T-Mobile offering Buy One, Get One Free deal on all Samsung Galaxy smartphones


T-Mobile has kicked off a new promotion that’ll get you a free Samsung Galaxy smartphone with the purchase of any Galaxy smartphone.

With this deal, you can purchase a Samsung Galaxy phone on an Equipment Installment plan and then get the second for free, with the cost being covered by a prepaid MasterCard card. The promo covers all Samsung Galaxy phones, including the new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, the Galaxy Note 5, as well as the more entry-level Galaxy J7 and Galaxy Grand Prime.

As with most deals, there’s some fine print here to be aware of. Your first smartphone must be purchased on an EIP, but the second can be bought with an EIP or at full retail price. Whichever way you choose, though, you’ll need to add at least one new line of service and maintain service on that new line for three months.

Once you buy your two phones, you’ll need to go to T-Mobile’s promotions page within 30 days of your purchase and fill out the form with the promo code SAMSUNGBOGOMAY16. Your rebate will then be fulfilled within eight weeks.

Getting a free smartphone for buying one is always a nice deal, but this latest Samsung Galaxy offer is especially nice because it includes the new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. T-Mo hasn’t revealed exactly how long this offer will be available, saying only that it’s a “limited time offer,” so you may want to take advantage as soon as you can if you’re interested.

One other detail that’s worth noting is that Samsung is still running its Sprint Into Cash Back deal on T-Mobile Galaxy phones. With it, you can get a $150 rebate when you buy a Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, or Note 5 on an EIP, lease, or at full retail price.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Rahul

    Another deal that screws with Existing customers….come on Tmobile….reward your existing customers too…

    • Kevin Deye

      Just add a line for three months and cancel it. That’s what I plan on doing.

      • Matt

        What is the cost associated with adding a line for 3 months? I assume a Activation fee?

        • TaekwonBo

          I did this with the S7 Edge release. It’s about a 3 to 4 month until you get your rebate. Still haven’t got mine and submitted that end of March

        • Hurlamania

          You should get it by by the end of May it says 8 weeks

        • Joe

          It may say eight weeks but they can take as long as they want. It took 11 weeks for mine to come. They claimed they were overwhelmed with rebates which is why it took longer. I posted on their facebook about it and that’s what the rep told me.

        • JiGSaW525

          This depends on your plan. Mine would be $20 extra per month.

        • Hurlamania

          most plans are $30 for the first added line and $10 for the next few lines added

      • Rahul

        Makes sense…nothing in the fine prints that would limit this? Might have to look in to this.

  • Matt

    How about it? If I added a line I’d have to switch from my current UNLIMTED data plan to a lesser plan that costs more!

  • Apple

    So it NOT free it you have to put on EIP for 3 months!

    • carl

      You can buy the second phone at Full Retail Price too, just don’t cancel that line within 3 months. The first line has to be a 24 month EIP, but it doesn’t say if you’re free to cancel that line or not at anytime or after the 3 months. It’s a bit confusing:

      “…Two new Samsung phones, qual’g postpaid service (incl. at least one new
      line), and 24-mo. finance agreement on higher-priced phone req’d; second
      phone at FRP or via finance agreement. If you cancel wireless service,
      remaining balance on financed phone(s) becomes due and rebate may be billed to your account if you cancel within 3 months…”

    • JeffreyME

      The phone is free IF you add a line. Under normal conditions, you have to pay for the phone.

  • Muhammad Ali

    I did this with S7. I added a line in March & received my rebate card last week. I immediately paid off the phone & cancelled the line also. So I think this is a great deal.

    • carl

      Now it says 3 months, but I’m not sure if you can cancel both lines.

      “How does the Samsung offer work?

      For a limited time, if you purchase a Samsung handset, add a new line of service and purchase a second Samsung handset of equal or lessor value, we will reimburse you for the second handset via mail-in rebate.

      How do I qualify?

      If you purchase a Samsung handset on an Equipment Installment Plan, purchase a second Samsung handset of equal or lessor value on an Equipment Installment Plan or at Full Retail Price, add a new line of service and maintain service on your added line for 3 months, you can receive the full value of the second device
      back via a prepaid MasterCard® card.”

  • Hurlamania

    best thing to do if possible if you know someone on a family plan that wants to upgrade to the S7 is have them do it on EIP and you pay in full for the second phone and give them $30 for 3 months of service. I may know one person that I can do this with. 20% chance. Better than 0 I bet this will be over when the Batman S7 is released.

  • Hurlamania

    does the account holder have to get the gift card or can the person who purchases the second phone at full price apply it for their 3 month new line? Anyone know how that works?

  • Hurlamania

    Sorry for all the posts, does anyone have a link or know how to get a line of jump on demand to a regular EIP can you just turn it in or is there a fee? I think the line is around 12 months or so it’s a S6+

    • carl

      just go to the T-Mobile website and you’ll see it.

