

  • Oms

    I haven’t been able to log out from my account! I closed the browser yesterday and when I came back this morning, I was still logged in and able to move around the screens. I think that not being able to log out is worse than not getting in.

  • Gseltj

    I had this problem since July 20th. I called twice and was told that they’re working on it. I hope they fix it soon!!

  • Angel Nieves

    I’ve had this login issue for over about a week. I’ve called twice about the issue. I hope they can get it fixed soon. I was told there was an update to the website.

  • Paul M

    I’ve had exactly the “endless loop” problem described. I’ve been unable to log in since July 24. I was told then that the problem would be fixed by Tuesday the 21st. Yesterday I was told it would be fixed by today. But it’s still there. I’ve been with T-Mobile only since January; I’ve heard it has lousy customer service and this seems to confirm it.

    • (J²)

      I agree, I joined in September and no one seems knowledgeable in anything.

      I’ve had to correct many representatives on policies, procedures and general information.

      As of 2 days ago, Customer Care was collectively unaware of this problem.

  • 21stNow

    My message was different. I tried to login to one of my prepaid accounts and I got the message that the number was canceled. I logged in again, was greeted with some unusual email verification information, but was then able to go into my account to reload it with no problems. This all happened around 7PM ET yesterday.

    • (J²)

      Someone from the “Solution Center” has advised that cancelling and immediately reinstating a line resets the associated T-Mobile ID.

      I do not trust T-Mobile with such a task.

  • Whiskers

    Had this problem since my last payment date , could’nt log on and pay my monthly bill .
    Then i called CS and they said i could pay it now on the phone with them right then , so i did.
    Now i got a one time $5.00 fee added to my bill for paying it that way and not on line which i could’nt do in the first place .
    Still pissed about that even though it’s only $5.00 .

    • (J²)

      You need to call/chat them and explain to have that removed.

    • SirStephenH

      Call them up and explain what happened. If they say no then ask to talk to their supervisor. They should remove it or credit your account.

      • Whiskers

        Update , T-Mobile credited the $5.00 on my next bill .
        I’m impressed they did it with no hassle .:D

    • gmo8492

      You could have also gone to a T-Mobile store and pay your bill, but guessing that it was last minute.

  • Bourgeois

    I called support today to report a problem I’m experiencing with the site. The CS agent told me the site has only been having problems for the past 24 hours and it should be fixed soon. When I informed him my problem has been ongoing for over a month and people have been reporting issues for months on reddit his only reply was we just were only informed there problems last night. This is the first he has heard of problems with the website.

    To which I say….Lying sack of shprint.

    • FACT

      Dude…ish happen, when it fix its fix. Stop #itching are port to new provide

  • spoggle

    I have had the problem for two weeks and have been told it was a known issue and that it was being worked on for all that time. The service reps seem to be getting fed up with the web team for sure.

  • Steve

    So can’t get on to pay my bill. Says that they’re currently updating. Must be some update to take over 24 hours.

  • Chilehead

    I was FINALLY able to login to my account this evening. Hopefully everyone else can access their accounts now as well.

  • cinsu

    Finally back up for me this evening, it only took 10 days, 3 phone calls, 2 tweets, an email to the CEO and CCd to tmonews. Thanks again Alex!


    • Chilehead

      I’m certain that you were instrumental in getting the web site fixed ;)

      • F U

        Your Welcome!

        • Chilehead

          I’m sorry hero….I forgot to say thanks ;)

  • onstrike112

    I hadn’t had any problems, and I log onto their web service almost 3 times a week. I guess I just lucked out?

  • It appear to help…

    I had this problem over a month until recently, After submitting a ticket via customer service and writing a letter, I decided to send a twitter message to John Legere the CEO and
    T- mobile USAHelp, It appear to help somewhat…

    • ImLynxy

      I also twitted, called , wrote, no help at all. J.L. prefers to be a media star rather to fix a problem. Very sad, just switched to t-mo, but probably go back to att. You get what you pay for.

  • Jesslyn Hendrix

    This is the worst! It started for me when they decided that I’d have to use my email instead of my phone number to log on. Since I also have a prepaid hotspot linked to my email account, I guess it got confused. One rep told me that it has something to do with a symbol in my password.

    One of the things that is bothering me about this is that I’m getting texts to pay a bill that they won’t email me and I can’t see.

    Whatever this is, I hope it is fixed soon

  • KingCobra

    This is so annoying. It’s been happening to me for a week straight. Changed my password like 5 times trying to login and nothing. One thing I will say is that when I had Verizon their website was way more organized and fluid. This has always been an area where T-Mobile has needed to improve. Funny how they were still sending me texts to pay the bill but I couldn’t login to do it. Had to go drive to a store and wait in line to pay.

