Samsung Father’s Day promo will give you a free Gear VR when you buy a Galaxy smartphone


We’ve seen a few promos involving Galaxy smartphones from both Samsung and T-Mobile lately, and today there’s another to add to the list.

Samsung’s new Father’s Day promo will give you a free Gear VR headset and “VR content experience” pack when you buy a Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7, or Galaxy S7 edge. The offer is good on devices that you buy on an installment plan, lease, contract, or at full retail price, so you can choose the buying method that best fits you.

Whichever phone and payment method you choose, you’ll have to submit some info to Samsung before you get your Gear VR. That includes your name, address, and email address as well as your new phone’s IMEI and Wi-Fi MAC address. Once all that’s submitted and your request is approved, you’ll get your Gear VR in six to eight weeks.

Samsung’s promo runs from June 1 through June 19. If you do buy a qualifying phone, you’ll have until June 30 to submit your info.

While Gear VR isn’t quite the same as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift since it doesn’t have a powerful gaming PC behind it, Samsung’s headset is still a nice VR viewer. Plus, it’s portable, which means that you can wear it around the house or even outside. So if you’ve been thinking about picking up a new Galaxy smartphone, you may want to do it soon so that you can score the $150 Gear VR bundle along with it.

Thanks, Jordan!

Source: Samsung

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  • francob911 .

    Would the buy 1 get 1 free still be available?

    • tony

      yea its still there

  • tony

    can i still try to redeem the gear vr? i bought 2 samsung phones on may 30th.

    • Jorey

      Me too! I just submitted it and if not ill just bitch to customer support

      • tony

        if you bought the phones before june1st 2016 you wont qualify for it.
        i called samsung today

    • CJ

      I purchased in May also and I am so pissed at my luck lol!

  • Brian Bloom

    I’m still waiting for the Gear VR for the S7 I bought back in early March (almost 3 months ago) :P

    • boosam

      It is a worthless piece of junk.

    • BillSmitty

      Glad I decided to forgo the VRs from that earlier March deal and took the 2 egift certificates for $100 each instead. Came in handy for the S7 accessories I bought and no waiting. No real interest in the VRs anyway.

  • George Salcedo

    Samsung’s promotions department is garbage, still waiting for my “gifts of the season” promotional items from December.

  • raybilyk

    I’m still waiting for my GearVR from March also… maybe PrizeLogic can take care of their old obligations first?

  • riverhorse

    Se indossato in modo non corretto, due corna sembrano spuntare dalla testa.
    Felice Giorno dall’ Cornuto!

  • Josh Warfel

    So that makes 3 currently available promos for the Galaxy series.. I wonder if this can be combined with the Samsung $150 rebate for each S6, along with the buy-one-get-one free promo? Couldn’t I then sell the two VR headsets and second phone, essentially covering the cost of the first phone? Haven’t completely done the math yet or done the research to see if all of these promos could be combined. What I really am trying to achieve in the end is keeping 1 Galaxy S6 or S7 at a near zero cost. I don’t need any more VR headsets. Any thoughts?


      The but one get one free from T-Mobile is available. The$150 rebate should be still available, but i am not sure you can apply for it and the vr. I would like to know because i am thinking about getting the note 5 for $710 (710-150= 560) and get the galaxy s7 for free and if i can get the vr for the 2 devices then that’s great. I am just thinking about it now, you think i can apply for the$150 rebate on both phones (the bogo free)?

      • Josh Warfel

        I’m pretty sure you can do the $150 rebate on both phones, since the $150 rebate is actually through Samsung. The “buy one get one” actually involves buying BOTH phones (paying in full or payment plan) then getting a rebate card from T-mobile covering the full value of the second phone after about 8 weeks. Must put the second phone on a new line, and keep service on the second for at least 3 months.

        Now the big question is, will Samsung allow the $150 rebate on each of the two phones (I think yes, but want others to comment), and also allow the free VR headsets for each of the phones (my guess is no, but again, please comment.)


          I would like to know there same thing. Can i apply for the$150 and the vr.
          But if i get 1 note 5 from T-Mobile for$710 and get the second one for free and get $300 back ($150 each). This means i would be getting 2 note 5 for $410 which is a great deal even if i don’t get the vr, but if i do then it’s even better

        • ShutUp

          The $150 gs6 rebate cannot be combined with the BOGO offer. Both offers can be combined with the VR offer though


          I think you are right. T-Mobile has on their site the bogo offer and the Samsung promotion for the vr which tells me they can be combined. I actually prefer the$150 rebate over the vr

    • roman

      I spoke with representative, you can combine all 3 promotions at the same time, but you only get one 150$ rebate (because it’s one purchase)

      • Josh Warfel

        I recommend calling and talking to another rep.. Sometimes the reps, although trying to be helpful, don’t have all of the info.

        You are actually purchasing 2 phones. 1 is receiving a rebate from T-Mobile of the purchase price, approximately 8 weeks AFTER purchase. That’s right, you have to enter into an EIP (payment plan) or pay out right for both phones. Now, the $150 rebate comes from Samsung (not t-mobile). Samsung’s term states one promotion, per phone. The free VR glasses are also a Samsung promotion. One pair per phone. However, the VR glasses promo and the $150 per phone promo both state “cannot be combined with any other Samsung promotion.” So I don’t think they will approve both the $150 and the VR glasses.

        • roman

          as far as i understood you have to buy 2 phones at the same time and “$150 Rebate Offer: … … Limit one offer claim per qual’g purchase”. You also have to send them receipt.

          Yeah, i agree with you on VR

  • Panzer

    Wait so If I buy a Galaxy phone I get one free and a VR headset and $150 software bundle?

  • Brian Richards

    Just an FYI that there isn’t really enough storage space to do much VR with an S7 if you use it for much else. We kept one of our S6’s back from Jump turn in since it has 128GB. You can’t use the SD Card for the VR apps and they are HUGE.

    • Joe Tweak

      There is a way to make the S7 and S7 Edge use the memory as 1 solid item. Its called adoptable memory and it has to be setup since Samsung didnt do it. I found a non rooted way to do this here : Buy a 200GB SD Card for like $80 (

      SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD (SDSDQUAN-200G-G4A)) on Amazon with Prime Shipping etc.

      • Brian Richards

        Which would be useful except that the SD slot in the s7 and edge is SLOW. More like 60MBps vs 280MBps for the internal memory. So you can totally hack the adoptable storage if you want to bog the data access times way down.

  • fuumar Hudson

    Did Anyone get a confirmation email yet?

  • Bobbi Jackson

    So is the galaxy S7 ACTIVE not a part of this promotion? If not why? All the other galaxy phones seem to be a part of it…

    • Axekick

      The Galaxy S7 Active is currently exclusive to AT&T, T-Mobile does not sell it.

      • Bobbi Jackson

        That may be….but it was a Samsung Father’s day promo that made me purchase the S7. Then found out several days later, that the S7 is one of two phones that were not included in the Father’s day promo. Called Samsung and they were not able to tell me WHY it wasn’t included. I’m not the only one that was duped into purchasing this phone and promised the promo either…TONS of pissed off people over this.

        • Axekick

          Well I am confused now. First you said the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active and now you are referencing the S7. I’m not familiar with their “Father’s Day Promotion” so wouldn’t know. My comment was only to inform you they do not carry the Galaxy S7 Active.