      • Hurlamania

        Thanks, was hoping for any insider info or secret tips. T-Moblie info says you have to pay off all remaining payments. They put the line on jod it was on regular jump. It’s a friend phone he wasn’t explained they changed him and wanted to do his regular style jump. Now he would have to pay over $200 and give back the phone. Just to get back to normal.

        • keepitreal25

          You can’t convert a jod into an EIP, there’s no insider secret , if you turn the phone back in, you have to pay the remainder balance of the lease payments minus the purchase option , and initiate a new installment plan, which means there’s no low cost option.

        • keepitreal25

          Your friend should have read the terms of His lease agreement , that’s kind of the most important part of the paperwork on the first page.

        • tm

          Change to a new phone under JOD, then return it within 15 day buyers remorse period. That ends the JOD contract.

  • pseudoswede

    I have an account that has a 5 line limit. All five lines are in use. Am I ineligible to take advantage of this deal?

    • Hurlamania

      If you add another line for 3 months

      • pseudoswede

        I cannot add another line. I’m on a grandfathered plan that allows a maximum of five lines. I confirmed with the retentions department just now. I would have to move to a much more expensive plan.

        • Jenny Shields

          I was on the same grandfathered plan, had t-mobile 10 years, just switched to a new plan that allows the addition of new lines. The pricing doesn’t justify the grandfathered plans anymore…with binge on you don’t always have to have unlimited data. I am now paying eight dollars less a month, for the new service plan including the sixth line. It took 2 phone calls. First rep told me it would be much higher..don’t think even really looked. Second rep, actually went through plans.

  • Joe

    I wouldn’t count on it only being 8 weeks for your debit card to come. Today actually I just received my debit card for the BOGO S7 promo that I entered March 10th. That’s about 13 weeks. All the time I had to keep the “extra” line open and my bill was huge because I was waiting for the debit card to pay off the phone.

    I’m not saying this isn’t a good deal.. all I’m saying is that don’t expect Tmobile to guarantee it only taking up to 8 weeks.

    When I called to cancel the extra line today, I got high pressure sales pitch after sales pitch to try and make me keep the line. I just wanted it turned off but I had to listen to the lady tell me all the offers first.

    • Joe

      Sorry 11 weeks not 13. mistype

      • BillSmitty

        Agreed, still waiting for my debit card to come after about 10 weeks. Already cancelled the line and just need debit card to pay off second S7 so I can sell it. Still a good deal for me, but longer than expected.

        • carl

          Read the details, for example with this offer you shouldn’t cancel the second line within 3 months.

        • Joe

          I was told by a tmobile rep to NOT cancel the line until I have the debit card in my hand. The guy said Tmobile can decline the offer at any time in the process if you don’t meet the conditions and one of the conditions for the S7 BOGO offer was you had to get a new line.

        • JeffreyME

          Why are you buying such an expensive phone if you have to wait to pay off your phone and then sell it? If you’re gaming the deal in the effort to make a miniscule profit of a couple of hundred bucks, you deserve any difficultites you encounter.

    • miguel

      i ordered the same day but i dont have mine yet
      i dont really know what to do

    • Dew

      I agree. I submitted for my rebate on March 14, they approved it on April 26 and allegedly mailed it on May 24. Still waiting to receive it….

  • William

    Tell them you need to keep the line but port over to prepaid, it will auto canceled from your postpaid account after the conversion is done, dont even mention the BOGO promo, after you received your rebate card.

  • How weird T-Mo would have a promotion with the word “Sprint” in it?

    • Pak T

      Ya I was thinking the same thing and when I first saw the title I assumed it was one of those ‘turn in your Sprint phone for a new T-Mobile phone’ kind of deals. But nope, nothing to do with Sprint at all.

  • Pak T

    Anyone know if there is a “Fine Print” page associated with this offer? I assume it is identical to the last time but I would like to read the CURRENT offer fine print for myself.

    EDIT: never mind, this seems to be it here…

    • carl

      Go to any Samsung phone page and you’ll also see the “FAQs:”

  • Giro

    Anyone Knows if I can move the two phone I get to some other lines and just put the new line on an old phone..

    • Jenny Shields

      We did, as long as you meet the criteria of keeping the new line active and current for 3 months you can use the new phone or phones on whatever existing lines you would like.

  • tony

    ok i bought the 2 galaxy phones into my family plans, does anyone know what phone number you use to register for the samsung promotion from this? is it the new phone number line?

    • brybry

      Use the primary number. That’s what I did with the last promotion. I purchased 4 phones and all I needed to do was use the primary number on the account.

  • ShutUp

    Idk if its been said already, but you can cancel one of your current lines ehile adding the required new line. This makes the new phone 100% free. A free $790 phone is definitely worth the loss of a phone number to me. Plus a free VR to top it off

  • Michael Rodriguez

    I have one of the 2 line family plans with unlimited data, will this change that plan? that is, will i lose the free data?