    • Robbie

      Or you could call in and make a payment. Don’t need to be so dramatic

      • Ginger917

        Isn’t there something called autopay?

  • Gseltj

    I was able to log in now but it’s a little different now. I have 4 lines on my account and is asking to select which line I want to work on. I am the primary account holder so I have access to all the lines but it didn’t do this before.

    • Charmed79

      Same here, just logged in and got the same, never did it before.

  • kgraham182

    But but but…… T-Mobile has the best customer service.

    • Chilehead

      T-Mobile’s customer service is actually pretty good. They even gave me credit for the web site login issue. I’d be more inclined to blame their IT Dept. for failing to adequately test the web site changes prior to deployment.

  • gr8gatzby

    I am still stuck in the “loop”, and unable to access my account. Have not been able to access it for 8 days.

  • Anthony Colonna

    I have been having this issue for over a week. When you call, no one can give you any information on when it will be fixed. I was told it would not effect any other aspect of my account but when I went into a T-Mobile store to use my first Jump on Demand to take advantage of the new iPhone promotion, I was told that there was a system error and they could not do any Jump on Demands…what is going on with T-Mobile’s IT…Very Frustrating!

    • Glen Baeret

      Last week, T-Mobile announced that it is hiring 150 new workers with IT skills at its corporate office. Most likely, this announcement is in response to issues around billing and sign-off.

      They say “IT Workers”, but what they really needed was to fire the PMO teams who signoff on projects which haven’t been thoroughly tested.

      • (J²)

        From what I’ve gathered, T-Mobile does not have a strong IT team (if one at all). Anyone notice that the website an app are laughable when compared to other companies in the tech. industry. T-Mobile could reduce it’s call volume and hold times if it introduced more self service options. Cancelling plan changing, number port in, number changes and add a line SHOULD NOT require a call to T-Mobile.

        ***Yes, some customers DO have to call T-Mobile to add lines because the website does not accurately reflect the number of lines they are allowed to have.

        • thepanttherlady

          Site says I can’t add anymore lines despite being eligible. Had to call in to get it done.

  • (J²)

    The original problem of not being able to login due to being sent into a registration loops seems to be resolved. Unfortunately, there’s a new problem impacting the Primary Account Holder on Family Plans – Apparently there isn’t one as far as My T-Mobile is concerned. I’m not able to manage any line but my own (although I am able to view all), that means no upgrades or changes can be made unless they are account-wide changes. Users under the account are prompted to register as a PAH but are also unable to make any changes.

  • Attempt to login to My T-Mobile. The system informs me that I can now login with email, when I add my email informs me that I have another account with that email – please give the password. From there it’s all over and I’m in round robin of being unable to login.

    Like many people I have a Chromebook where I believe that I have an account setup, a prepaid $30, and my post-paid. My guess is that this is what breaks T-Mobile’s attempt at account management.

    A phone call this morning to T-Mobile brings the myriad of carrier excuses and the inevitable “we are going to file a trouble ticket with engineering” and call you back.

    All subsequent attempts to reset password now fail and I’m deadlocked waiting for T-Mobile. This has been ongoing for well over 10 days since 7/21/15 when I first noticed it.

    I’ve no doubt this is fixed for you (and others) – just adding that it still is not working for some users and my guess is that it has to do with multiple account consolidation.

    • The issue is NOT resolved if you have any other accounts with T-Mobile using the same email address that you are trying to register with. You will get issued a ticket from a sympathetic sounding tech and then never hear anything more.

  • Glen Baeret

    Seems like T-Mobile, as usual, went through its acceptance process for the Ericsson Billing System Modernization project with inadequate testing scripts, and spot-checks. Lack of testing is typical of T-Mobile and its PMO processes. It seems their goal is always to close the project early and under-budget. To accomplish this, QA testing can be inadequate, test-scripts could lack important customer actions such as signing-in. All this can accomplish a goal to get acceptance sign-off much faster. In turn, the extra budget can be reallocated into the “Bonus Check” account.

    This isn’t new. For example, its network coverage map is terribly inaccurate, but it continues to be utilized as a marketing and sales tool used by its employees in the stores which have the word “T-Mobile” on the front door.

    • Chilehead

      Perhaps a bit TMI for most but clearly, as you have sufficiently indicated, this was a lack of adequate testing which I mentioned in an earlier post.

  • Steven Rash

    I just had the same issue. Was advised it’s still a known issue and that I’ll get a text and email letting me know when it’s fixed and that I’ll be compensated. Heh. Yeah. Sure that will happen.

  • Jeff Fandl

    TMO has been having website issues almost every weekend and sometimes throughout the week. (I’ve been tracking it since April 14th and have tens of screenshots of the failing website) It can be unable to logon, too many redirects, inconsistent captcha popup, no call records or sms records. The list goes on and on. It’s been very frustrating to see this so consistently.

    As an IT Leader, one piece of advice to give TMO is NO CHANGES should be made on Friday-Sunday. They make changes on Friday evening and the website is broken the entire weekend, apparently the web support team doesn’t work weekends. I rely on the call records to be accurate and available but often find it doesn’t work.

  • notyourbusiness

    Yup, I had this problem too. I thought it might be related to their new system of letting people now login via their email address. Odd.

  • (J²)

    Appears to be resolved entirely as of today (at some point) even all subsequent issues appear to be resolved. Unfortunately, all prior “known issues” seem to be ongoing. Smh…

  • Andrew Singleton

    not resolved.

    • ImLynxy

      in your shoes. No solutions. Thanks God I didn’t cancel my Att.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    My account is working now. I couldn’t login for over 2 weeks.

    • ImLynxy

      Lucky, mine is still in the loop

  • ImLynxy

    Still no solution for me. :-(

  • Autumnmist

    Still no good, can’t even reset password, been close to a month now.

  • pattersonha

    Not resolved for me. TMobile support said they tried to access the account and could not. Claimed ongoing issues and/or changes to the website and servers were likely to blame, suggested trying again after the weekend. This has been going on for me since July 20th or 22nd.

  • thepanttherlady

    I’ve been able to get in but for the past few days I haven’t been able to access the Family Allowances function. When I click the link it takes me to a screen to allow me to add it even though it’s already on my account. :/ I ended up canceling it since I have a 3rd party option I can use.

  • ilajara

    I haven’t been able to log in for almost 2 months !!!just keeps going in a loop asking for password then email adress and back to password over and over. Have lots of tickets put in seems like eternity since I’ve seen an itemized bill.

  • fffthis

    how does it take my money but i can’t login………………….

  • Scarlet

    You can login by registering with a different email. Then at least you can see your account info. I’ve tried to edit the email back to my old one but it won’t let me since I assume it’s still attached to the old account. Hopefully we can get them to clear it from the old t-mobile account. Had I known this would happen I would have changed it before I upgraded. Annoying tech glitch that should be fixed pronto – rookie mistake!

    • Matilde L Brewer

      Have you tried again with the newer email address? I don’t think that’s their issue. I just think they have a bad IT support system, someone who isn’t doing his job right.

  • mountainwizard11

    Ongoing password issues for over 6 months, still an ongoing problem as of 9/4/2015
    No solution insight!
    T-mobile get your head out of the sand!

  • mountainwizard11

    That sucking sound you are hearing @ T-mobile is the sound of the customers leaving due to the ongoing website issues. The people you have enrolled will be switching to anyone else due to your inabilities to resolve this issue.

    You should at least tell your Customer Service People that this is an ongoing issue.

  • VeryVickie

    I can log in ok. One rep told me “EVERY WEEKEND T-MOBILE DOES THEIR WEBSITE UPDATES… IT’s A KNOWN ISSUE.” I was on the phone with them in July to set up T-Mobile hot spot from 10AM – 6PM off and on and often on hold, rep couldn’t help. AND 2 MONTHS LATER STILL HAVE SAME WEBSITE ISSUE .Trying to just type my debit card # and pay for a week or a month, then it gives me an error message “Website cannot . . . at this at this time, try again later or call.” It should say “WEBSITE and Your MAINAGEMENT Acct NOT AVAILABLE ALL DAY/NIGHT – EVERY WEEKEND. I wanted to see how the internet service is for a couple months before I commit my money every month, on-going automatically from my bank acct, and seeing how much GB I need for NetFlix. I’m just about to give up and call Cox for their fast internet – just not mobile. . . I here their internet is very reliable.

  • MichaelSF

    I’ve had problems when trying to log into T-Mobile web site over the past few years. I am able to log in maybe 10% of the time. Most of the time, after I enter my id and password, it’s just a rotating clock waiting for the web site to come up, and it usually doesn’t.
    At this day and age, T-Mobile web site is probably the worst, un-functional web site I ever know. It feels like a web site from 1990s, using dial-up. I don’t try to log on that often, but most of the time when I do, it’s not working.

  • terry

    I had the same issues for a month, and it continues today as well. Tmobile customer service says they don’t know of any issue on their end.

  • Jenny Dee

    still a problem here…

  • Serena O’Gwin-Miranda

    I have not been able to use the mytmobile site for months and today it still doesn’t work! ugh! “Sorry, we are currently experiencing problems with our server. Please try again later.” Seriously?!?! get it working already!

    • Matilde L Brewer

      Same problem. Same message.

  • Done With It

    I haven’t been able to sign in for a couple of months. I just get a slow, spinning wheel showing that my browser is trying to connect…and a grey screen. Does. Not. Work.

  • Oriana in the DR

    I have had a login problem for over a year and my issue is due to living outside of the US. I have access denied message, for which T-mobile says that this does not exist and I have relentlessly have asked them to look into. If not I have to go into a proxy to be able to get to see “my login” page, which doesn’t always work like right now. So pay my bill because an incredible hassle, since I would like to see the content of my bill before paying for it over the phone, as the option they provide to get their needs met but yet my issue is still prevalent.

  • GT

    Cannot get full access to my account since September..(primary account holder log in issues) called TM every month twice, talk with 3/4 persons each time, get technical dept. issuing tickets with promises and …and …nothing as usual! Tried to talk with supervisors and they will do everything to except.. getting credit? no way… so you cannot manage your account and it’s ok!! TM what a JOKE.

  • sister6

    WTH…I can’t get on since September either. I have to change my password everytime i want to log on. How inconvenient!!! I need to change functions/ add-ons etc and cannot.

    • Chris Bates

      Ditto… I just started trying this last week and I changed my password and now when I log on it just sits there. I see the little pink spinning wheel in my sleep and it never goes away

      • Matilde L Brewer

        Same as in my case.
        It has to stop!

    • Matilde L Brewer

      It doesn’t seem that problem. I have to eliminate the cookies and the web link in my Favorites on my laptop. But of late, not even that helps. Some time ago that process was working. And, you are right, I think that it has been a long time since I was logging in without any issues before.

  • j

    yep.. I haven’t been able to log in since 3/20/16. talked to supervisors and customer service.. I keep getting, our engineers are working on it.. blah,blah,blah.. getting tired of this

    • Matilde L Brewer

      I have had the same problem too, but since December 2015! I really like paying online, as it helps me keep track of my payments as I try to save the last page (the print confirmation page) in my laptop.

  • Fehr Lady

    Can’t get in despite being given temporary passwords, creating new ones and nothing. I’ve been with T-Mobile for years and never had these problems. What gives??? Would like to continue a discounted program and dispute a charge, but no access

  • Matilde L Brewer

    I have had this issue with the log-in (first page information) now for several months.
    I also found out, that what it seemed a solution before, it stopped working: I deleted the cookies, deleted the website from my Favorites, even deleted temp files, well… It was working for a while, from time to time, NOT ANY MORE.
    I at first thought that it was because I was using a Dell tablet (Windows RT 8.1), so I was blaming the Windows RT software, also I blamed Internet Explorer, then I tried my phone (blaming the phone too) and last, today, tried my husband’s laptop with Linux, on Mozilla Firefox.
    That’s the moment I gave up.
    It’s a pity… I used to like when on the last page, with the confirmation of payment, (and although I don’t have my Dell tablet connected to a printer) I clicked or print and it allowed me to save that “printed” copy as a file for my records.
    It has been a long time since I paid anything on a paper bill. I still receive them, but I pay all my utility bills online, keep all the bills saved as a PDF, and keep the printed confirmations of my payments as a Microsoft XPS Document. It’s really handy in case I loose the paper bill. And it allows me to keep track that way.
    Not anymore with T-Mobile. Such a pity.
    I don’t know what else to do, as I don’t use checks anymore, and paying over the phone… Well, THEY CHARGE A FEE TOO, NOW. Might as well switch to other provider. They better fix this problem fast, or they will loose more of their very old customers, like I’ve been for more than 14 years.

  • glenfoxh

    I just joined T-Mobile only a few weeks ago. In Jan/2017. I was able to log in several times sortly after I got myself set up and running. Was able to watch my data. I have the 22GB Unlimited Data plan. And a lot of the new things with that option, like no data loss wile watching YouTube.

    But just this weak, I can’t log in. Now I called in about it, and several told me over the phone that they never heard of anyone having this issue before. Now I just saw this web page, and got to ask, REALLY!? Never heard of this issue before?

    The last one I talked to said he could log into my account just fine, so It must be my PC that is the problem.

    I thought this might be true, but now, I am not to sure. I do think there is something wrong on their end, or their site was hacked, and they don’t know it, and was set by a hacker so any who logs in at least once, will have problems with doing so some time after.

    I tried deleting my cookies, and such. Even turned off my Norton for a short time wile I try to log in, and still nothing. The only two tings I have not tried is logging in with a different PC, and in a different location.

  • I can’t log into Family Mobile, which uses T-Mobile as their service provider.